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  1. tgard76

    Freaking out re New Years Cruise!

    [quote name='Element']Our cruise is booked and deposit paid so I can't change it. [/quote] Hi. Not sure which ship you are going on, so just pressuming it's a P&O one. Please correct me if I'm wrong. P&O have recently changed their booking T&Cs. If you feel so inclined, you can now can now cancel your cruise with a [B][I]FULL[/I][/B] refund if you are more than 181 days from sailing, or you can transfer all monies paid onto a different cruise if you are more than 121 days from sailing. Trevor.
  2. Just as long as the new name doesn't incorporate any cruiseline's name, otherwise, sometime in the future, we might have the [B][COLOR=blue]P&O/Princess/RCL/Celebrity/HAL/Cunard Down Under board :D:p[/COLOR][/B]
  3. I say leave it as one board but with a different name. If another player enters the market "down under" then we're going to start having the same problems again, and this way, it's easier for us all to stay together. Besides, it'll be too hard for MsMinx to organise next year's Secret Santa over 3 boards :D Trevor.
  4. tgard76

    Dress at sea

    Make sure you get photos then ;):D Trevor
  5. tgard76

    Dress at sea

    On my cruise, we wore jeans and a nice Tee-shirt with no problems. But that was with traditional dining and all at our table were young and wore the same thing. Not too sure about anytime dining and if who you're seated with will approve :rolleyes:. Obviously we wore something dressier on formal nights (nice pants, shirt and tie). Just as long as what you are wearing is neat and tidy (eg: not dirty or full of holes) you'll be fine. Trevor.
  6. tgard76

    Hard to understand

    [quote name='jingles83']Ok, I'm not to shy, so what does [B]PMSL[/B] mean? :confused: Bet I'm not the only one here who doesn't know what that means. :rolleyes: I'm guessing Arxcards will be able to give me the answer though. :D[/quote] Pi*sing myself laughing
  7. tgard76

    Where do cruise ships berth in Canberra?

    Les, will you be adding the 15% gratuity charge automatically? :rolleyes: Trevor
  8. tgard76

    Direction of Travel

    [quote name='Skyrules']Yep, only way out of Moreton Bay is around the northern tip of Moreton Island, so all south bound ships have to head 4 hrs north before they can turn south.[/quote] Thanks for your replies. I just found out for myself anyway, was just sitting out on the verandah and watched it sail past :D Trevor.
  9. When the ships depart Brisbane heading to southern ports, do they still have to head on a northerly course first to get around Moreton Island or do the just head south? Trevor.
  10. tgard76

    Everybody's Videos

    Thanks Geoff. It's was shot on my little fuji stills camera, I was quite suprised about the quality it produced. The music is a sample from a Ministry of Sound song. Trevor.
  11. No problem guys, glad you liked it. Trevor.
  12. tgard76

    Everybody's photos!!!

    I've just uploaded some new photos of the Sun to my Webshots page. http://community.webshots.com/album/568871514bhcXJO Trevor.
  13. I've also just uploaded some new photos of the Sun to my Webshots page. http://community.webshots.com/album/568871514bhcXJO Trevor.
  14. tgard76

    Everybody's Videos

    Short video of Pacific Sun departing Brisbane 23/11/08 Trevor.
  15. Hehehehe, yep, that's beautiful Queensland for ya :D. In fact, they stopped all the Citycats and Cityferries this weekend because of all the crap washed down in the river. I think Brisbane's taxi service had a good weekend :)