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  1. My ideal would be a port day followed by a sea day, alternating throughout the whole cruise. I have a hard time turning a port day into a sea day, feeling like I am missing out; therefore, having a ‘forced’ sea day allows me to enjoy the ship without feeling guilty. PS: The above refers to the Caribbean. In Europe, I would want to maximize my time in port as much as possible.
  2. Thank you! So, best to choose dry cleaning if not wanting nicer t shirts to shrink? Or still a danger even with dry cleaning?
  3. Elite laundry: is there a choice to have clothes dry cleaned or laundered?
  4. Had connecting rooms on the Regal last Christmas. Not at all soundproof. Our kids were next door, young adults, fairly quiet, but we heard everything they said, particularly if they were standing close to the door. Vowed never again and let our TA know as well.
  5. I dream about this pudding 😌. Absolutely sublime. DH will snag an extra one for our fridge when he sees them at the IC as he’s always afraid they won’t appear again...and they always do, at least twice during the week. Can’t wait til Christmas on the Sky! I believe it’s gluten free for those of you who are GF, but don’t quote me on that.
  6. Pistachio pudding!! Mozzarella tomato sandwich double grilled mini cheesecakes watermelon feta salad with balsamic glaze Pecan tart
  7. Looking forward to finally meeting up, Sheila! Can’t think of a better place to celebrate a significant birthday than on a new Princess ship 😃.
  8. Has it been definitively confirmed that the Sky does not have a sea walk? I’m wondering how much longer it’ll take to get a burger or fries at pool side with all the new, more complex items on the menu at Salty Dog. I really only went there for quick fresh, hot fries; as much as I’m looking forward to the new street tacos, I’m wondering about wait times with the new menu and also given the fact that one can now use ocean medallion to order from a lounge chair. Anyone else thinking the same? One of my favourite places to sit was outside the shops on the Regal, with the wicker furniture, which I believe will be turned into outdoor seating for a couple of the restaurants. Wondering if that seating will be open to the general public during non-operational hours or if access is only possible through the restaurants. Very excited about our Christmas and New Year’s cruise on the Sky this coming year. Have spent the last five winter holidays with the family on the Regal and can’t imagine spending that time anywhere but on the newest Princess ship!
  9. Yes, another benefit to waiting until boarding if you have obc to spend. Purchasing prior to boarding will incur credit card charges.
  10. One more anecdotal record... This past Christmas, we took advantage of the platinum/elite discount on board on Regal. One person in our family of four gave up their free minutes and we purchased unlimited minutes at $52 per week for one device which we then all shared.
  11. OP, as a fellow Canadian I admire your risk taking behaviour, as flying to most parts of the world from here is usually a difficult thing. We fly from Edmonton to Fort Lauderdale for our Christmas cruise every year and are glad we do not have to make a decision between flying in the day of or the day before, as between layovers and flight time, we usually have about a 13 hour travel day. Have to confess, I am glad that the decision has been taken out of our hands as I’d be stressed flying in the day of! Given that you appear to have a nonstop flight from Toronto (correct me if I’m wrong) and only have carry-ons, your chances of making your cruise are greater than they might be for others. Good luck, enjoy your cruise, and promise that you will return to this thread and give us an update of not only the cruise, but the exciting trek from the plane to the ship. I don’t know how many times I get invested in threads like this, only to be disappointed when the original poster never comes back to report after the trip. Hope to hear from you!
  12. The kids who typically run down the halls, pulling off do not disturb signs or room service cards, will have a field day with the tape 😁.
  13. If it is within your budget, I would absolutely recommend doing it at least once. We did it on the Regal Princess just this past January and it was an unforgettable experience. The quality of food and the level of service will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I am considering it for our Christmas cruise this year on the Sky, but it’s pretty pricey for a family of four. Here are some pictures of the menu and the food. There were also a lot of little hors d’oeuvres from the kitchen portion that are not shown. It is definitely a lot of food and I was pretty close to being stuffed before the main course arrived, so was feeling really uncomfortable by the time all of the desserts were brought in. Wish I had only eaten half of each of course as was not able to fully enjoy the very scrumptious desserts. That orange ginger sorbet in the glass with the biscuit was probably one of the most divine things I have tasted in all my years. The exquisite detailing and the level of flavours in it were incredible. We had our family of four and a family of three from Europe (lady in green dress with her parents). An evening I will never forget.
  14. I have made a very conscious effort in my personal and professional life to go as paperless as possible. Here is my system: 1. Upon booking a cruise, usually about a year out, and always for Christmas/New Yrs due to work, I start a new note for the cruise in my notes app on my iPad which automatically saves to my iPhone as well. I will copy/paste the itinerary for the cruise as well as the per night cost into the notes, having factored in all of the perks and shipboard credit. This will easily allow me to see if a future sale is worth cancelling and re-booking. When flights are booked, the itinerary gets copied to these notes as well. As I do my research and find information on port activities, tours, prices, etc, while researching on cruise critic or other sites, I add those in under the port name. Once final decisions have been made about what we are doing in each port, I will delete any extra information. In the end, the notes only work out to the equivalent of about a one pager per cruise. During the cruise, I might add in some notes about what we did, prices we paid, for future reference; therefore, I do not delete these notes. 2. As for having hardcopies of anything, our children convinced us a few years ago that we need to go digital when it comes to traveling. If I’m not mistaken, I believe the only piece of paper I carried with me for last year‘s cruise (and this includes flight, hotel, car rental, and cruise), was my boarding pass for our Princess cruise. For someone who used to carry a ‘nerd book’ (a duotang with every piece of paper associated with my trip), I have come a long way in the last 10 years! As there are usually four of us travelling with cell phones, there has never been an issue with somebody’s phone dying or not being able to pull up the required documents. 3. In my Hotmail, I have a folder for each cruise or land trip where I dump all of the associated emails. I don’t ever delete these folders, keeping them for future reference. Emails from tour guides, my travel agent, airlines, hotel bookings, Princess, etc. are all in there. This way, I’m not sifting through hundreds of emails looking for something. I simply have to check the few emails that are in each trip folder. I take screenshots of hotel confirmations, flight bookings, tour confirmations - basically anything that I have to pull up and show someone else. For easier access, I create a new album for these screenshots in my photos for that trip and then delete it upon return. As we all have iPhones, I will airdrop this album into at least one other family member’s phone in case something happens to mine. 4. Rarely do I need to keep any receipts for the shopping we have done, because getting back to Fort Lauderdale from Edmonton to return something within the allowed time will not be doable! Receipts for larger items, like flights and cruise, etc. are emailed to me anyway. Should there be any paperwork I received on the cruise that I want to keep, such as the final invoice, or the document you sometimes get at the end of the cruise detailing information about the ship, how far we went, etc., I will simply take a picture of it and drop it into my notes folder for that cruise and leave the paper behind. 5. Over the years, I have created for myself a fairly specific cruise packing list and land packing list, both of which I keep in my notes. There is not one single item I will be taking with me that is not on this list. I could literally pack one hour before I have to leave home for a two week trip and not forget a single item because my list is so comprehensive. During my trip, I will add and delete things on the spot on my phone if I felt they were useless or that I could’ve used something I did not bring. After many years of fine tuning it, I think my list is as complete as it needs to be for me personally. So, at the end of the day, this system allows me to be almost completely paperless, reduce my clutter, and still be able to keep all of the information close at hand for years to come. I have a lot of storage memory on both devices, so that is never an issue. PS: been in Education for 30 years, so planning, researching, and making lists turns me on like nothing else, LOL.
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