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  1. The dreaded calling out of Orville99 Cant wait for response
  2. Looks confirmed that Oasis will be good to go!! Now do I dare to book a flight or not is the million dollar question?!?!
  3. Test cruise is in the 22nd and they anticipate certification for passengers on the 30th. That’s a couple days after test cruise is completed.
  4. I have been chatting with an employee that my wife and I have become friends with over the years of sailing that is currently on Symphony. He knows we are sailing September 19 on Oasis. His best friend is on Oasis and they are pretty much ready to go. Over the past several weeks they have been shuffling crew members back and forth on tenders on the ships anchored in the area for training and vaccination purposes. As of now they are planning on heading north for the test cruise on the 22nd and expecting a cruise certificate by the CDC to except paying clients on August 30th. We have not asked if they know any details about capacity, protocols, vaccinations...but may do so in the next couple days. The good news as of today is that it looks like Oasis is a go for Bayonne starting September 5th. Fingers crossed and we can now get excited to watch for movement of Oasis heading North.
  5. Pretty much what I wear through the whole cruise. Maybe a nice pair of pants for 150 Central park. That's it for me. Its your vacation be comfortable. There was a time years ago I would have never said that but times have changed. We may start seeing bathrobes in the main dining room if we continue the way things are going.
  6. I was told that employees and relatives of employees are a large part of the "volunteer" base.
  7. Has anybody else in the past got an e-mail that all of their Royal-up bids for a particular cruise were cancelled? The e-mail was titled "Changes to your Royalup request" RESERVATION MODIFICATION DANIEL, This email is to let you know that we’ve cancelled your requested RoyalUp upgrade due to a change in your reservation. Booking Reference: ********** Date Ship Origin Offer Amount Upgrade To Offer Status 19 Sep 2021 Oasis of the Seas® BYE $*** USD per guest (2) Crown Loft Suite Cancelled 19 Sep 2021 Oasis of the Seas® BYE $*** USD per guest (2) Owner's Suite Cancelled 19 Sep 2021 Oasis of the Seas® BYE $*** USD per guest (2) Grand Suite - 2 Bedroom Cancelled 19 Sep 2021 Oasis of the Seas® BYE $*** USD per guest (2) Grand Suite - 1 Bedroom Cancelled Called Customer service and they said the sailing is still a go. Anybody else get this email? Dan
  8. Asking to fudge the numbers wont look good
  9. Not a big deal at all. We are all srtiving for the same end game!!
  10. They will be worth 74.15 on Ebay with the autograph😎
  11. Tuxedo rentals will be converted to cargo shorts rentals
  12. Not sure if this is a good sign or not but we just got the email for Royal up today for our 9/19/21 cruise out of Bayonne. Hopefully they can pull off a successful test cruise in August.
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