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  1. It is open from 9 to 4 on weekdays except holidays (dec 20th is not a holiday in Puerto Rico).
  2. if you are looking for good prices you need to shop were puerto ricans go to buy their wines: supermarkets, any of them, they carry a huge selection from spain (i found a very good spanish merlot for only $5), argentina (starting at $6), chile, australia, germany and usa-california
  3. basically all the Puerto Rican national brands except Bacardi which is widely sold in the US. Beer: 1. Medalla, it is the bestselling beer in PR, internationally awarded. 2. Magna Liquor 1. Don Q - bestselling rum in PR. 2. Coquito - it is a coconut liquor that is part of the christmas menu in all puerto rican homes, it is sold year round by different companies 3. Sangria Fido Malt beverage 1. Malta India - it contains no alcohol, a puerto rican favorite, also try Coco Rico a coconut soda.
  4. the Cathedral of San Juan is located in the historic district of San Juan, it is worth the visit since it is a beautiful majestic cathedral .The cathedral contains the marble tomb of Juan Ponce de León, the famous spanish explorer, and also contains the tomb of Ramón Power y Giralt, a puerto rican patriot. Mass is conducted in spanish.
  5. the only one i can think of is Panadería y Repostería España located in Isla Verde, it is a puerto rican style bakery and deli which sells also many imported products from Spain too like iberico ham, it is not a donut place, they have many traditional baked candies like mazapán, coquitos, polvorones, quesitos, tembleque, flan, tornillos con crema, arroz con dulce, alfajores, bizcochos...they are all delicious!
  6. Café con Leche which means coffee with milk, puerto ricans do not use cream in their coffee, it is always served with milk and azucar morena is used also (caribbean brown sugar) Puerto Rican coffee is excellent but it is only sold in Puerto Rico, if you buy coffee in any coffee shop in PR it is 100% puerto rican, not colombian or brazilian, puerto rican coffee beans are not exported to foreign markets.
  7. Spanish is the predominant and main language of Puerto Rico, 99.9% speak spanish since the 1500's, Puerto Rico is latin and not anglo. English is only heard in tourist areas..because 75% of tourists that come and visit Puerto Rico come from english speaking countries like US or Canada, that is why the scammer is in the tourist area abusing tourists and not in other districts of san juan...he can't speak spanish!
  8. the trolley only works around the historic district of san juan (osj). the panamericano pier is outside the district, it is next to the convention center in miramar. the trolley does not run there, there is only one city bus #53 which can take you to Viejo San Juan (osj), 75 cents ride.
  9. If the rum is produced and made in Puerto Rico (like Don Q, Palo Viejo, Bacardí...) it is going to be cheaper to buy here in stores everywhere (usually supermarkets have them on sale), some of these rums are not exported to the US. Don Q is the bestselling rum in PR.
  10. rio mar and gran melia are close to the rainforest and the beach of Luquillo. the one closer to the bio bay is el conquistador resort.
  11. The trolley goes around the main avenue of Isla Verde and also goes to the Balneario which is the main beach were there are no hotels behind Mon-Fri until 6pm
  12. The trolley goes around the main avenue of Isla Verde and also goes to the Balneario which is the main beach were there are no hotels behind Mion-Fri until 6pm
  13. the taxis have fixed rates, know the rates and do not accept anything different, the taxi driver license is in the dashboard and the taxis have a logo in the tourist zones that says 'Taxi Turístico' official logo here is a photo of a taxi with the official logo approved by the tourism dept.
  14. most do, it is rare to have dinner at 5:30 or 6pm here, people tend to go to restaurants past 7:30pm, usually later during summer since sunset is at 7pm and most close doors at 11 or 12 in San Juan.
  15. yes, all the beaches in Puerto Rico are public. the access depends which street (calle) or area you are looking at, some have very easy access for example Calle Tartak in Isla Verde is a very wide street that you can't miss, or the park area Ventana al Mar in Condado which has easy access, other streets are harder to find if you are not familiar with the zone.
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