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  1. Thanks, Ruth. We need a window; we just can't do inside cabins. The lip in the shower would be fine, otherwise. It's the getting in and out of the tub that's the issue. Our PCC has moved us to 2709 for now. If the dry dock means that some OVs will have their bathrooms upgraded to shower only, then we'll try to change to one of of those cabins. He didn't know what would be done in the dry dock.
  2. Please, I need some help selecting between three OV cabins (2702, 2704 & 2709) on Rotterdam. The itinerary is round trip so starboard/port doesn't matter much to us. I am wondering about 2704, though. On the deck plans, it looks slightly larger (wider) than the other two. But it is at the aft of the ship and, I believe, there is a covered deck out the back. I'm concerned it will be darker in the room because of the distance from the railing to the window, whereas the other two cabins don't have that issue. I did check HALfacts and there are no pictures of the three cabins. If anyone here on CC has stayed in 2704, would you please let me know how/why you enjoyed it? Can one go out to that deck or is it crew only? On another note, I saw that Rotterdam is coming up for a dry dock in December. Does anyone know if any of the OV cabins will get upgraded bathrooms like some of the other older ships have? Specifically, we require a shower only cabin which is why I'm currently stuck with the three choices above. Thank you!
  3. I don't think anyone begrudges the BBA from decreasing the amount of the shop card when the fare is decreased. It depends on how the fare is decreased, though. If I took a price drop, then, yes, the value of the shop card should be decreased accordingly. But, in the OP's situation, he had a credit for a previously paid for and then cancelled cruise which was commissionable, and when that was applied to the new booking, the value of the shop card decreased to the minimum offered. That was not right and was subsequently rectified by the BBA.
  4. IIRC correctly, the change occurred earlier than that. I think it was late November of 2019. There was a thread about it here then. I"ll try to find the thread and link it here. However, if one booked a cruise before the change and later transferred it to the big box agency, then one still received OBC. If one booked after the change then one received a shop card. Having said all that, I booked a cruise after the change and will receive BOTH a shop card and OBC, from the BBA, which surprised me. I'm not sure why but didn't question it further; I just accepted it and ran! Found the thread from last year:
  5. I saw this notice on the HAL website, in today's cancellation notice. The last sentence is particularly noteworthy, IMO. Please note: Refunds are being processed by sailing date of the cancelled voyages with the earliest departures being refunded first. We ask for your continued patience in affording us the time to work through the refunds properly. Because we are not able to use our usual automated process, our team is manually handling a large volume of requests while working from home.
  6. They do on the HAL website but you have to make that selection by Jun 15th: Guests who prefer a 100% refund of monies paid to Holland America Line can visit the Cancellation Preferences form to indicate this preference no later than June 15, 2020. This includes Holland America Line’s Flight Ease air, Cancellation Protection Plan, Holland America Line pre- or post-cruise hotel packages or transfers, prepaid shore excursions and amenities purchased through Holland America Line, and taxes, fees and port expenses. Please note: The above options are not applicable to guests booked on a charter sailing. Other booking and cancellation conditions and policies may apply if the cruise was not booked through Holland America Line. The above options do not apply to EURO zone guests notified of a change to their sailing on or after April 14th, 2020. Please refer to the offer detailed in the letter you received.
  7. Yes, the NA's azipod issue was fixed in February, 2020. Roz, I'm assuming you meant to say 2019 as you couldn't have sailed in Apr/May/20.
  8. They sell hot dogs for $1.50 at their warehouses....
  9. See this recent thread on the same subject: Sounds like it is easy to do but one has to call HAL. I expect if you have a PCC, you could call him/her to get the refund.
  10. When did you purchase your FCD's? I have some that were purchased before the benefits were reduced in Jan/20, and I was told that the OBC benefits that were in place at the time of purchase will stand. So I'm keeping them. My only concern is HAL's continued solvency.
  11. The world cruise was supposed to be about four months long. It started in early January and had just passed the halfway mark when the cancellation was announced.
  12. I've not heard about this before but my guess is that maybe they're cancelling by port rather than by booking. For example, maybe they're doing all shorex in Puerto Vallarta before gong on to Mazatlan, or San Juan before Saint Thomas. So if your other two excursions are a few days after the ones that were refunded, I would give them a few more days before calling. But that's a total guess on my part.
  13. I would be getting on the phone with the big box TA pronto! I have found that they don't forward emails from HAL but then I'm not affected by this pause so don't know if they would in this situation. Good luck!
  14. Last week, I cancelled my July cruise on which I had made a partial payment; final payment date was early April. I got all of my money back. As long as the final payment date has not passed for your friend's cruise, she should get all of her money back. Just read Charlene's response and totally agree. Fare must be refundable to get her money back. Couldn't tell you what would be the case if she booked under a non refundable fare.
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