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  1. April 2021 cruise was paid in full and CANCELED but got the same e-mail
  2. Don't forget to swing by Port-a-back yarda for some fresh air ❤️
  3. NOPE ! we were just up graded to a red zone 😢 , but it's OK saw the Grands for thanks giving ( both house holds had been isolated for 2 weeks prier) but I'm back to work as an essential worker and I am not taking the chance of getting any of by loved ones sick
  4. I think she has a rock wall and thats it , But we weren't looking for big and flashy ,Grand Daughter will spend sea days going to " talks" and researching " Flora and Fauna "for the next port & Grandson has excursions requested to help finish up his Eagle Scout , so he and Papa will be busy as well , Me? All I want is a quite chair in the sun to read 😄
  5. we're on the rhapsody of the sea , they have 4 /2-bedroom suites , smaller ship 🙂 and Western Caribbean , we offered theGrands one of the monster ships with bumper cars and laser tag and they chose the destinations they wanted rather then the bells and whistles ❤️
  6. We are taking the oldest grands ( 16 granddaughter & 17.grandson ) in 2/22 , got a great deal on a grand suite 2 bedroom ( 2nd person 60% 0ff , kids sale free , just port taxes ) , chose the cruise ( ship ) because of the 2 bedrooms, one for us , one for her and the couch in the living room area for him .
  7. Seattle, Wash., Nov. 10, 2020 — Holland America Line has reviewed the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Framework for Conditional Sailing and is seeking additional clarification to fully understand the requirements. While we await further information, we have (temporarily) stopped selling all cruises eight days and longer which call upon a U.S. port and depart January 1 through November 1, 2021. For those who are currently booked on one of these cruises, we ask for your patience to receive further information from Holland America Line on whether your cruise is impacted.
  8. The canal is a deal breaker for us 🥺 maybe I save my FCC for Cuba 😄
  9. I don't know why my mind didn't take the staged startup into concideration ( we'll blame it on too much coffee , or maybe not enough coffee ?? 😂) I just went to HAL to do fake booking and the Eurodam & the Nieuw Amsterdam are the only ships listed for 7 day cruises in the Caribbean . Zuiderdam still listed for 10/11 days to Panama , and it let me book all the way through on her , but there seemed to a LOT of open cabins.
  10. any thoughts on how HAL will trim 10/11 day cruises down to 7 ??? skipping HMC ? loosing sea days ? shortening port stays ???
  11. Recently ,when Hubby was talking about our April , 2021 cruise at the dinner table the Grands said " Cool , I like to take a cruise !!" Sooooooo guess what , we're bringing them with us , on the Rhapsody 2/19/2022 they'll be 16 and 17 by then . We offered to take them on one of the Monster Big boats with all the bells , whistles and water slides, they were more interested in ports and " native flora and fauna " ( what 15 year old used those words 🤣, but the next thing she said was SLOTHS ?? OMG I forgot about them ) so we choose this cruise for the ports & things Papa wants the kids to see
  12. as GrandParents bringing our oldest with us ( 15 & 17 ) we requested a table for 10 , the whole point of bring them is to expand they're view of the world , what better way then meeting new people and exchanging their daily experiences
  13. are you kidding , I even volunteered to be in the local trial study group 😄 , both parents survived the Polio pandemic , I swallowed the vaccine sugar cubes at school , every fall I get my Flu & pneumonia shots , I'll get my covid too.
  14. thank you SO much for your insight , so many moments I'm not sure where to start 🤔 un like you My prosthetic leg sets off the metal detecter EVERY TIME , I found it very discouraging and disheartening on our last cruise. to work so hard to be mobile, the perfect gate , if I were wearing jeans you would never know I was A RBKA , But that damn detecter beeped and screamed at me every time leading to a strip & pat down . We're doing the canal in April, 2021 . I'll toughen my skin a little and handle it with more grace this time 🤣 ( also a MUCH smaller ship , 6000 vs 1900 )
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