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  1. Hello Joy4Ron Hope you receive this before your next cruise. I apologize that it has taken me so long to send it. CJ Dream Drinks2.xlsx
  2. I have no idea. Tried to see if there is a message option. We will figure it out.
  3. Sure. I have it in Excel. Not able to do it right now. But when I can, I just need your preferred contact info.
  4. I looked for it on the pdf of the latest ship layout and, unless I completely missed it, it is not marked. Maybe that is why folks don’t know about it.
  5. Hope this helps. I know I don’t have all bars and all drinks. I only listed the drinks from menus where the ingredients were listed. I didnt include well drinks or any other drink I can get at home. I am going to check each off on my next cruise. We have Cheers this time 👍 BTW, I would love additions, corrections, or links to other menus.
  6. ^^This. West coast is 9:00 pm the day before. If yout 90 day is 3/5, on the west coast you can do it at 9:00 pm on 3/4. Hope that was explained correctly. 😀
  7. I cruised with my 83 yo Dad last summer on the Carnival Legend. He insisted on walking onto the ship. I don’t think he realized just how far the walk would be. We were the last of the priority guests (FTTF) to board - haha. I kept looking behind us to see if there was a large group as they would have overtaken us in about 30 seconds. Anyway, he rented a wheelchair in advance and it was waiting in our cabin. We used it in most of the ports. In one port it was a pretty good grade to wheel him to the ship. A fellow cruiser came up and asked if I needed assistance. I was so grateful. Dad is about 230lbs! In Skagway I had to run ahead to the ship and request a wheelchair. The staff was great. They went right to where he was waiting and wheeled him all the way to our cabin (aft wrap). He was tipped very well. Wait, as I remember it now, he wheeled Dad a couple times. Haha I guess what I am saying is that all you need to do is ask and be sure to tip accordingly. Good luck and have a safe cruise.
  8. Markmom, You will be getting off Dream as we get on.
  9. I misquoted the bagBnB cost. It is $6 per bag (non refundable if paid in advance) Good luck.
  10. I found this on the Port of New Orleans page. Let us know what they tell you.
  11. Research bagBnb to see if there is a location near the port. They will hold your bags. It is $2.00 per bag. If reserved in advance, the fee is non refundable.
  12. The wait staff doesn’t do that any longer? That was one of the little things that made cruising special.
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