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  1. What happens differently on the Halloween on the High Seas sailings? Is it a Halloween party instead of Pirate Night? Are the characters in their Halloween costumes? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you!!
  2. Has anyone rented a cabana on Amber Cove? I know there are 3 types: Hillside, Poolside and Ocean. Are they all handicapped accessible? Thank you!!
  3. This is the hydropool on NA. This is what it is like on O-dam as well. On the older ships like R-dam (as seen in the post above), it is just more like a large hot tub. On NA last week it was $246 for a couple for 7 nights. Strange price.
  4. Take the Neptune Suite!! Just had one again last week and SO worth it.
  5. We have always done traditional fixed dining but more and more we are dining less and less in the MDR. Last week we were only there for dinner on 2 of the 7 nights. I am wondering if we should just do open seating if we remain on this path. We will only do a 2-top. Thoughts??
  6. So they took the time to take out the crystal sculpture and replace it...which I feel looks great...but they left the “stairs of death” in the atrium? Their removal on NA was one of the best things.
  7. I guess we’re both here on NA. Did you look at the very bottom of the Starter page? We looked at the posted menu after we left the Dining Room and it is, in fact, listed in very small print in the disclosures at the bottom.
  8. Once again, we are in the Dining Room. No special dinner. No Culinary Council dinner. Just regular dinner in the Dining Room.
  9. I see that it states that in the attachment that you posted, but that was NOT the menu in The Dining Room on NA this evening. Not sure where this other cruiser is eating.
  10. No, it was a blanket statement as soon as the menus were presented...we weren’t even ordering yet.
  11. We were just seated in the Dining Room on NA and were informed by our server that if you order more than one main course, there is a $10 surcharge. Still unlimited starters, etc. We’ve never heard this before.
  12. The Captain just told us the our departure will be delayed until 7:00 because they haven’t yet completed a scheduled underwater inspection.
  13. We were just told onboard NA that the PG menu will change here on March 21.
  14. So excited to be boarding Nieuw Amsterdam (our favorite ship in the fleet) tomorrow!! Our Neptune Suites and Retreat Cabana await. 😃
  15. It is our CPAP machines. We like to check them because they are a pain in the *** thru security.
  16. We fly Southwest and usually use Luggage Direct. We need to keep one case with us in the stateroom for the last night. Does anyone know if there are any issues checking a case upon arrival at the airport when using Luggage Direct?
  17. I’ve been reading that a new menu will be rolled out in the PG on March 1. We are on NA this week. Will the menu change mid-cruise or will they wait to switch until the next cruise?
  18. We were in an SQ on Koningsdam. While the actual balcony was smaller, the divider panel to the front was open, so basically our balcony was the whole front of the ship. 2E16E263-32D5-4C8E-A65A-ECFE55EB1D06.MOV
  19. We loved it on Koningsdam. We have since tried the pop-up on Nieuw Amsterdam and we’re a bit disappointed. Everything tasted good, but there were some things from the “regular” menu that were our favorites that were not on the pop-up menu. We woukd definitely do it again on Koningsdam, but not sure about the pop-up.
  20. We’ll be going to San Juan and St Thomas next week. This will be our first time there since their major hurricane hit. Are they back to “normal” or will we see noticeable differences?
  21. The $25 for $50 soda card is for fountain soda by the glass. Many of the venues do not have fountain soda, so they pour it from a can, but they are under no obligation to give you the can because it is by the glass. That being said, after the first night, we’ve always gotten a full can in the MDR (waiting for us when we get to our table). Also, sometimes we’ve found the fountain soda is a bit watered-down. My partner drinks Coke Zero, which is rarely in a fountain gun on a ship, so it is always poured from a can.
  22. Juices and iced tea are free in the Lido and MDR.
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