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  1. Thanks for the video, nice to see. But I'd rather be on a cruise...🙂
  2. Actually, I think I would be more concerned with flying than cruising - but our travel usually has both!
  3. Everyone, thank you for the birthday wishes to Pat! This will be a very quiet birthday day for us - usually there is a gathering of some sort for all those special days. We have also had two weddings in the next months postponed - or I should say, the weddings will go ahead, but very much smaller, and the festivities will be next year... if there is a next year....
  4. Good morning and thanks for the report, Rich. Today is DH's birthday, so I will let him choose what we will have for dinner. I am wondering where all the ships will end up - and why are two heading for Reunion? Is that just for refuelling?
  5. Good morning from the we t coast, still morning here. And thank you, Rich for the report and suggestions. Mother Nature is supposed to be watering the flowers today.
  6. Good afternoon, and thank you, Rich, for the report. Lots of interesting info. We are supposed to go up to 22* today - just about a heatwave! So Pat will barbecue a steak and we'll have salads to go with it. I made wine jelly today and there is about 3/4 of a bottle of shiraz left over from the 2 batches, so we will be drinking that. Don't they say every hour open adds a year to the age of the wine?
  7. I guess it will be cherry strudel for us...
  8. Good morning, all, and than you, Rich, for the Daily. I hear Ontario is having a heat wave! The sun is shining here, too, and I hope to do a bit of gardening, but I have a stack of bananas over-ripening, and so I will have to make banana bread, too, and some strawberry-rhubarb jam, and marmalade, so I think I will be busy indoors most of the day. We had our courtyard and driveway power-washed a couple of weeks ago, and are still waiting for the guys to come back and spread sand in the cracks between the pavers, so all our outdoor furniture is still in the garage. Just hope they come today. I'm getting tired of the courtyard in disarray!
  9. Important day today - Memorial Day and Alternate Birthday! We should all try that... and wine! Thanks for the Daily, Rich, and Roy, for the link to the article. I hope all the ships can manage to do it in a week! I wonder if Captain Schuchmann will do a blog now that he is on the Amsterdam. Captain Mercer hasn't posted to his blog since the 15th, as far as I can tell. I don't "do" Facebook, so I'm not sure what is being posted there....
  10. Good morning, and thank you for the report, Rich. I have asparagus in the fridge, so we will probably be having some tonight. Churches are going to start opening, although our dispensation still is in effect. DH has high blood pressure, so we will continue to attend virtually! Others will have to sign up for a particular Mass, and then, if there is an outbreak, they will know who attended and will be able to contact everyone.
  11. DD brought her dog grooming equipment upstairs, so I trimmed Pat's neck and DD's hair, but I didn't let her do mine. I think I last got mine cut in mid- February - I was planning to have it cut in late March for our April cruise, and everything shut down very suddenly. It is not growing out well... We haven't had a new case here on Vancouver Island for 8 days, but in the paper today it said we had a new one - someone had left the island to work in Alberta, got the virus there and stayed there to recover, but now has returned to the island, so the case now is counted as ours. No fair! I was staying put, as I had to go to the dermatologist a week and a half ago to have a biopsy done on a spot on my nose. I did have a bunch of people close to me - hope they were healthy, but also got a black eye, so I'm better out of sight.
  12. Good morning, and thank you, Rich for the Daily report. I wonder why Rotterdam is going to Columbo - maybe some Sri Lankans on board? A neighbourhood recycling depot is open today for a few hours, so we are going to take a car-load of styrofoam and other plastics over there. It hasn't been available for a few months! So we are very happy that it is back. And I have an appointment to have my hair cut - June 9. DD has given me a bit of a trim, but I really need to have it done professionally. Evidently there will be an additional $5 fee for PPE! And I was given all the instructions for my arrival - wait outside, use hand sanitizer, wear mask, etc.
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