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    That looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!
  2. We will be cruising from Vancouver in July 2022. We have stops in Sitka, Juneau and Ketchikan. Would love some insight on whale watching and kayak tours, as well as favorite tours from any of these four cities. We have been to Juneau once and did whale watching and Mendenhall. Thanks!
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    I would love to see more recommendations for Ketchikan. We will be there next summer and I'm just gathering info on our port tour options.
  4. What time can you check in on the app? 12:01 am on the day of check in? One more check in question... can I do check in without our passport numbers and add them later? Since ours are in processing and we might not get them back until days before we leave 🙄 It's a Bahamas cruise so I know we can travel with our birth certificates and ID if we have to, just hoping we won't have to.
  5. It is odd that they haven't share it more. It really is nice to be able to access it in this crazy world of covid.
  6. Great tip, thank you! It's kind of funny to see all the immunizations from my childhood on there!
  7. Thank you everyone! I will look into getting the card replaced. Thankfully we have time.
  8. I probably should have tried to do it before I got my booster last week from Meijer 😬
  9. I'm not a junior, but I am nervous about how my name is written on my vaccine card. I got my first two shots through my hospital system. I have a "preferred nickname" saved in my patient profile. My first name is Christine, but they wrote my preferred nickname, Chriss, on the card. Anyone have experience with a scenario like this?
  10. I bought it for our Freedom cruise in January, because it was only a little more than the best price I saw for internet for 3 devices. I think I'm going to cancel that and book the internet package now. Doesn't look like we would get much with it at all.
  11. When I booked my British Isles cruise for summer 2021, it was available November 12, 2019. There's a thread that watches for openings of itineraries.
  12. Thank you for bringing us along! We will be on Freedom in January...can't wait!!! Can you tell me where the large balcony junior suite is located? We have one of the new ones on deck 11 booked.
  13. Well this stinks... a transpacific paired with Hawaii/Seattle or Vancouver has been my dream for when my husband and I retire. We are both teachers so May and September don't work for a trip now. Especially one that is 25 or so days long. Bummed!!!!
  14. Thanks, I didn't scroll down far enough last time I looked and only saw the 3 night!
  15. Have you seen a Cruise Compass shared from any 4 night sailings?
  16. We are missing out on a much planned for 12 night British Isles cruise this summer. One cruise we booked to help get over the loss was our January cruise on Freedom. We are splurging on the Beach Club beach cabana for $1000 for our family. By comparison to what we would have spent, we think it will be worth it. How much we like it will determine if we are willing to spend more for an over the water cabana in the future.
  17. We have a two bedroom grand suite booked on Oasis for Feb 2023. We found the price to be exactly the same for 4 of us in the two bedroom as the regular grand suite! I am very excited to try it too! We have two couples going... figure we can arm wrestle for the bigger bedroom 😅
  18. Our Freedom cruise isn't until January, who knows what the rules will look like then.
  19. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/are-there-any-experiences-that-are-closed?
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