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  1. dis2cruise

    OH NOOO forgot my luggage tags!!

  2. Sailing from Sju and I left them at home...is there an issue?? Hoping not 🙁
  3. dis2cruise

    Shopping In port?

    Never been here before however, no excursion for us since my mom has difficulty walking. My mom will have a scooter. However, Is there decent port shopping near by? Also, does Dominica have anything know for such as booze, food or crafts that is a must to purchase?? Thanks!!
  4. dis2cruise

    Suggestions for 25 & 27 year olds more action activities

    Thanks Drake looking at Gecko tours!!
  5. Thanks I ordered one for my mom😀
  6. dis2cruise

    Internet question??

    We aren’t interested in the whole trip internet package but, I thought while on the equinox in the middle of our week they offered a package for 24 or 48 hours of internet. Does Celebrity still do this?? If so, I’m select with celebrity could I apply my 25% off towards this?? thanks!!
  7. dis2cruise

    Does celebrity serve Nitrate or nitrite free bacon?

    Thanks everyone! I guess he’ll have to do without it he just can’t afford to have the nitrate and nitrites in his food without getting really bad head pressure not even a headache 😔
  8. Which companies service celebrity, thanks a bunch!!
  9. My husband gets bad head pain and pressure from these hoping they do since he’s a huge bacon fan!
  10. Hoping so because my husband has bad side effects from regular bacon.
  11. dis2cruise

    Grand Case day passes?

    Do they sell them? if so, how much and how long of a taxi ride will it be and approximately how much would it cost per person. Thanks!!
  12. Also... aquarium restaurant has anyone ever been there as well and if so how was it??
  13. Thanks for the photo of Patrick!!