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  1. Are there any parts of the spa that are free to use without purchasing the thermal suite pass ? For example, are there steam or dry saunas ? Are there bigger showers in the locker room than are available in the cabins that are free to use ? Anything else ?
  2. YES ! I have interest in folks sharing this info.
  3. Carnival Magic. But It's been reported recently by one person it was no longer there. Per the manufactuer's website, Carnival has 14 ships with this machine. Not sure if that is 14 Carnival Cruise Line ships, or on 14 ships under the Carnival Corporate umbrella (Carnival Princess Holland Costa Cunard Seabourn P&O etc). Gotcha. Thanks so much for the info.
  4. Thanks so much for the info ! Do either of you remember what odds were allowed ? We'll see if we can get the table livened up and get some folks to come play with us. You're right, it's not nearly as much fun when you're playing alone. Done it, but prefer a fun lively crowd. Or anyone even if it's not just me, LOL. Interestingly, we were on a ship last year that had a craps table/machine. I didn't think I would like it, but actually it ended up being pretty fun. Would love it if it was on all ships.
  5. Oh dang, that's too bad. It was the first time we had seen this machine. We normally play the table, but we really enjoyed playing it in addition. The biggest advantage being that you can SIT DOWN and play craps. 😀 👍 🎲
  6. BNBR & Super27, reminder to give us an update on Magic once you take your cruises ! Others, please feel free to chime in and let us know if they're spotted on any other ships ?!!? I'm wondering if Azure Gaming's list assumes only CCL ships or all lines under the corporate umbrella. Maybe that's why they haven't been spotted on more Carnival ships.
  7. I know about getting Kroger Fuel Points for gift card purchases, and sometimes they even have an actual discount on the gift card in addition to the fuel points. Sadly, all of our Krogers closed in our city last year. Does anyone know of any other ways to buy Holland gift cards at a discount or ways to get a bonus on a HAL gift card purchase ? For example, Carnival cards can be gotten at 10% discount through AARP rewards & Allstate Drivewise, I think Citi Easy Deals, as well as using points on several credit cards to get "free" gift cards.
  8. Looking for updated info . . . is there still a craps table on Oosterdam ? $5 minimum ? And, is it 2x odds, or other ? Thanks !
  9. Here is a similar looking symbol on Horizon's deck plan and also on Vista's deck plan. I don't know if maybe these are also the same machine ? For some reason these deck plans are not as legible as the one above for Magic. .
  10. On Magic it was just off the walkway, close to the casino bar. See highlighted area on attached pic. The deck plans still show it there, but of course that could have changed without the deck plans being updated. Also, perhaps they moved it for the Ultra cruise ??? I have heard the machine fairies sometimes move things around during the night, lol. .
  11. HORIZON : What FREE Lunch options are there that are normally pay/upcharge for dinner ? Cucina del Capitano Guy's Pig & Anchor Any others ? ? ? .
  12. That has been reported as not being true. I was told it was not true personally by a cabin steward a few years ago. Also, read about the auto-grats for drinks going up from 15 to 18% and part of it goes into ASP pool, not to the crew. The thread is titled Onboard Revenue Creep. The thing that struck me the most - the gratuity goes into a pool towards paying for the "Free" uniform. Basically Carnival is using the alcohol grat to go into a pool to pay the salaries. And of course, pocketing the leftovers is how I read between the lines.
  13. I just tested my own theory/question . . . it appears the deadline is 15 days. I don't know what Time the deadline is for sure (because I just woke up an hour ago and thought about testing this). But .... today Sat Dec 1 at 8am, for all ships departing on Sat Dec 15, there is no longer an option to sign up for the meet & mingle (however, Dec 16 sailings are still listed). When I looked yesterday Fri Nov 30, the option to sign up was available for Dec 15 sailings. My guess is the deadline is at 11:59pm 15 days before your cruise. So, if you depart on a Saturday, you must sign up by 11:59pm on the Friday that is 15 days before your cruise. (if I can stay awake until midnight tonight, I'll try to test the timing part on the Dec 16 departures, haha)
  14. I have tried searches several different ways and cannot find the answer to this. I read the first post in the two pinned posts on this forum about the Meet & Mingles. I can not figure out how to search within a thread anymore with this new layout, and the threads are waaaaay too long to try to 'find' the answer within the thread. When is the deadline to sign up for the Carnival/Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle ? I cannot find the info on how many days in advance this must be done and also I cannot find the timing. For example, if the deadline is 14 days and someone was cruising on Sat Dec 15, would the deadline be 11:59pm Sat Dec 1 ? Or, as another example, if the deadline is 7 days, but it has to be done before the 7th day, would the deadline be 11:59pm Fri Dec 7 ?
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