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  1. Thanks. I’m sure it will be great - if we ever get out of the airport!
  2. We are in Buenos Aires! We have spoken to a number of people who are either joining the Prinsendam or the Zaandam. Crowds at the airport waiting to go through Immigration. About half an hour before we landed, we saw this interesting confluence, I think, of two branches of the Parana.
  3. Then they will give you your own “zoom”! 🙂 thanks, all, and see you soon!
  4. Happily at Sea mentioned Captain even Eerten would be leaving March 9. Maybe you will have another "tooting" Captain.
  5. Only on the Port Everglades webcam, at the bottom of the page there is an option for "Request-a-Wave". Just click on that.
  6. The nicest suitcase I ever saw was in a shop on the Calle Florida in BA. Pat wouldn't let me buy it, he said we would find it cheaper in the States. Never did! Maybe it's still there, if I can find the shop.
  7. Duct tape and plastic wrap and a big, wide woven belt! Hope it makes it all the way home again. Glad I made it back in time!
  8. Just noticed - I'm all packed and my suitcase has a split down the side! Going to try to wrap it all up in plastic wrap.
  9. Yes, we're off to the Prinsendam for our first "Grand". DH has been invited to join in Trivia! Kathi is so good at it, hope he can contribute. It it is a long way to fly. We've done it a few times, and I'm not looking forward to it. At least the airports should be open en route (Seattle and Atlanta) . We've had a snowy week!
  10. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't going to miss everything!
  11. Thanks, so there will be lots of sail aways after we get back!