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  1. TH451

    Current Captains Con't

    Capt. Ante leaves 4-14-18 and someone on board now said a woman, Capt. Adrianna, will start 14 Apr. Still some discussion on whether a rumor or not.
  2. Can't say for sure, but I assume so.
  3. According to John Blair's book of face post on May 19th, he & Katrina started on Liberty yesterday. "Katrina & I are looking forward to joining the Liberty of the Seas team on Sunday. ☆ Liberty is a Great Ship, with a Great Crew sailing 7Day Cruises to the Caribbean from Galveston, Texas. ☆Lots of Fun...Hope to see you there!"
  4. Thanks Donna for jib well done. Kudos Joe for your willingness to take over and keep us all informed.
  5. John Blair said yesterday on Book of Face that he & Katrina will be back on Liberty in May.
  6. John Blair says he & Katrina will join Liberty Oct. 29th.
  7. Sailed Grandeur in March with Paul Rutter and he's not one of the the most visible CDs but neither are Ricky Mathews and Ken Rush. Paul did a good job and his staff was excellent during various activities such as trivia, etc. I must be in the minority but I like John & Katrina Blair. They have always been courteous, friendly and taken the time to converse with us when we meet around the ship and last week on Anthem we had several morning conversations in the Diamond lounge. If everyone liked the same people or things, the world would be a much less interesting place.
  8. I spoke to John Blair last week while aboard Anthem and he said he will be going to Liberty after his vacation.
  9. I realize cruise experiences are subjective and some people wouldn't be happy in a pie factory. I personally like John & Katrina Blair and have not had any problems. I have enjoyed a meal with them onboard and also several conversations at different venues around the ship. I also have friends that feel the same as Clancy14. As a matter of fact my description of Ricky Mathews would be word for word as your description of the Blairs. Just shows everyone has different thoughts. I have, to date, not let the current CD determine what cruise I will book.
  10. Following you will make the next 39 days until we are sailing Quantum go by much faster. Thanks and enjoy your cruise.
  11. Have sailed several times with John & Katrina Blair on Grandeur. They were very personable, accessible and all around good people. We also sailed with Ricky Matthews twice on Grandeur and he is high energy but less accessible.
  12. See you tomorrow Tim. I hope there is a way to hook up my betamax to the cabin's TV. If not, I can listen to music via portable 8-track. Should be a lot of fun.
  13. TH451

    Nassau must sees and must do's

    We used Bernard's also and had a wonderful time with John Landel as our tour guide. He was excellent and had the very best rum punch I have ever had.
  14. In the Solarium where the snack bar used to be. When we were on Enchantment in April, people would play cards, read or just sit at the tables for hours and Park Cafe patrons would have to really hunt for places to sit and enjoy the food. Hopefully Grandeur will be more accommodating.
  15. TH451

    Lets bring some fun back !

    Our first cruise was on Navigator of the Seas and being novices, we were enamored by almost everything. The first formal night was great with the vast majority dressed in evening dresses and tuxedos. After dinner we took the stairs to exit and just sat to take in the ambiance of the evening and noticed a couple gliding up the stairs arm in arm, he was tall, graying with a white dinner jacket and she in a long flowing gown with lots of jewelry. They looked as if they had just stepped out of a Hollywood gala. Upon reaching the top, he guided her to a chair and when he let her go, I realized why he was holding onto her because she dropped like a bag if rocks. It took two extra men to help pick her up and place her into the chair, still oblivious to what had happened. Formal nights have never held the appeal after that experience.