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  1. While we where all sleeping coco cay has had 3 more piers built😉. They are all heading there.
  2. What a nightmare for these poor people. I wonder if half of them will ever want to get on a ship again.
  3. I live in Westbrook, 15 minutes from the cruise terminal. It’s been all over the news today. Economic impact of new cruise ships this year. its going to be devastating to the old port area to say the least. it will be in the paper tomorrow and I will Attach the article.
  4. Not sure if bar harbor will follow suit but Portland announced no cruise ships this year. I am not sure what the status is for Canada ports as of now but it looks like New England cruising may be done for this year if the cruising industry can get back up and running.
  5. The cruise from Maine to Utah is to die for. Very scenic with some nice opportunities to see buffalo, deer, wolves along the way. Would never do it without having a balcony.
  6. I just got off the phone with casino Royale to check a couple future cruises and to also "follow up" on a refund for our 3/26 cruise. I was told the good news that one of our future cruises dropped by over 300.00 and then was told the news that our cancelled cruise was already refunded. Obviously this was not true as my wife and I have been checking daily for some time. He put me on hold and went to check with the "accounting" department. He advised me that is was there error and that the credit will show up in 7-10 days. He said it was "shown as refunded" but was ne
  7. Ya not a good day. The way it’s going they will be pulling into a port in Antarctica in about 3 weeks after the quarantine. Only place that will take them. FRIDAY THE 13TH ( Jason is driving the damn ship)
  8. It looks like she is employed by RCCL and appears she is not a "guest headliner" but part of the cast for the "regular" productions done weekly. She specifically mentions her contract and also has in her BIO Royal Caribbean International as her employer.
  9. If I read into the small conversation, it appears to be cast members on Ovation and Anthem. Not sure how many it affects company wide. It doesnt let me ask the question for some reason.
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