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  1. I don't think so because I don't see a dry dock scheduled between now and then.☹️
  2. We will be on the Rotterdam in October for 42 days. Has the audio/visual systems been upgraded to include the flat screen TVs and does it have the ability of streaming movies like the new ships or does it still have a DVD player?
  3. Nope - no Apron on the Kdam in January - see my posting above
  4. A little personal story on this subject. We are 5 star - Before our 42 day B2B2B2B on the Kdam this past January/Feb I contacted the Mariner Society folks and they assured me that we would have the 5 Star cooking classes. When I got on the ship I went to the front desk and asked about the classes and got the deer in the headlights look. During the first segment of our cruise I talked to the ATK chef on board and she said that with the new configuration on the Kdam (and Nieuw Statendam) that they could not offer the 5 star classes and that ATK had notified HAL of this in December 2018. So, when we had our turn around day in Ft Lauderdale I called the HAL Mariner Society folks and after a lot of back and forth discussion over 45 minutes they finally agreed that yes these classes were not being offered on the these 2 ships. I asked what alternative they would offer because this 5 Star benefit was not available. I suggested an additional complimentary dinner in the Pinnacle and they offered a $25 OBC for each of us. After a few days the OBC did show up on our account. We will be on the Rotterdam this fall and the Volendam in January 2020 so it will be interesting to see if the classes are available on these ships. If anyone are on these ships and reads this I would be interested to know if the classes are being offered.
  5. Campolady - just found this thread. We will arriving on the Holland America Rotterdam on 6 Nov 2019. How far is it from the entrance of the port to the Plaza de la Constitucion where the freetour folks start their tours? Thanks so much for your help
  6. We were on the Kdam for 42 days Jan/Feb 2019. If you did not get to the world stage at least 30 minutes before the early show most evenings you did not get a seat. For the late show you could wait until about 10 minutes before the show time. They had officers including the Hotel Director at the entrances turning people away when the room filled up. During the last 21 days they did add a third show for some of the performances (this is the way it was in 2018) which made it much easier to get a seat. Also - over the 42 days only the BBC and one other dance performance used the full capability of the World Stage and the amazing video wall.
  7. Does it also apply if I book with one outside TA and then want to change to another? The TA I have used since 1995 is getting out of the business the end of the year and I have 2 cruises booked with her in 2020/2021 and it has been more than 60 days since these were booked>
  8. Thanks for the review - we will be on board for 46 days in Oct/Nov.
  9. Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed your excellent images and I hope that we see some of the same wild life on our trip in 2020. Be Well!
  10. Have been following all of your outstanding images. We are doing this cruise in 2020. It appears that most of your shore excursions were private/small group and not through the ship. Is this the case? If you have time please share the companies that you used as we normally don't do ship tours. Thanks again for these great images.
  11. I sent mine in 3 weeks ago for our Oct 2019 and Jan 2020 cruise and they both showed up on our account.
  12. Chicken is on the "Always Available" menu in MDR and you can ask for mashed or baked - don't know for sure about fries.
  13. I mailed my paper work in for my Oct 2019 and Jan 2020 cruises 2 weeks ago and they were added to my account.
  14. Yes - that is what I just did for 3 bookings we have - worked just fine except I did not get an email reply from HAL (I mailed in my information) saying that OBC was added as I requested so had to have my TA send me updated paper work showing the OBC.
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