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  1. I haven't been on this thread much. I think I need to stay on here and get to know more of you guys, and stay off the rest of the threads... all people are doing on them is fighting. So tired of all of that nonsense. Love the apes pictures! Sweet baby with its mama! Here in Michigan, just found out my school district is virtual next week, it will be our 3rd virtual week since spring break. Ugh! But, on another note, I get to work from home with these sweet pups and my teenage daughter, who is hybrid in person/online. I've enjoyed spending so much time with her in the pa
  2. I can't wait for cruising to restart simply for the fact that maybe then Cruise Critic won't have so many of these kinds of threads...
  3. Another mask policy thread... joy! If you don't want to wear a mask, you might as well cancel now. My family has a cruise booked for January and we plan to follow whatever safety protocols are in place. And we will have a great time even if we are wearing masks!
  4. @dswallow I love your comparison charts! I have been keeping info on all of the Royal Ships in a notebook, since I got tired of looking things up lol. I think I will be printing both of your charts to add to my notebook!
  5. The stairs, especially the door right next to theirs, is probably my biggest reason to have chosen deck 8. I wonder if you're right about the past use, it is odd that they are inside the fire door like that.
  6. They will have one bathroom, but they will figure it out, I'm sure. They are young, used to dealing with camps and college dorm bathrooms, they don't seem to mind. We think they might spend some time in their room as it's an Alaskan cruise, and they will enjoy the scenery out their window(s).
  7. Here is a video of one of the 7th deck rooms. One of my concerns is how close to the service stairs the door to the room is. But the bed seems to have more space to be separated.
  8. Here is a video I found showing 8002 In the pic of the bed, it seems that if separated the beds will be against the drawers in the desk area, and the armchair/sitting area.
  9. I have booked my daughter and her 3 friends in a 1K Ultra Spacious Ocean View Room on Serenade of the Seas. Our choices were 8002, 8502, 7004, and 7504. I originally chose one of the 8th deck rooms because it seems a little bigger, and the videos I saw showed that it might have a couch and two chairs by the one window. But as I looked at the videos I could find again, it seems that when they separate the bed into twins, it might make the room a bit crowded. So I'm thinking about switching them to one of the 7th deck rooms. The bed seems to be in a space that is separated from other areas of th
  10. Agree with above... are you looking for the best adults only pool deck? Or family pool deck? What do you look for in a pool deck?
  11. Maybe because they are trying to/hoping to set sail?
  12. Just happened to... 5 minutes ago they were there when I checked out of curiosity
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