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  1. Humans sure like to behave in ways that undermine their own good: "Despite an abundance of vaccines, only about a third of the population has been inoculated, with officials warning almost 80,000 doses risk expiry by October."
  2. We are also going through Crater lake and Crescent City (Jeddadiah Redwoods) on the way there. Though I'm half expecting that forest fires may require us to change plans. This is looking like it might be even worse than last year.
  3. We are going to camp at Tillicum Beach and make day trips from there. Booking an ocean front site at Tillicum is a very competitive game. The sites are booked within about 2 seconds of when they are released.
  4. Let me add, we have a three week trip planned to the Oregon coast in August.
  5. I decided not to book another cruise until after they successfully restart and I know what I'm buying. We have a trip to Moorea booked in February, staying at a resort. We are traveling a lot, just not cruising. Presently, we are camping in north Idaho on Lake Pend Orielle.
  6. French Polynesia updated their entry requirement on June 10. Bottom line is that you need to be vaccinated. If not vaccinated, you are required to have "Justification of compelling reasons" and undergo a 10-day quarantine. Here is the link: https://tahititourisme.com/en-us/covid-19/ I think this policy makes a lot of sense. Those that refuse to be vaccinated will find their international travel opportunities are very limited.
  7. Sorry for the slow response. I am mostly staying away from the Internet on this trip. So far, this is the best Hawaii trip ever. Nothing is crowded. Most of the shops are open but are restricting the number of customers allowed at once. Every hotel/condo and flight has wide open availability. This is a great time to use frequent flier/guest points. The flight over was on Alaska via PDX. We took the covid test using the Costco, at home test, as described on the Alaska web site. It was nice being on an airplane for 6 hours with people who had all passed a covid test. I think this makes Hawaii travel less risky than mainland air travel. We are staying in an oceanfront condo in west Maui. Part of our "routine" is to grill dinner (fish, steak, shrimp) in time to watch the sunset over Lanai from our lanai. The whales put on a show almost all of the time with tail slapping and breaching. This goes on most of the time. We haven't eaten a single meal out except for food trucks and ice cream. Most restaurants in this area are open, but with limited capacity. Outdoor seating is plentiful. We have one meal planned at a proper restaurant in a few days. My adult kids have been doing their own flying, so it would be a bit much for them to object to us doing the same. I am recently retired, but was a proverbial road warrior until covid. The kids are very used to us travelling. I summary, I think this is one of the best times to be in Hawaii.
  8. On a personal note, up until two weeks ago, I had a trip booked to Bora Bora and Moorea, for Jan 30 - Feb 10. I got cold feet and cancelled when the USA started requiring Covid tests for the trip home. That made 3 Covid tests for the trip which was 1 too many for me. We switched to Maui at the last minute and I'm glad we did. It's great here right now. I think they have about 30% of normal tourists right now.
  9. Petoonya, Those are all very good ideas. I'll take a look at them.
  10. Travel restrictions to French Polynesia Starting Wednesday February 3rd, 2021 Faced with the resurgence of COVID-19 cases around the world and in order to preserve French Polynesia which has for its part, shown significant improvement for several consecutive weeks, the authorities have decided to temporarily suspend travel to Tahiti and her islands including for tourists from all origins until further notice. As of Wednesday 3 February Travel will be authorized only for travelers who can justify one of the compelling reasons (health, professional, family, return home) cf website of the High Commission. The duration of this measure will be specified in the coming days. Travelers currently in French Polynesia whose return is scheduled during this week can end their stay normally; beyond that, it is advisable to contact your airline to check your flight schedule. Find all updated information on Tahiti Tourisme's website. The website is updated regularly according to the evolution of the situation: TahitiTourisme.com/coronavirus/ For more information, please see the contacts below: If you are a non-resident visitor, Call 40 50 57 70 (Tahiti Tourisme) Hours: from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm during the day 7/7 days. By email : Covid19@tahititourisme.org If you are a local tourism professional, Call 40 47 62 16 ou 87 21 12 34 - Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm (Service du Tourisme) Call 87 21 12 34 - Saturday hours from 7:30 am to 11:30 am By email : sdt@tourisme.gov.pf If you are a resident of French Polynesia, call 40 50 40 30 For information on international flights, please contact you international airline company. For information about your accommodation, please contact your establishment. À PROPOS DE TAHITI TOURISME Tahiti Tourisme est l’organisme en charge du marketing de la destination Tahiti Et Ses Îles qui supervise toutes les opérations marketing et publicitaires, les relations publiques, la promotion, les événements et les programmes de conseils en voyage réalisés sur l’ensemble de nos marchés internationaux. Ayant pour mission première de faire venir les touristes à Tahiti Et Ses Îles, ce groupement d’intérêt économique est composé d’une équipe locale qui travaille avec 9 représentations pour assurer la présence de notre destination sur 18 marchés étrangers. Tahiti Tourisme assure également le bureau d’accueil et d’informations des visiteurs, ainsi que l’organisation d'événements afin de favoriser le tourisme intérieur. En savoir plus sur : www.TahitiTourisme.org CONTACT Pour toutes questions, contactez l'équipe de Tahiti Tourisme par email communication@tahititourisme.org
  11. https://www.princess.com/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/ I just got a cancellation notice from my TA indicating that Princess has cancelled my Jan 2022 cruise from Tahiti. The reason is that they sold Pacific Princess, one of the R-Class ships. The unfortunate part of this is that Princess was one of the most budget-friendly options for a FP cruise. It looks like Ponant and Windstar are charging $500 to $700 per person per night. That's too rich for my budget.
  12. Nafplio is correct. We also walked down after the cab ride up. It's a really nice Greek town that is not over-touristed. I get the impression it's popular with Greek domestic travellers, but not so well known to international travellers. I'd like to go back.
  13. Rhodes and my port city both fly the blue and white flag of Greece. But you are still 738 km, mostly by ferry, from my port city.
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