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  1. Does anyone know the cost of these and how to reserve?
  2. Sailing on Magic out of Port Everglades in August. We also do self-assist. My problem is they ask you to be off the ship so early! I’d like to have time to grab breakfast first. What are the breakfast options? Additionally, Anyone know what time they have been letting FTTF on the ship?
  3. $100 is listed on their website. How did you get it for $45? where are they located exactly?
  4. We’re considering renting a golf cart too. Where is the rental area? Inside the terminal or outside the gates? I read on Wet Money’s site they say go to the taxi stand - where exactly is this? wetmoneyent.com Is a reservation really necessary? Based on reviews, that’s where all the negative feedback is related to. I’d rather not give a deposit and just try our luck of showing up early. (This is our 6th visit to the island. We’ve done many of the tours offered. Looking to try something new. We rented a golf cart in Key West and our kids really
  5. We had a very difficult time finding traditional chicken tenders. The good chicken tenders found on the buffet on other ships are not available on the Horizon buffet - we inquired. The BEST chicken tenders are found in the steakhouse. My son loved them! They were good quality chicken in a traditional fried batter. My son had nuggets in the MDR, they were nothing special but he was happy to find them. The room service chicken tenders are not child-friendly. They were very spicy with a dry rub. My kids refused to eat them. However, the room service fries wer
  6. Did you happen to notice what time they started to board FTTF?
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