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  1. Good morning, I'm up quite early today - I was gardening yesterday, and put my back out, love those plants! I think this thread is a very good example of being able to "make life less difficult for each other"! So thank you everyone.😀 The sky is blue and the sun is shining and there is left over lasagna for dinner, so all is good here. DD gave me a packet of godetia seeds last night, and I'm trying to decide where to scatter them. I think I might make a kind of snaky line through my perennial bed - see if I can make it look like the Keukenhof! Either that or I will just give th
  2. Roy, just taking a bit of the "bump" tomorrow. Probably there will be a 3-week wait for results.
  3. In one of the wineries on the Casablanca Valley wine tour we took from the Zaandam in Valparaiso, there were long lines of wine grapes growing in one area. Each variety was labeled, and you were invited to go up and down the lines, tasting the grapes and spitting out the seeds! That was really interesting.😀
  4. Good afternoon, lots of reading to do to catch up! Roy, @rafinmd, I do hope they figure out the best thing to do, and then do it! I will say a prayer. I volunteered (more fool me!) to help out in the HS band office when our youngest DD was in the marching band - and was given the job of librarian. The band director was a complete slob and when the band members would hand back the sheets of music they had been using, he would just stick everything in a pile in the corner. I don't read music, at least there were usually a few words on the pages, but I had to clear out the whole r
  5. Thank you. I am a little bit worried about this one, but what the hay, I can't cruise anyway!
  6. Good morning, all! Thanks to Rich, Roy and the drinks and recipe ladies for the Daily news - the big decision for me today is - lasagna or a steak for dinner? Actually my back is still sore, so I'm leaning toward the steak, my lasagna pan is so big and heavy, I may not be able to lift it. And we had pasta last night. I have an appointment Tuesday for a biopsy of a bump on the side of my nose, doctor kindly said he doesn't think it's a melanoma (but it is a funny colour)! So I'm looking forward to getting that over with. Maybe I'll do the lasagna Monday, and then we can always have lef
  7. Thanks for the photos of the Keukenhof, Tony, @sailingdutchy! That’s a beautiful place to visit at tulip time. Happy to see @LAFFNVEGASback again and posting on the Daily!
  8. As others have said, one brave cat! But I love the way the dogs seem to be colour coordinated, from light to dark coats. Also very well behaved, but very intent on that passer-by. 😀
  9. Latest bit of news about Prince Philip's funeral - "Prince Harry plans to attend the funeral for the Duke of Edinburgh, which is to be held on April 17. Meghan, who is pregnant, has been advised by her doctor to avoid flying so she will not be in attendance."
  10. This just appeared on my news app. "The funeral service for Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, will be held on April 17, Buckingham Palace said on Saturday, confirming that Prince Harry was planning to attend." It doesn't mention Meghan.
  11. Good morning, and thank you to Rich, Roy and the drinks and recipe ladies! I agree we should RIP Prince Philip until the time of his funeral, flags will be at half staff in GB until then. He didn't want to lie in state, and there will just be a private service in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. We don't have a Governor General at the moment, so I don't know if Canada will send a representative. We were in Puerto Chiapas (with kazu and other CCers) in April 2015. It was sooo hot, I decided I would just not be able to bear the tour we had booked, so I stayed on board. Pat
  12. Wow! Just a few cherry blossoms, @bennybear!😃
  13. Good morning, all. Interesting day today, thanks Rich and Roy. There's always something to think about. Sad about Prince Philip, he was a great support for his wife, wasn't he? It must have taken a lot of dedication. I'm glad they could be together at the end. Happy anniversary, @ger_77! I am stiff and sore today, I did a lot of gardening yesterday, now we are due for some rain today. I have a big pot of daffodils and tulips which I had placed in our driveway, but I have now brought it into the courtyard to protect it from the deer. I had been thinking it was sa
  14. Hey, Colin, just received a fat envelope from you today! Thank you very much for the lovely stamps. Those Irish artifacts are so interesting. And Lady Wilde is gorgeous.
  15. When we lived in Kenya we used to go on safari about once a month - the animals, birds, and even the insects were just amazing. Zoos can't compare! I did paint a couple of hippos once, but threw it away when we downsized - just too big! My favourite bird was the lilac-breasted roller. DS took my painting of it, but I asked him to send me a picture of it to share with you!
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