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  1. Trying to figure out the best way to get them scanned. If you have any tips I'm all ears. Thanks
  2. Hi. We just got off the Anthem New years cruise. There were surprisingly not as many kids as I thought there would be. Christmas decorations were up but slowly disappearing throughout the week. Tree was gone for NYE to make more room in the Esplanade. There were gatherings all over the ship. 270 had a party with the band and dancers but for a fee, but I don't know what the fee was. Esplanade was packed for the balloon drop but we were tucked into the pub and there was plenty of breathing room. The theater had a quiet party that showed Times Square and Music Hall had a Bon Jovi tribute band that was pretty packed as well but ended around 12:30. Casino was mostly empty that night. LOL. I do have all the compasses if you would like any other info. We are going again next year but not sure if Anthem or out of Fla. Was a great cruise with great weather except for a rainy last sea day but for Dec./Jan it was great.
  3. We were on this same cruise and we were docked in Bermuda around 7:30am. I was off the ship a few minutes after 8
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