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  1. Well, we didn’t know the replacement wine, but the steward said it was better than the Estancia, and it was very nice.
  2. Except for the kir royale!😎
  3. It certainly is a good lubricant!😊
  4. Right, KK, almost every day it has been in the Billboard area. And there is also a happy hour in the Blend from 9 to 10, just Chateau Ste. Michelle wines I think. we did have a shock at HH. Our “special occasion “ drink is a Kir Royale, $8.50, but for every day , just a Prosecco - $6.50, or white wine - $6. (iIRC). So the first time we celebrated with a kir royale- $8.50 +$2, right. The next night we downgraded to a Prosecco - the next day in checking the account I noticed the amount seemed wrong, so at HH we asked the waiter, and were told Prosecco is $10.50, we asked about the white wine - $10.... so now kir royale is the cheap drink. (There are none of the old books of drink lists out - perhaps they will bring them on board in Fort Lauderdale.)
  5. Vict0riann

    New Club Orange

    I was trying to post from my iPad and I couldn’t get it to work- but I hit submit about 10 times, so if all my posts suddenly appear, I apologize. what I was trying to say is that we had the Premium Wine Tasting in Club Orange yesterday. The tasting was very good, but what I noticed was that half the people there were sitting sideways, as I was, to avoid being jabbed in the back by the curved wooden slats in the chairs. I wouldn’t last long at breakfast or dinner!
  6. That's the roe I think you are looking at. The waiter always asks if you want it.
  7. This is a price list for half of our 14-day cruise.
  8. Alberta Quilter, a fourth option (!) might be on deck 3 outside of the Dutch Cafe. Most of the LP is obstructed by the lifeboats, but amidships there is an open area.
  9. We’ve had about 24 at Sit and Stitch every sea day. Same today. AQ, I had a look on our deck (11) and there is the jogging track there which is open. Best access is up the forward elevators. Here is what the jogging track looks like but I still think that the aft open Seaview pool area would be best. It’s not a large area, so it would depend on how many you are. or or a third option would be up one deck from the Seaview pool- the stairs are in the glassed-in area, so you end up behind the Tamarind , that has an open area, too.
  10. And they do! I was wrong - they have those cups of yogurt and granola, and croissants. It’s just the kitchen that doesn’t open until 11:30. Someone said this morning that they wished they had the uitsmijter earlier!
  11. I’m not sure where would be best. You could go aft near the Seaview pool. I’ll take a look after breakfast. Sometimes I used to think the PTZ cameras focussed best amidships, but they have installed new cameras that do well anywhere. The sail away party when we left Rome was - I say - around the Lido pool, but Pat said around the Seaview Pool. It was 10 days ago!
  12. Sorry, I had already had a little nibble before I remembered to get out the iPhone! The glass is quite small, but only about half full.
  13. I think the Dutch Cafe is open pretty early but no food until 11:30. here are the coffees - nothing too fancy.
  14. It is a Dutch liqueur which is beaten up with egg and comes in a little glass with a pot of whipped cream on the side. It’s like an alcoholic pudding. It is yummy!