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  1. You're welcome. Here is the website if you or anyone else is interested: https://www.croisieresctma.ca/en/select-your-cruise/itinerary-and-stopovers Technically it is an 8 day/7 night cruise because the ship docks in the islands for three days so pax can tour and use the ship as their home base. I looked into it a few years ago after spending a day on les Iles with HAL a few years ago but we had other places to go.
  2. I was going to suggest Montreal to the Magdalene islands via CTMA but in checking their website I see that they have cancelled their 2021 cruise season due to the pandemic. Maybe keep it in mind for next year if you still want to cruise within Canada.
  3. I did by calling Ship Services well in advance of the cruise for our party of ten. I did have to pay for the dinners at the time, and got the Mariner discount once onboard.
  4. You certainly can do that but I wouldn't hold out much hope for the offer. We were booked on the Rotterdam premiere cruise. We cancelled right before final payment because we thought I would not be vaccinated by sailing date and we doubted the cruise would actually sail as scheduled. Many did make final payment and then the cruise was cancelled. The offer was FCC of 110%. The recommended replacement cruise was no replacement for a premiere cruise, according to those pax, and nothing close to the original itinerary. They are only now starting to see the FCCs in their accounts.
  5. Same thing happened in Alberta, probably across Canada.
  6. This is from HAL's website: According to HAL, if one received two different mRNA vaccines, they are considered fully vaxxed. If one received AZ and then Pfizer or Moderna, they are not considered fully vaxxed. Someone on the HAL board reported that other cruise lines have similar policies but I didn't confirm that.
  7. We don't have cards in Alberta yet either, although my sister still has her yellow booklet with her vaccination history since she was a baby; it's quite thick! I have the pieces of paper that I got after each shot and both doses are recorded in NetCare online but I haven't even attempted to print it out or get a screenshot. But we're not planning any trips outside of the country for another year so have lots of time to sort that out.
  8. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I did not mean to ask HAL; I meant for the OP to ask her provincial health authority to see if she could get a third dose so that she would have two doses of the same vaccine.
  9. Yeah, I wondered about that. I guess I would still try; the worst that could happen is they say no. I'm really sorry this happened to you.
  10. Here you go: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/worry-free-promise/travel-well.html#FAQ
  11. Thanks for letting us know. My sister received AZ and Pfizer so I'll suggest that she get another Pfizer. Fortunately, we have lots of time before our next cruise, in Aug/22. Can you try to get another Moderna shot this week and still be fully vaxxed by your Aug 7th cruise?
  12. Hey Sue! Sorry to have missed you on our Zoom call; hope it was a good nap! Yes, we're booked on RM this year, at the end of August. Yes, it's very expensive, particularly if one compares it to cruising! But, they currently have a deal for BC/AB residents; if we purchase a journey (rail only) this year, they'll give us a voucher for a similar journey (same number of days/service level) within the next five years, so it's basically 2 for 1 - as long as we are able to use that voucher. Since we have seen many of the sights in the Rockies multiple times due to living nearby, this makes the mo
  13. Have you looked into CAA travel insurance? I was on the Alberta Motor Association website last night and hope to go to their office this morning to inquire about insurance because I just booked us for the Rocky Mountaineer and want to insure that trip due to the high cost. CAA does have Covid coverage, with Orion Travel Insurance Company, if you are partially or fully vaxxed... Here is a link to the AMA website on the Covid travel insurance: https://www.amatravel.ca/travel-medical-insurance/covid19-endorsement I'll try to report back later (have a busy day today) what I find o
  14. Contact your TA or HAL (depending on how you booked your cruise) and ask them to provide you with a quote if you were to refare under the Have It All promo. You should be able to add it to your booking if you have not reached the final payment date. However, do compare the price of the cruise for your current booking and the price of the cruise with the promotion. You could lose perks (if you have any) with your current booking. Only you can decide if the price differential is worth YOUR value of the perks. For example, while HAL says the value of the SBP is about $100/day/couple, for us,
  15. It showed for me too but after I clicked on My Account to check my bookings, it wasn’t listed. Went back to Home and the Rotterdam cruise was gone.
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