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  1. I’ve been surprised at how many non-first-timers these cruises have attracted. Alaska generally is 2/3 1st timers. Seems to be a buck-list for a lot of folks, so not as many frequent cruisers I guess. We were #1 several years ago with something like 325 days (very low). We’re now over 500 and wouldn’t have been anywhere near on any of these Majestic cruises this summer.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation. I can say without a doubt my coffees have always carried over on B2Bs in the past. We often did 3 or 4 b2bs and always traded mini bars. Hubs occasionally got a specialty tea so I had 30 coffees/wk and they piled up. The guys at the IC would look at me and ask why I had 53 coffees! 🤣. They added the new ones each week but left the old ones. Of course I can’t confirm post-covid but I bet they do.
  3. Can anyone on board this week confirm that Elite's are still able to trade the mini-bar for coffee packages? Another thread has posted that Princess has discontinued that Elite perk too. Just asking for future reference. Thanks!
  4. I agree and this is definitely different than PCL’s stance in the past. I have seen many turned away on formal nights in shorts or have to go change into slacks.
  5. You need to find a rapid test. Not as easy to find as the PCR. We gave up because of supply in our area. Cancelled both cruises for Sept. Hopefully your area will be easier to find. Good luck!
  6. Are there any Elite passengers onboard this week who waited until you were on the ship to purchase the WiFi? I know everyone "thought" it had to be purchased before boarding at full price ($10/day/person) and then get 50% back as OBC. I'm wondering if they are allowing you to purchase it once onboard at $10/day for 1 device or $20/day for 4 devices)? Or will they charge you the higher price (14.50/day/person?) once onboard and then get the 50% OBC credit? Thanks for taking the time to answer this.
  7. I noticed that too!! I had saved the menus posted earlier and the lobster roll was $12. Oooops!
  8. Yes, when I finally got through HAL told me our TA had to cancel our trip. Sooooo, I called them and asked for a manager. He was wonderful and worked all afternoon to get everything straightened out. We got about 1/3 of what we paid back in refund to our credit card. The rest is on a future cruise credit. We're very happy with that considering everything. Today was 30 days before our Sept 4 cruise so I knew today was our deadline to get it done. I hope everyone that cruises has a great trip and that nothing else comes up to hinder your trips. The test (and mask to a lessor extent) was a deal breaker for us. We do have a sea/land/sea to AK booked in Sept '22. We will return to cruising as soon as all of this craziness subsides. Best wishes to all!!
  9. We did book through a TA but they said HAL is requiring passengers to contact them directly. Today is the 30-day out for the Sept 4 sailing which we're on. I am on hold now. Seems to be lots of folks in front of me doing this. Thank you for the info.
  10. We are wanting to cancel our Sept 4 cruise today because of the testing requirement. Can someone tell me how to call or contact HAL to cancel? Thanks!
  11. Could this be for the nearest cruises (as in August 15, 22 only) or would it be for all AK cruises? We've got one on HAL in Sept and one on PCL later in Sept. Have not gotten any notification on either. Hoping to just cancel one or both!
  12. So does this mean you get 100% refund? or 100% future cruise on account? That sounds like a good plan for all cruise lines at this point. They have made a huge mess of this.
  13. Has Princess published a list of acceptable tests? If so, could you give us a link? That information might be very important! Thanks!
  14. But when we booked and paid for our cruises, we did so under the "All passengers must be vaccinated. No vaccinated passengers will be required to take a test" provisions! I think they should at least offer future cruise credit for cancellations. What about those who planned to go to Seattle early and spend time there before the cruise? Very complicated!
  15. RRFan


    Totally Agree!! Always check where the upgrade is located. We were upgraded one time to an Aft balcony, which we were thrilled with. UNTIL we found that there was an outside door right next to us that led to the pool and Lido area. That metal door slammed 24 hours a day and it was LOUD! We complained, but had no options at that point. Bummer!
  16. I wonder if anyone who wants to trade the mini-bar for coffee pkgs has done that prior to the mini-bar being delivered? I would like to save them the trip to my cabin with the mini-bar I'm trading in anyway. At least I will call if it's MIA when we get to our cabin (sailing in Sept). Thanks for the info!!
  17. I believe last week’s live thread said that you could not order from the MDR menu.
  18. Can someone verify for me that Princess docks at Pier 91? Thanks for taking us along and have a great week!!!
  19. I’ve said that for years. Just make it an option in our Personalizer (now the app). We ALWAYS trade ours for coffee pkg and it would save them time setting it up and collecting it again.
  20. Holland America has done their buffet this way for years and we like it just fine. Perhaps even better because I was never happy about touching the serving spoons anyway. Always took my plate to a table and then went to wash hands again.
  21. I have not done it with the Plus package, but I'd assume it would be the same. They do have specific mocktails on the menu, but you can also just ask for anything you like in virgin style. For example, just ask for a virgin Pina Colada or a virgin frozen strawberry Margaretta . Anything you see on the cocktail menu could be done as a mocktail I believe.
  22. No, you can get off any time you want to. You just can’t go back on until they have started embarking new passengers.
  23. You may not know, but I assume others who are not on PCL excursions were able to get off like normal?
  24. I haven't yet been on the Majestic so I may be speaking out of school, but I've read this ship has NO pizza up on the Lido deck at all.😮 I'm with @Thrak about it usually not being very good. In addition, I think their pepperoni's are usually greasy. Good to know @ALWAYS CRUIZIN that we can request a personal size up there! Alfredo's is a totally different pizza experience. Hubs usually gets the "Majestic" (named for whichever ship you're on) which has meats and I usually get the "Vegetariano" (all veggies) and we share both. I love their calzones too!!
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