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  1. Is this true on other ships besides Wonder? We were going to usethe Solarium bar as a meeting point for my friends/family, but not if it's too hot. That bar has good wine, I was told, since the Mariner does not have Vintages any more.
  2. There is no Roll Call activity for our upcoming cruise. I am trying to find out if there is a large group booking this cruise. How can I find out?
  3. The escape room here in my hometown is actually 2 rooms. You have to solve about 2/3 of the puzzle to get to a secret door to finish. My team did not finish and I found out I'm not very good at it. So bad in fact I would not do it again.
  4. I definately vote for one product so it stays fresher. I only use the daytime moisturizer. If I get a sample of the nighttime moisture, I'll use it if my face feels especially dry.
  5. Is the rack of lamb in Chops always available on Mariner/
  6. I also highly recommend this company. We have used them 6-7 times and loved every minute. If you join your roll call and get some others to join you it can be much cheaper. They also have a "share tours" on their website where they group you with a few others. They have great vans that hold 6-7 people. They will also find you a bathroom if necessary!!
  7. Thanks for all the info I thought maybe the parts for the Refurb for some ships would have been ordered before the pandemic hit since it happened so fast I know there is a very long lead time for some of these items to be built, but Royal may have some pieces in storage awaiting new work during dry docks. I can see lots of cups with Tiki Room just sitting in storage somewhere.
  8. Now that Covid restriction seem to be over and the cruise industry is going full-bore, has there been a new amplified or refurbishment schedule published anywhere?
  9. Does anyone have the current wine list for Mariner? Where can I find it? What bar has the best wine since they took Vintages out of this ship. Thanks
  10. Just a comment about drug-sniffing dogs on Royal. A few years ago we had a cute beagle dog sniff each of us while we stood in single file waiting to "ping" ourselves onboard the first day. Never before or since. We are diamond plus so have a few cruises under our belt. Maybe they had a tip??
  11. We are also on your cruise. We are using Falstaff Parking. It is cheaper than the parking at the pier, has shuttle service and is covered parking . We have used them before and were very happy.
  12. Can the doors between the balconies on Central Park cabins on Allure be opened?
  13. There is quite a bit of info on parking on the Homeport/Gulf category on here. We are using Falstaff Cruise Parking in February. They also have covered parking, elevation very good in case of flooding and great shuttles. I called and they are going to be going to pier 3 too. Much cheaper than the cruise port parking at terminal 3/pier 10.
  14. We will be on Allure next year using the new terminal. There have been many cruises out of the old terminal when there were not enough agents for Customs/Immigration clearance causing delays. Any info/guesses about new terminal processes?
  15. When we've cruised on Halloween, costumes came out about 4pm for Happy Hour(s). If you are in port on Halloween it might be later so cruisers can reboard.
  16. Hello, Radio Can you see the Anchors Away parade from the Central Park balcony cabins? Thanks for all your beautiful pictures and excellent knowledge.
  17. How do you complete documents requirements like passport info and boarding passes and luggage tags requirement?
  18. I could not find this in search feature. Is it true that your cruise documents are not available until 90 days before your cruise?
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