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  1. Paying for some extra menu items is not new and was already there in 2019, there just are a few more now.
  2. OK, understand, that is why I am slightly apprehensive in diving in private tours at this stage, not knowing who survived the pandemic business wise and also not knowing what situation in general will be, but just investigating options and experiences anyway.
  3. Nothing to do with Covid, we had overnight stay away of the ship on a totally different cruise and country, booked well in advance and later learned that indeed great local entertainment was on at night on board, which we missed.
  4. Have not yet been to St. Petersburg and since this is an overnight port, am wondering if there is evening entertainment on board for this port. Our experience on other overnight ports is that sometimes local entertainment performs on board when overnight in port, sometimes not. Is this the case in St. Petersburg and if so, is it worth it, or is an evening tour option better?
  5. Should have thought on that one, indeed, Halong Bay in this case, "Timing Allow For Shore Excursions" was the old term I believe. Thanks!
  6. I know this is an old thread, but in looking for information, I could not locate any newer discussion on the two letter abbreviations or codes on Holland America sailings; I have found some new ones on current sailings, that I cannot find the explanation for; VS (used next to VX, which is visa required) EX Any ideas?
  7. Thanks Tony, a substantial raise in the price of Tamarind, but worth it still!
  8. Tony, since you apparently are good at math 😉, what does this do for the Tamarind price with the Mariners discount?
  9. Indeed not for everyone, it reflects a bit what 3 star Michelin dining in Jonnie Boer's restaurant is, but not everyone has the same taste.
  10. Could be, hope not, since the chef and owner of the Librije is still a member of the HAL council.
  11. When we sailed Rotterdam VI the last time, September/October 2019, both Sel de Mer and Librije in the Pinnacle featured, so our experience were that both of them used to be offered on one sailing.
  12. Have not seen any listing of the "Night at the Librije", which used to be on Eurodam and Rotterdam VI! We have a booking on Eurodam and it is not listed under specialty dining. Would be sad if this were no longer available in my personal opinion, did see that Jonnie Boer is still a member of the culinary council.
  13. Did not know that, so I stand corrected, assume the PRIORITY will also replace the need of using the color printing.
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