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  1. Andy

    When do they release the 2021 schedule

    Thanks Cruisestitch ! Interesting there's no mention of EQ (Equinox) - probably in error, or.... they are selling the ship ! (Kidding !)
  2. Andy

    star on cruisecard

    Hi TeeRick, I have not seen Cabin upgrades, though it could be possible via a special promotion, which I receive mailers from time to time. I Blue Chip still offer discounts - but I could be wrong about that, due to recent program changes. If it still exists, you must be at one of the higher levels. Here's a tip : If you have any perks on your booking... once the rate changes via Blue Chip, you might lose a perk - i.e. booking onboard credit, so it's best to ask *before* applying any discount, as to what might be lost. For the higher Blue Chip levels, (IMO) the best perk was being offered a comp Specialty Dining for 2 per Cruise, but that perk was recently eliminated (boo hoo !). I noticed that Mamaday posted the benefits chart in an earlier post. Hope this helps !
  3. Hi Jim, Thanks very much for your updates. Enjoyed them very much. Congratulations on becoming Zenith. We became Zenith around a year ago, and are totally thrilled. You will love it. Welcome home !
  4. Andy

    michael's club-Concierge Eclipse Email

    Agree Phil. I've never had reason to contact the ship in advance. To the OP : I'd highly recommend contacting Captains Club for your Pre-cruise needs. They are very helpful. Hope this helps !
  5. Hi Dave, We have many X cruises booked, and made final on an X sailing about 2 weeks ago. Never heard of this offer, but it's interesting to say the least. I suspect Celebrity will get takers. If it were offered to me, I would definitely say yes. Curious to hear from other members !
  6. Andy

    Really Confused

    Totally agreed. I've heard from many members, and I can understand their frustration... but let's show some love to the Cruise Critic folks ! There has to be a ton of pressure on folks like Laura, the Cruise Critic team, and the Moderators. Another thought... for some, maybe their frustration IS showing some love. After all, nobody enjoys being deprived of doing something they enjoy so much 😃! Amirite ?
  7. As always, Thank you for the update Arno - greatly appreciated !
  8. Andy

    Sushi on Five Embarkation Lunch

    Hi Runon, Wish I could say with certainty that Sushi on Five will be open. it "should" be, but I've seen times where it was not open for embarkation day Lunch. When Celebrity first rolled out Sushi on Five, it was open for Lunch every day, and we totally liked having this option on Port Days. For our last several sailings, Sushi on Five was only open for Lunch on Sea Days. At any rate, it's a very enjoyable experience. Hope this helps. Enjoy your Cruise !
  9. Andy

    WiFi speed?

    Hi Static events, Agree with everything ECCruise mentioned. Celebrity's internet is generally excellent, and MUCH faster than what it was a few years ago. However, it's not as fast as Voom on RCCL - which was simply amazing. Also, keep in mind that Celebrity offers so many promos these days, that Guests may have the opportunity to choose a complimentary internet package. On port days (as many folks are off the ship), it's not an issue. However, on Sea Days, there can be a noticeable difference in speed and reliability. Much of the time it's good enough... but during peak hours - there may be times when you will notice the difference. Hope this helps !
  10. Andy

    Captain of Eclipse NOW

    Sorry, I do not have exact dates. An earlier post reported he may be headed home by then, but I'm not certain. I'd be happy to ask about his schedule when I'm onboard on April 1st. Enjoy your Cruise !
  11. Hi Everyone, This was just posted at Cruise Industry News. Thought it would be of interest to Edge fans : https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/18585-celebrity-shows-off-new-livery-for-edge.html Hope this is helpful !
  12. Andy

    Edge Reveal Comments 2/28/18

    Hi DYKWIA, The more I read about Eden, the more I believe that Guests may either love it or hate it. I'm wondering if there will be any middle ground :). I'm currently booked on the maiden voyage, and I'm looking forward to seeing Eden in person, and discover what it offers for Celebrity Guests.
  13. Andy

    Edge Dining Reveal

    Hi Teltrainer, According to what I posted on this thread, https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2605515 , the 4 Main dining rooms menus are comprised of roughly 75% the same cuisine in each of the 4 venues, and 25% of menu items created for the theme of each dining venue. As for charges for the special items created for each Main dining venue, I do not expect that to be the case. If you look at the sample menus for the 4 main dining rooms, there are no prices alongside the menu items created for each venue. Hope this helps !
  14. Andy

    Captain of Eclipse NOW

    I believe the timeline is about right. Captain Leo joined Eclipse in late January, and said he'd be onboard when we sail again on April 1st. At that point, he's probably due for vacation. Totally agree that he's a wonderful Captain, and always visible around the ship ! Hope this helps.
  15. Andy

    Edge Reveal Comments 2/28/18

    Thanks Ed. My pleasure ! Hope all is well :)