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  1. I think a lot depends on the chef on board, too. My absolute favourite was the melanzane on Prinsendam, but it was not very good here on Amsterdam. Zuppe dI pesce has been replaced by Brodetto di Pesce , also very good, and there is a gnocchi with duck which was excellent.
  2. According to our Future Cruise Consultant here on the Amsterdam, Veendam is to be the new Prinsendam. She will be taking over most of the Elegant Explorer’s itineraries, except she can’t do the Kiel Canal. I’m not sure if she will be doing any “Grands”.
  3. I have to say I really like the two new big girls, the Koningsdam and the Nieuw Statendam. That is mainly for the ships themselves. Although large, there is such a good choice of places to eat and things to do, and lots of exercise getting wherever. But their itineraries seem rather ordinary - although our next on Koningsdam will take us to Rijeka, which I had never even heard of! My next favourite was the Prinsendam, because of her itineraries, and because she was so little - easy to get around, and great staff. Most of them seemed to want to stay with the smaller vessels.
  4. I clear off my dressing table and I start by making piles of "stuff", and I hang clothes together at the end of a rod in the closet. Right now my suitcase is open on the living room sofa, as the guest room is ready for visitors when we get back and I don't want to mess it up... I really have no idea what's in the suitcase, but it's not full so I keep adding. I enjoy the countdown (2 days to go...) (BTW, Hogan's Heroes is DH's favourite bedtime story, one or two every night.)
  5. Very interesting! We will try it out starting Monday....
  6. I bet most of the hotels would have a shuttle - we stayed once at a Comfort Inn and they had a shuttle.
  7. Absolutely! The sacrifices we make for those we love...
  8. Thanks, Jacqui. I could tell Pat needed a cruise - he was getting bored and grumpy!
  9. Love the fire escape ? ladder hanging off the upper window of the Tourism Service building. I wouldn't like to have to use it - probably break something!
  10. We booked a last-minute Alaska cruise on Monday (to sail the following Monday), Pat sent off the fax on Monday, as soon as our payment had gone through, and got the credit within a couple of hours....
  11. Weirdly enough, CC wasn't letting me in for a while on my laptop - and I could read on Tapatalk, but it told me I didn't have permission to post. Now things seem to be okay again. I could watch as I had the PEW bookmarked... A week from Friday we will be in Juneau on Amsterdam, hope the weather is good. Looks like it's going to be a nice day today for the passengers on Noordam.
  12. If she is really early, I may be here. 😀 Hope we get a zoom!
  13. Dave, thank you for all that information about the CD's job and the new port talks. We just booked a last-minute Alaska cruise which leaves Seattle on Monday, and I will be checking into the new procedures on board ms. Amsterdam.😀 I wonder if they will still bring on the park rangers, etc..
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