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  1. 44 minutes ago, laudergayle said:

    You had me right there!  Looking forward to your “exploits” as @cruiseny4life coined them.😊

    We also loved the Prima.  However, with the size of your group, finding seating at times may be more challenging than a couple would have.  From your screen name, I suspect you’ve already planned for this!  Wishing you a fun-filled cruise…and May you burn off any extra calories from non-stop laughter😊


    I really don't think we can all intend to eat together all the time. Those of us who are platinum will have more dinners in the specialty restaurants, so.....



    My screen name came from that I am a residential Plans Examiner, Residential and Commercial Energy Plans Examiner and Inspector, and also design homes. There have been a lot of building plans in my career. Secondary is the cruise planning, which I have also done.

  2. 46 minutes ago, RocketMan275 said:

    We're on Prima the week following.  Will be watching for your review. Do you intend to post your review in increments as the cruise goes on?  Particularly interested in the embarkation process.

    We will see what we can do. We got the basic internet package with booking, and don't plan to get more minutes. But we will do the best we can!!!

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  3. Well, the Ma'am are going to cruise together again! This Friday Screenma'am, Planma'am, Medicalma'am and our DHs will be getting on the NCL Prima out of Galveston for a week in the Western Caribbean. DH's cousin, who has cruised with us before, and 3 of her friends will be joining us, too. (Our 4th sister isn't able to join us. In fact the only time all 4 sisters cruised together was our sisters' cruise out of Tampa on the Sun, when we had one of the sought-after corner aft balconies. Oh, what a cruise!! We should have done a review after that one; I would have titled it "want another bottle of wine with that?!!)  But I digress.


    We 3 sisters haven't cruised together since our Canada/New England cruise in September of 2015! We are all retired now, excepting Medicalma'am's DH, so you would think it would be easier for us to do so. But with aging parents and transporting grands around, it is actually more difficult to plan.


    It's been a while since we wrote a review together so I expect a lot of you don't know us. The two reviews we had previously done are in my signature, and our next review will be a tag-team effort, too. Medicalma'am has cruised more often and has additional reviews that you'll be able to find in her signature. But take this as a warning, a new review will be forthcoming!

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  4. I love the smaller ships, and have been on the Jewel twice, so would highly recommend this ship.

    BUT, if this is going to be your only Alaskan cruise, I would say the Glacier Bay itinerary. I have said Glacier Bay is somewhere everyone should go at least once in their lifetime. 

    In fact I have told my daughter I wanted to have my ashes scattered there after I pass,  but then realized it is probably prohibited since it's a  National Park. So I told her I just want her to go there.

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  5. To clarify further, the "security desk" referred to is just another table after they check all carryon where you go the 10 steps and they give you receipt for the fee on your bottles, you sign it and it gets added to your OBC. They put a sticker on your bottles and you're on your way. 1-5 minutes, depending on whether there is a line.

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  6. One of my very favorite ever cruise excursions was out of Ketchikan, and we did it on our first Alaskan Cruise. It's the float and fly of the Misty Fjords. Catamaran for 2-3 hours up the fjords, then in the "middle of nowhere" stopped at a dock and got on a float plane for the return flight back to Ketchikan.


    It was the last trip of the day, and the pilot asked if we minded if he took a little extra time to show us some of his favorite sites. 6-person plane, landing back on the water in Ketchikan's port. Truly amazing!!!

  7. I think my ULU knife I bought in Alaska is the best souvenir I got there. It is unique (though a hunter friend told me it's like a knife he uses) to me, and I use it several times a week in my kitchen.


    My mom didn't get one when she was there, and asked me to pick one up for when we later went. My second trip I bought several for Christmas gifts after I found mine so useful. Again, look for one that is made in Alaska. I bought mine at our last stop, which now I don't remember which port was last.


    We found that the last sea day of the cruise there were vendors on the ship selling them in the atrium area, but I don't know if they are made in Alaska, or cheap ones from China! :eek:

  8. I could not believe that the family suites had increased in price so much, so I just did a mock booking. The pricing, depending upon the week chosen, was $4,800.00 to $6,500.00 for a family of 5. I tried with no extras, and then picking all 4 offers.


    I think it's worth a look to check on these again. I loved this suite when I was in it, but just to clarify it was only my DH and myself. But If we had three young kids, wouldn't bat an eye at booking one of these!


    The suite perks are really enjoyable!


    Good luck!

  9. The only part of the question not explored is how long to continue to use the same water bottle. After drinking straight out of it for a couple of days, I would change to a new bottle. Bacteria forms from our skin and "backwash" that could become problematic. One, two, maybe even three days of drinking out of the same bottle might be OK. But unless you have some way to sanitize the bottle, I'd spring for a new one day three our four at best.


    While traveling through Europe many (sigh, too many!) years ago, the English friend we met and traveled with made sure we sanitized our permanent water bottles every other day. She had worked in a lab, and told us of some of the tests they had done and the bacteria they found. Needless to say, we followed her suggestion!

  10. Definitely miss the perks, but the slightly larger rooms aren't that big of a deal. One thing I like about Carnival is the Faster to the Fun program which gives you priority embark/disembark/customer service/tenders room ready when you board. For an extra $70, you get the "priority" benefits of a suite without having to pay for a suite. We are giving Haven a try for the first time next year, maybe we won't be able to live without it, we'll see!!!


    Never sailed Carnival; what are their suite perks that you are paying for?

  11. The Observation Lounge at the front of the ship would be a great place for meeting up, no matter the weather. It's large, and has doors that open up onto a deck at the front of the ship which is great for sail-away.


    The pool deck and Topsiders is another great place during good weather. They usually have a BBQ going on there, live music, and waiters circulating with the drink of the day for purchase.


    Where are you going and from which port do you depart?

  12. Nice to know. We always bring our non-surge protected 10' extension cord "just in case" the steward can't provide one.


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    As a building inspector, I have to ask (it's a disease, believe me) why a non-surge suppressor type extension cord? I suspect what you are really referring to is what are known in the industry, fused-disconnect strip with an on/off switch.


    Non-fused strips are approved for household use only; read the attached label on the cord. That small wire is only approved for use in homes. Others need to be minimum one size large Gage wire.

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