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  1. Which airport would that be? And also how far to the city of Rome from the airport. Is transportation easy to this area ?? Sorry first time in Europe ☺️
  2. How far from the airport to the ship?? thanks😀
  3. Hi, how many days in advance would you head to Rome from nyc vacation time is limited.
  4. Can we get the remaining back before the end of the cruise?? i will be receiving some from the cruiseline plus travel agent. thanks!!
  5. If we book the promotion gives us the classic drink program is there any photos or menus which tells me exactly what drinks/booze/champagne is included with the classic. also, I’m interested in the premium and premium plus info as well if possible. becuase with the booking promotion can one person in the same stateroom upgrade their drink program and not the other?? thanks a bunch!!!
  6. Sailing from Sju and I left them at home...is there an issue?? Hoping not 🙁
  7. Never been here before however, no excursion for us since my mom has difficulty walking. My mom will have a scooter. However, Is there decent port shopping near by? Also, does Dominica have anything know for such as booze, food or crafts that is a must to purchase?? Thanks!!
  8. We aren’t interested in the whole trip internet package but, I thought while on the equinox in the middle of our week they offered a package for 24 or 48 hours of internet. Does Celebrity still do this?? If so, I’m select with celebrity could I apply my 25% off towards this?? thanks!!
  9. Thanks everyone! I guess he’ll have to do without it he just can’t afford to have the nitrate and nitrites in his food without getting really bad head pressure not even a headache 😔
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