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  1. Yes Sally has had her negative results but she is staying with David. Today was David's first negative. They've done daily blogs since they were on the Diamond. This is their 7th week (of a 2 week cruise) to be away from home. Hoping he'll continue to have 2 more negatives and both go home soon. They have had mild symptoms the entire time and it has been very encouraging to watch their great attitudes as they deal with this situation. God bless them both!!
  2. Just got off the Sky this morning. The official ceremony was today (12/7). The Captain told us it was a closely held secret. I came looking for the answer myself. Lovely ship!
  3. Each to his own! I’m just not crazy about my face and name popping up as I walk by each of the readers for everyone to see. They may decide the expense of the medallion is not cost effective enough to continue, especially if they continue to have guests ask for cards too. I don’t think the whole OM program was well thought out. Cost of cards vs cost of producing and shipping OM’s. You’re welcome to your opinion Doug R. and I’ll keep mine! Thanks!
  4. Several block walk to the bus stop (must have exact change) and then get off at a subway station. Then figure out the subway system to get you to Manhattan. That was a nightmare for us small town southern people. 🤦‍♀️ Just jump on the water ferry (which is very close to the ship terminal) over to Wall Street. We walked all the way up to Central Park and back. Or catch a taxi wherever you want to go from there. EASY PEAZY!
  5. I’m with you! Give me my black card and keep your tracking device.
  6. I do that too. Haven’t thought to buy one for a crew member. Will remember that!
  7. Thanks Cruise Raider! We don't drink alcohol and Hubs doesn't drink soda or coffee (he does drink hot specialty teas though), so coffee cards are my best bet. I'd drink maybe one soda in 2 weeks time and water--well I like the water on board just fine. I like the photo idea or one meal (2 people) at a specialty restaurant would also be nice. PCL definitely comes out ahead with us by letting us trade for coffee cards (and not use all of them). We usually do 2 or more B2B's when we cruise and they just add the 15 new coffees to my card each week. The IC guys will look at me funny and say,
  8. I’ve given away about 30 cards this year knowing they were going to expire. I always trade our mini bar for 2 coffee cards and Hubs doesn’t drink coffee so I never use all of the cards (yes I know they are electronic now). I read a post from another thread that said they read where Princess was discontinuing allowing the trade of mini bar for coffee cards. I’ve been on 8 princess cruises this year and have not run into that. Has anyone heard or read that? Leaving on the Caribbean Princess on the 23rd and planning to trade it out again so just wondering. Thanks!
  9. It doesn’t matter if you change cabins or not. You aren’t required to attend the second muster of a B2B. We do sometimes just because there’s nothing else to do. 😐
  10. It totally depends on the port, the CBP personnel, and the number of transits (people staying on for the next cruise). All of my experiences are on Princess, so I can't speak to how it works on other cruise lines. We rarely do only one cruise at a time, unless it is 14 days or longer. I'd guess we have done 30+ B2B's on PCL. The short answer is that YES you do have to go through customs in some way between the first and second cruise. In Ft Lauderdale there can be hundreds of transit passengers and we sometimes met in the dining room and ship security came around and scanned us off
  11. 'That's true, and thanks Thrak. I really butchered that post anyway. I need to correct it. We did change ships in VC after repo from LA. We got off the Coral and got on the Island (last summer early season). We have also spent the night and got on a different ship too. And you can get on in CA and off in FL (or vice versa) by going through the Panama Canal (far port). My point was in order to move up the PCL loyalty levels, look for short cruises and combine back to backs. The loyalty levels for the OBC we were talking about are still based on number of cruises.
  12. One small correction on this—you have to have completed the 31st cruise to get the $50 level, so it’s actually 32-41. The $25 level is the only one that starts with a “1”. This is a great benefit! For those thinking you’ll never get there, look for cruises you can do back to back. We hardly ever do a 7- day. Flying is the hassle so we do multiple back to backs. Also watch for short repositioning cruises you can do before or after a 7-day cruise. For instance, take the last 7-day Alaska cruise out of Vancouver and stay on for the ship’s 3 or 4 day repositioning to LA (or wherever). That g
  13. Thanks. Maybe I’ll check on Monday. It does show in my Personalizer in the Payments and Credits section along with our TA OBC and our future cruise deposit OBC. It just does not show up on our Travel Summary (none of our OBC’s are on that and usually are). We also get a loyalty OBC once onboard, but that never shows up in the Personalizer. FaxZero sent a confirmation that the fax was successful.
  14. Me too. I downloaded a version of the benefit form that is in Word format and just open it, fill in my current information and use FaxZero to send it. Eazy-Peazy. It used to take weeks for the credit to show up, but lately it's been a matter of 2 days. Also, PCL does not send you any notification that you have the owner's benefit credit. Look in your Personalizer under Payments and Credits, all the way to the bottom and it will show up there. It usually shows up on my Travel Summary, but for some reason, my upcoming October cruise isn't showing it. I have printed off the Credits section
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