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  1. It is 4 ships - Also the Amsterdam and the Rotterdam. This virus is killing everything! On the Rotterdam in November 2019 the captain said at his "ask the captain" that HAL was planning to keep the Rotterdam for another 10 years. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/news/four-ships-to-leave-the-holland-america-line-fleet-in-2020/
  2. We have had block parties on our last 2 HAL cruises - 45 day on the Rotterdam and Grand South America on the Volendam plus dinner with the Captain (we are 5 star)
  3. Does cruise insurance increase in cost as we get older? If it does is it a gradual increase based on age or are their jumps at certain ages? Second question - if you are not concerned about pre-existing conditions - is it better from a price perspective to purchase the insurance just before traveling or earlier or no difference?
  4. I am currently on the Volendam. About 2 hours ago on our way to FLL we passed 10 ships at anchor with lights on.
  5. Capt announced a few minutes ago that we would pass the anchorage about 9pm tonight
  6. We are on the Volendam. At the Captains noon announcements he said we would be going by the anchored ships at about 8pm and will be about 4 miles away. It will be dark but we may be able to see them
  7. The Capt said we may arrive late Thursday evening March 19 and we be getting off the Volendam about 0830 on Friday March 20. The Hotel Director in his coffee chat said that we would be the only cruise ship that would be having passenger getting off but there may be other ships in for service calls before heading out to wait. Our Capt said that the ship may head to Half Moon Cay for a while to let the crew have some R and R but would be coming back in to FLL periodically for a service call for food and fuel and possible crew changes.
  8. An update by the Hotel Director today at a coffee chat he said that we should be the only ship in FLL with guests getting off and that as of now there was no medical screening planned at either the port or airport.
  9. We are on the tail end of the 2020 South America/Antarctic Grand Voyage. We have no people with health issues on the ship and they instituted protocols similar to when Noro hits about 5 days ago. We hit all the ports without an issue up until Devils Island which was scheduled for 14 March but the French said there were cases on the island so we did not stop. Today we were in Barbados and they had no reported cases. As we were getting ready to leave this afternoon the Capt announced that we were cancelling our remaining 2 ports and heading directly back to Ft Lauderdale and would arrive at 7am on Friday 20 March instead of Sunday 22 March. He stated that this was for 2 reasons. One is that the virus had been reported in both countries and also that the USA would not accept Europeans in the port after 20 March. We are currently doing 18 knots and going between St Lucia and St Vincent heading to FLL. The ship has given everyone 24 hours of free wifi and also opened the room phones to make free calls. The crew is still in a good mood and the Capt is keeping us informed and he and the senior staff are out and about answering questions. Considering the continuous changing situation I think HAL is doing a good job for the guests and crew.
  10. Our local news said it was 4 people from here in the Indianapolis area but gave no details.
  11. With your experiences the last few weeks I am glad that you are not continuing on the Volendam with us and doing the Grand South America - we might hit an iceberg. 🤣😀
  12. Thanks - I was reading that HAL might be doing away with the print version. We board the Volendam on Sunday for the Grand South America
  13. Question Is the daily 8 page US Today/New York Times Digest still available in paper format on the Volendam or is it only on the Navigator App?
  14. Is Pocket Earth Pro an Iphone App? I didn't find it on the Android play store
  15. According the ATK chef (Spencer) on the Rotterdam in November and a coffee chat with the Hotel Director the ATK/HAL relationship ends 1 Jan 2020. I guess I will see for sure when we board the Volendam in 6 days.
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