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  1. HAHA you are seriously broken πŸ€ͺ
  2. The thought had never crossed my mind ... until now 😳
  3. plan on booking as soon of the cruse opens up , even at 18 months out H/C rooms are hard to come by
  4. "CruiseDeckPlans" has a picture of the cabin across the hll , 5176
  5. I am an amputee , but 100% mobil during the day , I need the Handicap room for the walk in shower and extra grab bars in the bathroom . I always try for the " ambulatory accessible" but bookiing even 18 months to 2 years out they are hard to come by 😞 I have been known to bring my own suction cup grab bars πŸ˜‚
  6. Ohhhhh I knew better then to look 🀣 2 ports of call, RCI & Oceania and one embarkation in addition to our Zuderdam 10/24 Hahahaha.... good thing we're taking a "car" we'll plan for a later arrival
  7. I did a mock booking on our cruise out of Boston 10/2024 and it worked , ALMOST cancled and rebooked πŸ˜‚ extra $ 400 OBC in the promo & $100 promo code....A price drop & orange club .....but then the booking # would change and I would Loose the early booking pre paid crew appreciation & cabana booked at pre hike fare....... not really worth the hassle yet
  8. our Pre-covid AARP gift cards refunded back to giftcards, I wasn't happy having that much $$ in limbo during COVID ( finaly back on HAL 10/24 nice to have it paied for ) so have stayed away from them since , i see some people claiming refund to CC on file with HAL now ????
  9. Guess I am just an irresponsible kid ( 67 ) this had never crossed my mind , and I am a HUGE fan of lists and letters πŸ˜„ next cruise is 10/24 , so I have some time to get things together , open to ideas and suggestions , what should i include ? just the basics , there is a will in place to cover a the earthly junk , oops earthly goods haha , insurance #'s , HAL #'s, local embassy # , basic immediate funeral plans. what am i missing ???
  10. we book a cruise 2 years out " no Handicap cabins avaliable " 😞 I can function in a non-accesable world so it's OK πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ huge change in Itinerary about a month ago and there were a LOT of cancellations on our roll call , I called HAL to check , I had to drop down from a SS to a VA but I got a handicap cabin . so CHECK CHECK CHECK ! and Booking EARLY doesn't hurt , also larger ships have more H/C rooms .
  11. I understand there is no dedicated dining room on the Zuiderdam, I thought there was a " club orange " area , in the MDR. we will have to look over the seeting charts and come up with a top 3 , thank you
  12. Perfect !!! Thank you , Now , whitch section is club orange on the Zuiderdam ?
  13. we were already in a VA , Handicap room , and they are HARD to come by, club orange added $200 OBC to our account due to no cabin change
  14. just checked ours for Oct.'24 , I have e-mail receipt and conformation from Mac " contractor " ( who i had talked to on phone ) and a SECOND e-mail receipt and conformation from someone in "Coordinator, Ship and Shore Experiences" I'll still call mid-summer and double check πŸ˜„
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