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  1. Make sure you're comparing apples to apples. I have found that the price is exactly the same as HAL's when the perks are factored in. I suspect that the lower price you see is with no or limited perks (default price on big box site). So call both HAL and big box agency before booking. At least, this is my experience with the Canadian site. Also, I was pleasantly surprised with one of my bookings with the big box in that I will receive both a shop card AND OBC even though it was booked after they stopped offering OBC. Not sure why, just took it and ran! Hasn’t happened since.... Now waiting for the cruise so not sure if we will actually receive either.....
  2. Vancouver. That looks like the Pan Pacific in the background.
  3. I think it's Finland; the Suomenlinna fort. Check this Wikipedia post: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suomenlinna
  4. You didn't say when your cruise is but generally speaking, flights are available about 330 days in advance of departure. I did notice that my preferred airline for our trip didn't show on Flight Ease until sometime later, maybe 300 days in advance.
  5. I normally agree with you on this but for various reasons, we will likely need to use the HAL hotel package.
  6. Thank you both. I could see the flights that I want, at least the long haul portion, with my preferred airline. I would like to tweak the dates. I’d also like to know more about the HAL pre cruise hotel package before committing but they don’t seem to have that info in the travel planning part of the website. Flight ease staff are unable to help with hotel packages, right?
  7. Can one book directly through flightease, via telephone or through the website, or does one have to go through one’s TA? I have questions related to our travel plans and would prefer not to have to go through a third party. My TA is the big box store...
  8. Well, Capri was a guess; I’ve never been there. Hopefully next year.
  9. Naples? And could the other pic be of Capri?
  10. Agree. I know of Canadians receiving promotional emails. But I am annoyed about not receiving private sale emails when I might be interested or looking for a cruise before my next scheduled one. My annoyance has abated since there aren't any cruises right now but once they start again, I'll be annoyed again. Thank heavens we have CC to learn about many promos and interesting itineraries!
  11. I have never received promotional emails from HAL. Yes, I am opted in for emails and no, they don’t go to the junk folder. I use both a PCC and a TA. I inquired with my PCC asking why I don’t get the promotional emails, and sent a screen shot showing I was opted in. He didn’t know. It would be nice to get the flash sales and private sales info, other than those sent via snail mail. BTW, my DM also does not receive any promotional emails.
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