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  1. Love your review and all the photos! Thank you for posting!
  2. We have to reschedule our Spring Break cruise at some point and school schedules pretty much dictate when we can go with our kids. The only Princess ship in the Caribbean this summer is the Caribbean Princess (unless I'm missing something). We really loved the Sky in February and were wondering if there is any chance that Princess would leave the Sky in the Caribbean or move another ship to that area so passengers trying to reschedule their vacations to this summer would have some options?
  3. This album was ordered through Bay Photo Lab - but I think Shutterfly also offers albums that would be similar.
  4. Absolutely! We have an Alaska cruise booked in 2021 and we will be rescheduling our April 2020 cruise ASAP. We have been very impressed by how Princess has handled an incredibly difficult and unprecedented situation!
  5. Just popping back in... the album I ordered for my in-laws came in today and I wanted to share a few photos of it with you. 😍 I can't wait to give it to them!
  6. Yay - glad you tried the grilled seafood bowl! YUM AND the drink you posted looks amazing - adding that to my "to-do" list. 😃 Loving your live reports!
  7. We are on the Sky deck in a few weeks - a little further aft than your room. I would love to see photos of your balcony!
  8. Have a wonderful cruise! Will be following. 🙂
  9. Thank you so much for doing this!!! 😍 Only 4 wks until we are on the Sky again and I can't wait. Any recent changes would be great to know. Have a fabulous cruise!
  10. Wonderful review - thank you! *Agree that Crown Grill on Princess is better than Cagney's on Norwegian! Also, loved the review of your aft suite. 🙂
  11. Exactly the helpful kind of post this thread was started for! Thank you! 🙄 YES - everything within reach on the plane gets wiped down! Even arm rests when sitting in the airport waiting.
  12. With the new medallion app - is ordering a drink to your stateroom considered room service (and therefore not covered)? Just double checking. Thanks!
  13. Now there is someone with solid advice! (We actually do have the 4 device WIFI package and we have trouble getting them to take OUT their ear pods - so I think we will be good.) Yes! Might even be worth the luggage fee for us. 😂 (joking... will probably just bring some detergent) I understand this is the way some people feel for various reasons. However, we are looking on the bright side and still (even with the current revised cancellation policy) planning on our trip. Again, our policy is "no panic, just be prepared". There is no reason to panic in our case - h
  14. We take the airborne daily already (DH had a cold last week that I managed to not get - so yay!) and will take extra on our cruise.
  15. All really great suggestions so far - thank you. Very helpful!!! Added a couple things to my list. 🙂
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