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  1. Thanks again for your extensive and great reports. I am thrilled to read that HAL and or the port provide shuttle busses to Kanazawa station. In research I found out that many great spots that you also visited, are slightly south of Kanazawa station. We intend to DIY. If there is a complementary shuttle, this makes it even more easy. Did the complemantary shuttle ride throughout the day?
  2. Wow is probably an understatement. Great report, great looking tour. Would you mind sharing which operator you used?
  3. From your earlier Celebrity blog, I have read which operator you used for this tour, would you mind indicating which specific tour this was, or was it a customized tour? Or is it "Private Tour from Shimizu Port #2"? Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you for taking the time for this report. In preperation for our Westerdam B2B next year in the same period, with most of the same ports, it is great information to use for our cruise. I have already digested your Celebrity blog from your earlier Japan cruise and have already taken in some very usefull tips from that one also. Enjoy your Westerdam take on Japan!
  5. This was in no way intended as moderated, nor rude, if this was in any way conceived like this, my appologies, maybe because this is not my native language, if it came out in a way you felt was so, but not intended! I was merely indicating that situation on Maasdam is different from that indicated as subject in this thread.
  6. From way in the beginning, when HAL started the information about the new Maasdam EXC In-Depth Voyage concept, they have clearly stated in all communications that as far as Maasdam goes, no traditional mainstage entertainment would be present on Maasdam during the EXC In-Depth Voyages. They have started sailing in September last year and apparently they found out that although having communicated this, it is not widely known. We have sailed Maasdam in this new concept last December and were well aware of the new implications, but did not receive the information, but we did just receive the same information for our upcoming May Maasdam cruise. I think they are just looking to provide the information to those who are not yet aware of the EXC In-Depth Voyage concept and want to avoid people being disappointed or surprised. So the EXC In-Depth Voyage concept has nothing to do with the discussion in this thread, regarding the presence of productions shows in general on the HAL fleet.
  7. What I feal is missing as a comment in this thread is what I read earlier on a thread somewhere on CC and it is not a choice of HAL. As I understand it, due to union regulations, dancers and singers are not allowed to perform crew duties any more, so having them on board for a longer period (full contract) works out differently. I think this is why groups will be on board for shorter period, "hopping from ship to ship".
  8. Antarctica is not easy to plan ahead, circumstances differ by the minute. This is why, with the aid of an experienced Ice Pilot from the US coastguard, split decisions are made based on the weather and ice conditions at that time, to travel the route. As I understand, no cruise is the same, if I remember correctly, we were unable to go into the Lemaire Channel, because of the wind and powder snow, making it impossible to navigate there.
  9. Great reading, thanks for sharing, looking how it is like, perhaps in preperation of such a cruise in the future.
  10. For us, still by far the best cruise we ever did, still regular look at our video 🙂
  11. This is our actual route taken, much more south than the intended route now indicated for Westerdam and close to what was indicated beforehand, when we booked the cruise;
  12. If you look at the new listed Westerdam "Antarctica Experience" and compare it with the Antarctic cruise destinations in earlier years, judging by the map, the new Antarctic cruise looks a lot different and appears not to venture as much south anymore! First picture is of our cruise in 2015, second one is the new 2020 cruise.
  13. I can answer that one for you, it will be Captain Ryan C. Whitaker, he will be releaving Captain Arno Jutten on March 28th.
  14. Viking Sky is now in more shielded waters, said to arrive in Molde port around 16:30 local, about two hours from now.
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