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  1. Quick update from our sailing to Bermuda. WE had a BLAST!! We drove from Portland to Boston to sail back to Portland the next day. It was almost 90 out (Beautiful day) and we anchored near Fort Gorgeous because the piers were already booked. We got to see Portland from a whole different perspective and stayed on the ship all day. We got the rest of the week to talk to different passengers to see how they enjoyed Portland. It was great too hear 100% positive feedback. We lost one day in Bermuda but they stayed a bit later on our final day. I always will agree that safety comes first and even though the storm technically missed Bermuda it was the right call. They offered us NOTHING for missing a day in Bermuda and we expected NOTHING because "weather happens" and diversions need to happen. Over all it was a great time with my parents and they had the time of their lives. Sometimes IT JUST WORKS OUT FINE. Dan
  2. I have not read through the whole thread and I apologize if it has been addressed. Any time frame for the 2021 Alaska dates? Thanks in advance. Just back from Bermuda and looking to try something new. Dan
  3. Unfortunately our worse nightmare has been fulfilled. Drive to Boston and sail to our backyard. Oh well the price we pay to sail in hurricane season!! We will make the best of it.
  4. Cruizin, lets keep our fingers crossed that we are heading to Bermuda. Looks sketchy right now
  5. Okay like last year my wife and I booked our cruise out of Boston heading to Bermuda. Last year we sailed between 2 hurricanes that make it through the Atlantic with only high seas to deal with. We sail Sunday 9/22 and as we all know Humberto will glance Bermuda tonight. Now we have Jerry stirring up and heading west with all of the spaghetti strands pointing to Bermuda (obviously could change) for a Tuesday/Wednesday arrival. We are do to arrive in Bermuda Wednesday. There are so many New England cruises running in the area so I am hoping that if they change itineraries (which I suspect will happen) it wont bring us from Boston back to our house in Portland Maine. I am hoping all the ports are full up this way. If that is the case what do you all think could be a feasible option for Serenade to sail to? I fully understand its hurricane season and its out of their hands what the weather brings. We are prepared to sail regardless. Its a seven day sailing 9/22-9/29 Boston-Bermuda-Boston. Booked again so we could bring my 80 year old parents who have never been to Bermuda.
  6. I always thought that excursion was "free" on every ship. You just have to wait until noon on debarkation on any ship and go into the windjammer. You can "swim" with pigs for as long as the crowd holds up. Unfortunately I'm one of the participants a lot of the time.
  7. Big money grab. It’s an embarrassment
  8. Up to 6 people will get full day wristbands. They will be put in your room with you cabana number the night before. If there are 5 of you you are good for the day.
  9. You think they were really testing the propulsion system? They were make just dumping their fresh provisions into the ocean and turning around. πŸ˜‰
  10. They were smart to put that tracking device on it. After that grand cayman sighting it got into the upper jet stream. Spectrum of the seas is scheduled to pick it up in China on Thursday. FedEx will ship it overnight to Nassau for Friday delivery. πŸ˜•
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