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  1. Just attended ask the captain on the Veendam - Holland is saying no cases of corona virus on any of their ships! That’s some great news!
  2. Final day at sea, we are expected to dock in FLL at 7 am. Crew has been wonderful - no issues on board that we are aware of.
  3. Good morning from Cozumel ! Great day at sea yesterday with wonderful surf and turf dinner. Stryker back at the piano bar playing broadway hits was wonderful. We arrived at port at 8 am and need to be back on board by 9:30 pm. Weather has been fabulous the entire trip!
  4. We are scheduled to arrive in Cozumel at 8 am and depart 11:30 pm - nice long day in port!
  5. On the Veendam - We have been told we are still headed to Cozumel and plan to disembark on 3/18 as planned In FLL
  6. FYI - Veendam is at sea , we were denied entry into grand cayman. En route to Cozumel
  7. Not sure anyone cares at this point due to pausing of cruising. In Jamaica today - European residents not allowed off the ship. Also just heard grand cayman will not allow us in port, so captain is seeing if we can arrive early in Cozumel. Mood on the ship feels melancholy, which is understandable. No health issues on board that I’ve heard of.
  8. Beautiful day in Jamaica this morning! No changes in our itinerary as of yet, still expect to debark in FLL on 3/18. Life is good in the half full Veendam.
  9. Wonderful meal in the pinnacle grill last night. Today is a sea day as we head to Jamaica. No announcements about any changes in our itinerary as of yet. It’s a very quiet ship - no waiting for anything. Crew has been very attentive and upbeat. Saw them actually cleaning/ sanitizing the chips at roulette last night. Great piano player on board - Stryker
  10. Thanks! I have confidence in the crew that they can handle anything that comes up!!
  11. I should clarify - before we sailed one of the engineers said they saw an anomaly that needed to be checked. It required a minor fix.
  12. Haven’t seen any thing called code red but they have stepped up cleaning and no self serve on the lido
  13. Good morning from Half moon key. We are staying on the ship today - it’s a gorgeous day. A bit rocky last night. the ship does seem empty - we’re walking the lower promenade this morning and only saw 5 others. dinner last night in club orange was good, not great. We will be dining at the pinnacle grill this evening. Casino last evening was very empty. They came by during shuffles and sprayed sanitizer on the tables where players keep chips/ drinks. First I’ve ever seen of that. so far a great trip with people being diligent about using sanitizer!
  14. On board - minor propellor issue has been resolved. Lines being dropped now.
  15. Muster drill took 15 minutes - very standard process. Slight delay in sail away - minor propeller problem now fixed and we will be under way shortly. Captain has emphasized In several announcements the increased focus on sanitization and need for diligence by all .
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