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  1. I can no longer get the feed from Pt. Everglades, does anyone have and suggestions. I contracted Noro on the Ryndam, spent the night in ship hospital with Ivs. This was the sickest I have ever been and I am a RN who carted around the hand sanitizer, wash hands, etc. I think the previous passengers in our cabin had it because I found a note on one of the books with the hospital hours and phone #. My husband and I were confined to the cabin for the last 3 days of the cruise, it was awful. We went with family out of Tampa and had to drive back to Orlando after returning, I made it, barely. It took me a week to recover. I now wash down our cabin, remotes, etc. when we board, before handling anything. This is a terrible virus and you do not develop an immunity as there are so many strains. HAL did refund some of our trip cost and our insurance paid all the bills.
  2. I am part of a group booked on Harmony and would like for someone to post cost of specialty restaurants on her. I maintain our group web site and have all of them listed however the descriptions only show dollar signs $$, etc. not actual amount. Thanks,
  3. retdon

    Check your fares - new price reductions

    Yahoo and thanks so much, it pays to read cc. we saved $400 on the cruise. Linda
  4. I have booked a vista suite on deck 6 and notice that the sofa is in one area and the tv is at the foot of the bed. Does the tv swivel so you can watch it from the sofa? Also concerned about where my rollator will fit. The cabin looks so small. We usually go in an SS suite but the price on this cruise is more than we want to pay. Thanks for your comments, been looking at all the videos and photos we can find and this is what has lead us to this conclusion.
  5. retdon


    Called the SS suites, our favorite also.
  6. Just booked her for 10 day Southern Caribbean and have some questions. We are very close to being 4 star Mariners so we have sailed a lot, mostly with HAL and are experienced in the HAL service, cabins, food, etc. Would like to know if the menus are different and get some input from folks who have sailed on the K. Does anyone have the menus from Pinnacle, Canaletto and Tamarind? Is there a built in night light in the bathroom of a Vista Suite? On the refurbished ships they were installed and we loved it. On a 10 day when are the formal nights usually held, especially serving the lobster? We missed it on our last cruise and don't want to this one. When was the Mariners lunch and awards held? We got our bronze medallion last cruise and don't want to miss them this time. Any other comments are appreciated. Linda
  7. We were on the 3/11 cruise and loved every relaxing minute. I agree with the review, love the SS suites. We ate in the Lido every night except for one night in the Pinnacle, which was disappointing. Agree that the Lido is very crowded during the lunch times, we started going at 1pm. We never got off the ship, just enjoyed the veranda, casino, other areas around the ship. We are not night folks so we spent the evenings watching movies. Our son and daughter-in-law, loved the canal tour and glass bottom boat in Aruba. This is the 3rd time we have done this cruise and will probably go again.
  8. retdon


    I posted a review from our 3/11 cruise on the Z along with photos of the SS suite we were in. Ship is in great shape, new carpets, furniture, etc. Never saw anything dirty except our veranda and it was completely cleaned on the second day, only salty, no dirt. Here is the link to my post https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2616014 Will be happy to answer any questions.
  9. Hope these photo come out
  10. How did you do this with the photos, I have some from our Zuiderdam and can not get them to post at all, HELP and thanks, Linda
  11. It was another wonderful HAL cruise.
  12. retdon

    Zuiderdam Question

    SS suites have all new carpets, beding, furniture, huge TV over the sofa, new bathrooms vanities, built in night light in bath ceiling, lights in closets, electric plugs at bedsides. I tried to post photos but they would not upload.
  13. Just off the Z and what a beautiful job on the dry dock. New carpets, chairs, bathrooms, etc. We were in an SS cabin and really like the new look and the huge TV except for it being over the sofa, no comfortable place to watch TV except in bed. We did not eat in the Main Dinning Room for dinner, ate in the Lido Marketplace for lunch an dinner. Mariners lunch was OK, not a fan of spicy food. We did get our Bronze Medallion and met the Captain, very nice person. We did not go to any of the entertainment shows. This was a very needed cruise to relax and chill out. We never got off the ship. Casino was great, hit a large jackpot on the slots and never hit anything else. Blackjack is my game and I did very well. Casino staff were great, fun and friendly. On board shopping has changed, prices are higher and selection is less. Only got a couple of tees for the grand kids and some cologne for myself. Lobster was not served in the Lido on the last Gala night as it had been on past cruises, big disappointment for us. We are not into dressing up for dinner but if you want lobster you will have to go to Main Dinning room or order from them for in cabin delivery. Went to Pinnacle Grill one night, king crab legs were excellent and a huge serving, steaks were over cooked and tough. Service was good, don't think we will go back again as this was the second time on a different ship we had poor quality steaks. Had room service breakfast every morning except one that we ate in the Lido, very crowded and hard to find a table. Weather was great only one night we felt any motion at all. Cloudy when we went through the canal but temperature was pleasant. I have the When and Where and will answer any question I can but remember we were on the ship for the entire 10 days. Overall a very relaxing, quiet cruise and it was just what we wanted.
  14. retdon

    Zuiderdam questions

    Zuiderdam questions, this will be out 3rd P. canal trip but need some answers as things are always changing. If you have been on the Z in the last few months, please let me know. The day in Aruba when the ship does not leave until 11pm, was a BBQ served around the aft pool? When were the formal nights? Thanks, Linda
  15. When you were in Aruba until 11pm was a BBQ served on the aft deck? Also when were the formal nights? Thanks, Linda