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  1. You can't trust the percent off at all. I usually write down the prices when I can first access them on my planner. Then I watch for a good price. Those are crazy prices for Coco Cay! Our March 2022 floating cabana is still $1049. I got a South Beach cabana for $399. I couldn't justify the floating cabana for just 2 of us.
  2. I'm not sure about how many time you can L&S... but I don't see why they wouldn't. This would be our first time to Europe, and I don't want to go and not be sure that we will be able to do what we want to do and really enjoy the trip. It's a very long cruise and a lot of money to not have a great trip.
  3. I was already thinking of trying to shift to a 2022 British Isles cruise, but if they cancel now it won't be possible. Very frustrating for sure.
  4. I certainly wasn't using it all the time, but every time except once that I can remember, and I did use it daily, it worked. Almost gave me a heart attack when it worked the first time, I thought I had somehow accidentally turned airplane mode off.
  5. On a side note... somehow, while I was on Ovation in Alaska in 2019, SnapChat worked even without WIFI and while on airplane mode... might try that to message each other
  6. Yeah, I've got the things I want in my cart... just can't take the plunge and purchase them. Don't feel like waiting months for a refund!
  7. Which cruise? I noticed my July 2021 British Isles cruise had good discounts today, but I didn't purchase them. Not feeling to sure the cruise will happen 😒
  8. It makes me very sad also. This was our big 4 family trip, celebrating my 50th birthday, as well as my daughter's 18th and graduation. Now, I'm not sure that I can convince everyone to go along with another adventure. So it may just be 1 or 2 families. Everything is on the table at this point. Oceanfront houses in North Carolina, or condos on the beaches in Florida paired with some time at Disney and Universal are the top runners at this time. I just can't make up my mind. I guess there's a small part of me still crossing my fingers as well! Got any good suggestions?
  9. Very true. But if they actually will be making such drastic changes to ship itineraries, I tend to believe that they will have to make that announcement sooner rather than later. They will need to fill those ships with as many people as they are able to, and not nearly as much time as usual. For me, it just means that I can pass up those cruise planner deals that I have been hoping for, because I really don't think I will be on that ship next summer.
  10. I can only dream this was true. I don't think you can honestly reach anyone at RCL that knows what is going on. The post was definitely about summer 2021. Whether or not it will all happen the way it was stated in that "press release" remains to be seen. I don't have much confidence in our British Isles 12 night on Jewel happening... I've started looking into alternate plans.
  11. So Royal is just messing with my head at this point! I've been checking my cruise planner prices diligently ever since they were available for our British Isles cruise in July. Now that I've lost faith that the cruise will actually sail, they put the things I was looking at on sale! Ugh!
  12. Cocoa Beach is beautiful! I'll have to look into that area, thanks!
  13. I really wish they would just get on with it and tell us what is going on... I'm already looking at alternate vacation plans for next summer. Who has a favorite place to stay on the beach in Florida lol
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