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  1. The escape room here in my hometown is actually 2 rooms.  You have to solve about 2/3 of the puzzle to get to a secret door to finish.  My team did not finish and I found out I'm not very good at it.  So bad in fact I would not do it again.

  2. Thanks for all the info   I thought maybe the parts for the Refurb for some ships would have been ordered before the pandemic hit since it happened so fast  I know there is a very long lead time for some of these items to be built, but Royal may have some pieces in storage awaiting new work during dry docks.  I can see lots of cups with Tiki Room just sitting in storage somewhere.

  3. I was able to start check-in on my computer, but not able to post a picture that way.  I then tried to finish it on my phone, but got a message the app was needing an update  I started that process, but I am aware it may take some time  Whenever that process is finished, how do I post my picture?  I am 80 years old so do not know how to do this.  Thanks for your help.



  4. We've used Falstaff Parking a couple of times now.  They have a shuttle to the ship and are located some distance away but are in a parking garage.  We wanted covered parking without the prospect of flooding during storm season.  Falstaff is on higher ground.  Easy to get tickets on their website.  



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