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  1. The upgrade fairy was buried underneath the new Cococay water slide. For 49.99 you can spread pixie dust from the hot air balloon ride over the water slide to honor the old hag.
  2. Yesterday I got an invoice emailed with an 848.00 balance on a cruise that has been paid for months. They will try anything nowadays to get more money out of us wont they? 😉 I called spent the usual 15 minutes on hold when they tried to figure out what they screwed up. Funny they didnt ask me to take the survey this time around.
  3. Bottled water aint going to cut it for the OP. He wants the good stuff!!
  4. Very sad story but obviously not the norm. Unless you had thousands of dollars (cash) in your luggage it was most likely a mistake. The people that grabbed your luggage probably left their bag behind.
  5. The difference between 8000 and 10,000 is huge. When he reaches 10,000 he will get his own personal life boat equipped with a shower and two extra USB ports.
  6. Summit!! That Bermuda trip with the extra days is a great trip
  7. Love these POT STIRRING threads. They never end
  8. Somebody may have dropped their Royal Caribbean key chain they won at the Belly Flop contest the day before.
  9. Cant imagine another cruise guest going out of the way to steal somebody's friggan hearing aids. Has it come to that?
  10. Regardless of how many participate the thought of packing all your stuff, pulling all your stuff out of the ship moving into a bungalow, unloading all your crap again, loading it back up after two days putting it back into another room that is supposedly waiting for you on a completely different ship. Unpacking again... sounds like a nightmare to me.
  11. The way it is going now the island is becoming one big leach field for the septic. I cant even imagine where they are putting all that stuff?
  12. Can you imagine pulling all your luggage off the ship to stay in your over water bungalow. What are they putting 22 guests per cabin?
  13. Pretty soon they will be moving the south Pacific trips: Dear guest we are pleased to inform you that your stops to Bora Bora and Moorea have been changed to Nassau and Coco Cay. Pleased be informed that Oasis and Symphony will be docked at the same time so please bring a bed sheet from your room as towels will be in short demand. Enjoy your new Itinerary.
  14. Please let us know how you make out on this OP
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