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  1. 5 hours ago, POA1 said:

    Ambulatory doesn't have chair access. It's got a low threshold shower and extra grab rails.


    The room does not have to be bigger to be accessible.

    I am an amputee , but 100% mobil during the day , I need the Handicap room for the walk in shower and extra grab bars in the bathroom . I always try for the " ambulatory accessible" but bookiing even 18 months to 2 years out they are hard to come by 😞 I have been known to bring my own suction cup grab bars 😂

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  2. I did a mock booking on our cruise out of Boston 10/2024 and it worked , ALMOST cancled and rebooked 😂 extra $ 400 OBC in the promo & $100 promo code....A price drop & orange club .....but then the booking # would change and I would Loose the early booking pre paid crew appreciation &  cabana booked at pre hike fare....... not really worth the hassle yet

  3. Guess I am just an irresponsible kid ( 67 ) this had never crossed my mind , and I am a HUGE fan of lists and letters 😄 next cruise is 10/24 , so I have some time to get things together , open to ideas and suggestions , what should i include ? just the basics , there is a will in place to cover a the earthly junk , oops earthly goods  haha , 

    insurance #'s , HAL #'s, local embassy # , basic immediate funeral plans. what am i missing ???

  4. 13 hours ago, Seasick Sailor said:

    .  Check, check, check all available options!

    we book a cruise 2 years out " no Handicap cabins avaliable " 😞 I can function in a non-accesable world so it's OK 🤷‍♀️ huge change in Itinerary about a month ago and there were a LOT of cancellations on our roll call , I called HAL to check , I had to drop down from a SS to a VA but I got a handicap cabin . so CHECK CHECK CHECK ! and Booking EARLY doesn't hurt , also larger ships have more H/C rooms . 

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  5. 16 minutes ago, POA1 said:

    None. It's a separate dining room on the 3 Pinnacle Class ships.

    I understand there is no dedicated dining room on the Zuiderdam, I thought there was a " club orange " area , in the MDR. we will have to look over the seeting charts and come up with a top 3 , thank you

  6. 12 hours ago, POA1 said:

    Our cabana receipt from April 2023 - for our December trip, had no CC. The receipt from September 2023 for the April 2024 sailing had a CC. The latter had a different format.

    just checked ours for Oct.'24 , I have e-mail receipt and conformation from Mac " contractor " ( who i had talked to on phone )  and a SECOND e-mail receipt and conformation from someone in "Coordinator, Ship and Shore Experiences"  I'll still  call mid-summer and double check 😄



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  7. our 10/24 cruise is showing one " Royal Navy dockyards by Segway " in Burmuda 

    Discover the Royal Naval Dockyard on a super-fun Segway. This revolutionary intuitive scooter is environmentally friendly, self-balancing, and reads your body language. It's a uniquely different way of exploring Bermuda's historic sites. 

    Meet your guide for a safety briefing and a thorough training session to get the hang of this amusing upright electric scooter. Then, set off through the historic Royal Naval Dockyard and past its many historic sites. 

    Glide effortlessly, with stops for narration, enjoying the beautiful ocean vistas and landmarks.







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