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  1. Just returned a car to Budget and was able to walk to the Bayside Marketplace from there.
  2. I just sailed that itinerary. Formal nights were first Sea day and Grand Cayman. keep in mind the on board time in Cozumel is late 6:30 pm.
  3. 4 of us had FTTF, 8 total in our group. They let all 8 on the FTTF priority tender last week.
  4. Is this correct that FTTF can bring guests? I know platinum and diamond can, but never heard FTTF mentioned before. Does anyone know how FTTF priority tender is currently working on the Horizon?
  5. Thanks. I”ll grab some pants. He wants to go. He said the chicken tenders served in the fancy bowl were the best! Haha
  6. We’ll be dining in the steakhouse on a cruise casual night. Can kids wear dress shorts? My little one just outgrew his dress slacks and we’re flying out soon!
  7. When you prepurchase a WiFi Plan, how do you activate it on board?
  8. Yes. When they show movies or have a “fun to One (am)” party. if you go on the family boards, you should be able to find a kids club activity sheet to give you an idea of the activities offered.
  9. Bring both sandals and sneakers. They’ll need sneakers for the sports court - the kids club offers basketball/soccer, etc.. It’s a set time if they’re interested you drop them off and pick them up on the sports deck - they stay inside the basketball court.
  10. Would love to hear experiences from Port of Miami to Fort Lauderdale Airport. We plan to do self-assist, have Transportation shuttle arranged, and have TSA Pre check. i think we’ll be fine. But enjoy reading everyone’s experiences.
  11. In your cruise manager or the Hub App, you will see a link to specialty dining reservations. We dine in all of them, with our children. My youngest was 10 when we last sailed on the Vista, his favorite meal was in the steakhouse. He loved how his chicken tenders were served so grand in a goblet. He raved they were the best chicken tenders ever. So of course, we’re returning to the steakhouse this cruise so he can have his tenders again! He also enjoys the Italian restaurant, which is a last night tradition for us.
  12. The delays are not due to the passport card itself, but the inexperienced staff who are not accustomed to receiving them. You’ll be fine.
  13. You’ll be fine. We have a 12:50 pm flight. You will more than likely arrive at the airport before 10am.
  14. Yes yes yes! Exactly what she said!
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