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  1. Thanks. I was budgeting $250 so it sounds like it may just be that since mine is only a 10 day cruise.
  2. Do you mind telling me what the cost of the pass is? I'm on a 10 day February Epic cruise and I would like to get one, but my booking window doesn't open up until next week.
  3. Just an update for everyone - I ended up booking direct, nonstop on Delta for $434/person. We arrive the day before our cruise, and depart the day after we get back (a Monday). I was satisfied with that price, especially for February and that Monday being a holiday.
  4. Thanks everyone. I'm no stranger to stalking airfare rates and pouncing when the price is good. I just had no idea what to expect for prices that time of year, as I usually travel in the off-season. NCL is offering reduced airfare for my sailing for $200 per person (that includes flying in the day before). But I could also book a sailaway rate for $850 less than my current cruise price. It looks like it will at least be a wash at the minimum and I may come out saving a couple of hundred $$ at best.
  5. I realize airline prices fluctuate, but can anyone give me some idea of what to expect? I have a cruise booked for Feb 2020. I would arrive on a Wednesday and leave on a Sunday (before President's day). Do you think I could find direct flights for $400 and under per person?
  6. Thank you for the suggestions. We actually decided that we really didn't need to do the RIB tour since we'll be spending 2.5-3 hours in the fjord kayaking, and we booked a 2 hour Twizy car tour instead.
  7. I'd like to do a kayaking tour and take an RIB tour while in Geiranger. Would this be too much time spent in the fjord? I'll be docked from 11am- 8pm. I would do the kayaking at noon (3 hours) and then the RIB at 4pm. Or would it be better to do a bus tour to see the fjord from above, and then the quick one hour RIB ride?
  8. That was my thinking as well. We've decided to stick with 8 night itinerary. We have the perfect cabin for viewing the fjords, and the extra day gives us another opportunity for scenery if the weather is bad in some of the ports. We're not so concerned about the ship for this trip. It's all about the scenery for us.
  9. While the 14 night Princess looks great, I can only travel in September.
  10. Hi Everyone! I'm having a difficult time choosing between two cruises. I'm currently booked in a corner aft cabin with a large balcony (deck 10) on RCI Explorer of the Seas for $4,145 with $100 OBC. I can get a regular balcony cabin on Celebrity Silhouette for $3900, but I would also get $700 OBC, prepaid gratuities, free internet and free beverage package. Explorer of the Seas is 8 nights with stops in Bergen, Flam, Geiranger, Alesund and Stavenger. Silhouette is 7 nights with the same itinerary, except it doesn't stop in Geiranger. Should I stick with with what I have because of the corner aft cabin and the stop in Geiranger, or should I switch to the Silhouette because of all of the bonuses? I've never sailed with either line before, so I have nothing to compare to.
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