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  1. I never tried any of the pizza onboard. I get lots of pizza in my normal life, so I rarely eat it on a cruise ship. Cruise ship pizza tends to be in the traditional Italian style, which is not really the way I like it. I'm a California boy, who has grown up eating the pizza in California... and it's not the way they make it in Italy. Cruise ship pizza doesn't do it for me. I like a thicker crust and a lot more toppings than what they serve on cruise ships. I bet I would have a great time trying out pizza places in New York or Chicago... and I look forward to discovering the best pizza
  2. We'll be on Carnival Panorama in January, in a Havana Suite. Same ports of call as the cruise on the Joy, but Carnival spent millions on upgrading their terminal in Long Beach... so the boarding process should be a lot smoother! I'm looking forward to Guy's Burger Joint and the Pig & Anchor for a week... and never having to make a reservation for a show. Oh, and the huge shower in the Havana Suite! There should be some videos on my YouTube channel by the end of January, and if you're in the "Jim Zim On YouTube" Facebook group, there will be occasional real-time updates during the cru
  3. I don't think there is. I think your best strategy will be to talk to the first NCL employee you see and ask if they could bring out a wheelchair for him while he waits in line. Actually, the best strategy might be to arrive there about 10:45 AM, before there's much of a line.
  4. There's a longer answer to that question than you might imagine there would be! There was conflicting information from NCL about time boarding was supposed to begin. My cruise docs said 11 AM, but then I got a text message from NCL that told me not to arrive until 1 PM. I assumed that this had something to do with the Norovirus outbreak on the previous cruise. I figured they were going to do some huge disinfecting of the ship and that they had decided to delay boarding until 1 PM so that they could get it done... thus the text message. And because they very clearly told me not
  5. I'm glad that you arrived early and had no trouble getting onboard quickly. For everyone else, be aware that the lines get outrageously long later in the day. For example, if you arrive at the Port Of Los Angeles at 1 PM, you might be looking at a two hour line to get through security. For Haven guests who arrive later, when the lines for security are outrageously long, be aware that as a Haven guest you actually DO NOT have to wait in that huge security line. They actually have an entirely different metal detector and x-ray machine that they use for Haven guests once the lines
  6. We recently returned from a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise in The Haven on Norwegian Joy. This cruise was a pretty big milestone for us! It was our 50th cruise since we started cruising back in 1996. It was our ninth cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line and our sixth time in The Haven. While Norwegian has been steadily raising the prices for The Haven over the last few years, this one was priced a little more reasonably. It turns out that demand for cruises on Norwegian Joy had been a bit soft recently, so they had to keep pricing a little lower than on their other
  7. There's a LOT that I love about Norwegian Cruise Line, and my recent cruise on Norwegian Joy certainly reinforced that fact. I'll be working on editing several new videos about my cruise, but here's the first of them. The video touches on some of the many great things about a cruise on NCL, and then focuses on one particular aspect I like better about Norwegian compared to Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, etc.: NCL has the best waterslides! It's just a two-minute video, so it doesn't require much of a time commitment to endure it!!!
  8. I'm onboard the Joy this week. The brief unscheduled stop in Cabo was to evacuate a passenger that had a medical emergency earlier in the cruise. They tried to evacuate the passenger by helicopter the day before, but were unsuccessful. The ship made it to Puerto Vallarta on schedule the next morning, and also made it to Cabo as scheduled later in the week. It's been a great cruise on a great ship!
  9. I'm glad you liked Ovation Of The Seas. Royal Caribbean really did a nice job with the Quantum Class of ships. That's my favorite class of Royal Caribbean ships. The Oasis class gets all the attention, but the Quantum Class actually are better in several aspects that are important to me. I actually really started out doing cruise reviews on Cruise Critic, years ago, long before I got any followers on YouTube. I've slacked off on my Cruise Critic reviews in the last year or two simply because between my "real job" and YouTube I just didn't have the time after I got home from a cruise to
  10. I'm in Cabo San Lucas today (aboard Norwegian Joy) and as I was sitting on my balcony enjoying the morning sun, Carnival Panorama pulled up right next to us! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think she's even carrying paying passengers yet. If I'm not mistaken, she just came out of the shipyard in Italy, did a transatlantic crossing, sailed around the tip of South America to get in to the Pacific, and sailed up the west coast of the Americas on her way to her new home port in Long Beach, California. By the way, can anyone explain why she didn't sail th
  11. This is the story of our 7-day Caribbean cruise on the MSC Seaside... I often find that one picture will stand out from all others of a particular cruise. This photo is what I'll always remember about the MSC Seaside: Our suite's most important feature: the Jacuzzi on the balcony. Before I dive in to the story of our cruise, I think I should probably introduce myself... so that you know who's telling the story, and what my perspective is. My name is Jim Zimmerlin, but everyone calls me Jim Zim. I live with my wife, Kellyn (it rhymes with Helen), in a small beach town in
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