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  1. I have noticed that we are no longer receiving different codes. Has anyone received a code other than what has already been posted?
  2. I also ordered mine on the 3rd and it still says “processing”. Happy that I am not alone, not happy that it hasn’t shipped.😡
  3. I still work so taking time to drive to a port is out of the question right now. A drive to Long Beach is 19 hours, driving to San Francisco is approximately 14. San Diego is 20 hours. And those are without breaks. An hour to a cruise port still sounds wonderful to me. 😀
  4. Try living near Seattle. Except for expensive Alaska cruises, getting to a cruise port involves a flight and an overnight stay. It takes us nearly an hour just to get to SeaTac airport. 😃 For me to drive to Miami it would be nearly 50 hours (without rest stops). Isn’t a drive for you to Miami about an hour (maybe more w/rush hour)? I may be wrong. I am not the best at predicting drive times. 🤪
  5. Thank you bmas. I didn’t pay too much attention to the P/D benefit list before as I was so far away from attaining it. Now that I am getting closer I looked and didn’t see early stateroom access listed. Now I understand.
  6. Good for 1,000 1KFIT4FALL2020 Apologies if already posted.
  7. Thank you for responding. So it is an undefined/unstated benefit. I will stop fretting.
  8. I will finally achieve Platinum in January 2022 (after 28 years)! I was reviewing the list of Platinum benefits and “First Access to Stateroom” is not there. It is listed under FTTF, but does not state “This is also a benefit for VIFP Diamond and Platinum guests.” like some of the other benefits. Is it an unwritten benefit? Did I miss when they removed it? If this is not the case I apologize if I unnecessarily cause confusion. Thanks!
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