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    Carry On Soda and Water

    We just got back Thursday. They took our water with our luggage but never received it. We also brought protein shakes and they were sent to the naughty room. Was told that only 6 bottles of water per stateroom. Also heard someone being questioned when getting back on ship in San Juan that only had 2 bottles of water. Those that can go to consierre lounge were getting 6 bottles of water each day. We were on the Anthem. We were told the water was held in Bayonne, however when we went to pick it up, it was nowhere to be found.
  2. Is the Solarium enclosed and is there an indoor pool.
  3. Hobie1976

    2 Questions

    How much is the gratuity for a Junior Suite per night? If you cash out money at Guest Relations is it the same charge as the casino? What percentage fee for withdrawal ? Thanks
  4. Hobie1976


    How many formal nights on 14 night cruise? I read that anything goes these days on formal night. Is that correct? Is there a Starbucks on Vision Of The Sea? Shampoo, etc. is it still being provided on the ship? Do Diamond Plus still get upgraded toiletries? Thanks.
  5. Is there a Main Dining option on Vision of the Seas or only My Time?
  6. We will be sailing on the Vision Of The Seas. Can anybody tell me if there are family bathrooms? How is the internet? Any other things we need to know? Thanks
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    Thank you!!!!
  8. Hobie1976


    Looking for some help getting from Galveston to the airport. Will be traveling with 2 handicapped people, so have a wheel chair and walker. Any ideas appreciated.
  9. Hobie1976

    should i bring candy for halloween?

    We usually bring a mixture of Hershey's miniatures or small bags of Lindor chocolates. No matter what kind of candy we have always received great smiles and thank you from all. We gave a bag to the head waiter and you would have thought we gave him a million dollars. He told us he was having a bad day and the candy brightened his day. It was a genuine response. He mentioned it several times during the cruise.
  10. In NY on Sunday? Is there a waiting area or paid parking? Asking for a friend. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Hobie1976

    WiFi w/2 devices

    We just got back from Anthem today and you have to log off before it lets you log on the other device.
  12. Hobie1976

    Internet Package - Discount

    If you purchase a package at discounted rate they do not give you the ca dollars toward it. You can however use it toward internet purchased on the ship.
  13. Hobie1976

    Anthem of the Seas Sailing today

    How do I post a screen shot of the menu. Sorry I am using iPad and can't get it to work
  14. How do I insert a picture of the menu.
  15. Hobie1976

    Anthem of the Seas Sailing today

    On Anthen. New menus. It all goes according to your taste. They also always have the classic options which include onion soup,shrimp cocktail, ceasar salad for appetizers. Classic entrees include steak, chicken, etc. will try to take a photo of menu tonight. If you like crab cakes there were awesome.