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  1. Good morning, all. Busy morning so far, I went to the grocery store and spent a lot of money... (what else is new?) and then to the drug store and got my flu shot. In the shopping centre near us, I always think I am back in Virginia, the parking areas are lined with sweet gums, and they are the most colourful tree around at this time of year. Other than those, we don't get much colour, I guess it just doesn't get cold enough!😉 While I was getting my flu shot, the frozen crab cakes defrosted, so we will be having those for dinner, but there is salmon in the freezer for another day. Another job well done! Yes, Canada is in the bad books of the EU at the moment, although they aren't doing all that well themselves. We had no new cases on the Island yesterday, which was encouraging. I do think with all the retirees here in Victoria, we are being extra careful. I see very few people without masks. (I am touching wood as I post!!) Thanks everyone for all the fun stuff.
  2. I was just going to post that! It’s too bad our Covid numbers are rising. Singapore has taken our place on the list.
  3. @VMax1700, we are thinking of you both and hoping all continues to go well. I imagine there are a lot of places that should be in similar lockdowns.
  4. Still a.m. here, so good morning, all! And thanks to all who make The Daily a real party! Food, drink, and friends! I had an email from DS last night to ask if we could puppy-sit on Wednesdays, so I may be very busy playing with Oskar, and possibly will not be posting! But I will be thinking of you all. DD ordered him a new bag of toys, so we will have to see which is his favourite. I told her to hold some aside for Christmas (coming soon)! We are having a provincial election next week, and we have already voted by mail.
  5. Oh, my! She certainly leaves something to be desired, doesn't she? Still nice to see a ship parked in Port Everglades. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. It was amazing, wasn't it? I just had my phone for pictures, I think my cousin took this one: And when we passed by in 2011, Stromboli was quiet (I wonder what those hillsides look like now) -
  7. We also passed by Stromboli last year during its eruption. We hung around for maybe an hour and a half, turning circles. Here's what it looked like after dark.
  8. Good morning all and thank you to Rich and Roy. Happy Birthday to @Seasick Sailor! Amazing news here this morning. All those tour boat companies that depend on the cruise ships for business, whale watching, etc., got together and the Provincial Government hired them to clean up the west coast of the Island - more than 100 people, small boats and zodiacs, they had a drone to hunt for areas needing cleanup, and a helicopter to haul the debris away, and they collected over 127 tonnes of debris, rope by the kilometre, fishing nets and styrofoam that had washed up on shore. It was taken by barge to a large landfill up the Island. The only sad part is - just imagine what is still remaining in the ocean...
  9. Could be - he certainly didn't look as tall as Captain Eversen!
  10. No, not Captain "Silence on Deck" van Eerten! (I've been hoping he may show up on Zuiderdam...)
  11. @rafinmd? I seem to think there must have been a "t" in the name of the Captain I saw, so maybe it was just a similarity of names with the HAL Captain...
  12. Thanks, that's interesting. I guess they move around to get the different experiences!
  13. I recorded an old episode of "Mighty Ships" a while ago and we watched it this afternoon. It was on the Crystal Serenity, and the Captain was a Captain Evertson (or something like that); it sounded so familiar. Was he sometime with HAL? @Copper10-8?
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