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  1. I agree! Felt safer in Havana at midnight than anywhere in the Caribbean at noon!
  2. If you have time on your hands, the ship docks right in Old Havana. We spent 4 days there 4 years ago. It is wonderful - beautiful architecture and squares. Lots of live music. Just fab. Very safe for tourists walking around. We are Canadian so cannot address specific US Government restrictions, if any.
  3. Stewards will get for you, or you will get a beeper. I am sure the beeper would work in all lido cabanas...
  4. That said, $10,000 is likely worth 10X as much in Canada vs in the US. Our local hospital billed a US insurance company $5000. The Insurance assumed a misplaced decimal point and sent 50K instead. The hospital refunded the difference. This is true, but sad.
  5. Thanks! Did not know about the solo cabins, but an inside across the hall from friends with a balcony will work best for me. Sorry about cruise credits and wine!
  6. Considering going solo with friends in another cabin. Not loving the single supplement however. Looking for slight good news. Can I take 2 bottles of wine aboard? Will I get credit for two cruises? Any insight?
  7. You will feel brave once you see the wide array of ways others dress for the pool!
  8. We were confirmed for late traditional and that never changed. After the first half of our cruise we were bumped. They can do whatever they like.
  9. We are booked on the same ship in April. The upcharge was just under $300 per person for Explore4. That includes the beverage package and a dinner in the Crown Grill. It was worth it to us.
  10. The best insurance would be a cruise longer than 7 days. I have heard groups usually go with 7 days. We loved HAL until the moment we did not. We are trying again, but have booked an 11 day cruise, so fingers are crossed.
  11. You may have seen a thread I started. The Gospel group was 1000 people and we were ejected from fixed late dining mid cruise. (we were doing a b2b and they came on for the second half). We were told we could have anytime (!) before 6.00 or go to the buffet. Hundreds of people got the same treatment and HAL turned a deaf ear. I would never book if I knew that particular group would be onboard because of the size and the fact that they are accomodated to dine together at the expense of the other passengers.
  12. So true. Check often. Our cruise is in April. We always book in summer for late winter and have always had many reductions and changes!
  13. We just booked a cruise as Explore 4 came on. Spoke to HAL and they priced it both ways. With Explore4 its $375 CDN more PP for our 11 day cruise. We usually buy a wine package and a coffee card - just under $200 US, so probably worth it for us....
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