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  1. We went, review is in another thread from February. We weren't impressed at all.
  2. It's not a huge place, but I'd say Plan on 30 minutes to an hour depending on whether Nick is available, and if anything in the shop or museum is of particular interest.
  3. We went in February. We walked from the ship, not a bad walk. Had fun but got tipsy before hand at Dirty Sanchez along the beach. Drinks were so good that we got a bit carried away. One of our favorite days on the cruise. The book we bought at the shop is good too.
  4. Yes, did the Fly Dutchman in February. We've been on lots of zips, so keep that in mind.. wasn't that exciting. If I recall, it's like 45 seconds long, and although the views at the top were great, waiting for hours for them to open, when they said they'd be open but weren't put another damper. Don't go until 10:30 at the earliest. We got there at 8:45, and waited until 10 for them to open, then 45 more minutes for the workers to test the rides, and do whatever to actually go up the hill then down.
  5. We did this. Wasn't necessarily our plan, but we put our luggage at Barrachinas, and planned to walk around more. After a bit, my husband couldn't take the hangover from his fun at sea day, so we rented a hotel for a few hours and stayed there till lunch (late one) and then went to the airport early. Maybe plan an excursion, or go to another part of Puerto Rico.
  6. Just because they say they'll open at 9 doesn't mean they do. I suggested the time because it allows them to open when they're like it, and do the testing they do before anyone can go up the mountain. Views are nice, wasn't impressed otherwise.
  7. We did, took a regular taxi. Don't go before 10:30 am at the earliest.
  8. Punto de Vista Rooftop Restaurant is by far the best place for mofongo. The one's at Barrachina's were sub par. Perhaps in comparison, but I still dream of the mofogo at this rooftop restaurant. It takes a bit to get, but the drinks are stiff if that's something you like.
  9. I went on the half day with Big Beards in the beginning of January. From my experience, the Caribbean Sea boat was slower in the water, and packed to the gills with people. I don't have experience with the lunch, or getting lunch in Christenstead. The boat arranged to have taxis back after we got back or at 3pm. We ended up going back to the ship for lunch because we weren't sure if we could fill all the time in Christenstead. Hopefully that helps.
  10. We took a hiking excursion through the cruise ship (RC) and it would be in that amount of time, but then you wouldn't be able to see anything else. I'd plan on walking around the port city. It wont show you all of the beautiful things the island has to offer, but I'd hate to say go north an hour to see the black/ grey sand beaches and the city where the volcano covered part of the city in that short amount of time. I probably spent 2 hours walking around by myself (husband was tired from the day before and then the hike) just around the port. I would suggest while you're there spending the money on getting an authentic lunch before getting back on the ship. Martinique was one of our favorites, which was so unexpected because I was really sad to go there initially.
  11. You got on as we got off. Glad you had a great time!
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