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  1. Is there a website to find out if there is any themed/group cruise for our cruises??
  2. Thanks a bunch for all your info!
  3. Going on the edge soon quick question about ATM machines on the ship... Is it better to get my euros from the ships atm or go to a bank near a port. What would give the best rate. Also, with my debit card my bank reverses any fees I may Encounter.
  4. Oh well, too good to be true!! I guess we will upgrade to the premium package when on the ship!!
  5. Is this correct... One of our perks we received is the classic drink program...can we upgrade to the premium plus?
  6. Thanks so much for your quick reply 😉
  7. Hi we will be on our ship in 46 days...when do we receive our docs?? Are they mailed or do we need to print them out?? Also, what about the luggage tags can I call celebrity and request them to be sent to me??
  8. Following..,I’m on the Edge in September!!
  9. Hi, my daughter is in a wedding party wants to decorate the brides/groom and the bridal party’s staterooms as well. Show me your decorations so I can get ideas . BTW...we will be sailing on Norwegian . Thanks!M
  10. We booked through choice air.. JFK-FCO in September business class r/t $2600 if we would book directly $11, 000 R/T!!
  11. Which cruise are you taking...I didn’t see this when I signed into my account. Im on the Edge 9/20 sailing wondering if this is different promotion then your cruise??
  12. This will be our 3 rd sailing on aqua with celebrity. When we arrive (past cruises) they always have a specialty dining restaurant discount to give us. Does the Edge do this for the first night, just wondering??
  13. Are all the international airlines use the same standards for their sizes? Does the dimensions include the wheels?
  14. Hi has anyone done the tour from Celebrity Edge...Sorrento & Amalfi Coast By Boat Tour?? How was it?? Does the boat have a lot of people on these boats?? wondering if we should book privately??
  15. My mom isn’t that fond of wines do restaurants offer hard liquors such as a scotch??
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