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  1. Thank you for the theme descriptions. I'm not sure that I will have exactly the right thing for every night, but I will be in formal attire, and I'm really looking forward to watching all of the beautiful outfits! Shelley
  2. Thank you so much for this fabulous information. This is exactly what I was hoping to find. One more question . . . I understand what to expect for a Roaring 20s theme (and I have the perfect black sequin "shimmy dress,") but I don't know what to expect for a Royal Cunard Ball. Is there something in particular that I should include in my suitcase, or is it simply the formal standard of attire? Will a description appear on my Voyage Personaliser beyond just the name of the theme? Our cruise isn't until next June, but with the need for some very dressy clothes, I want to be sure that I bring just the right things. Thanks again for all of your help! Shelley
  3. One more question . . . I've read that the QM2 has theme formal nights. Is there a way that I can determine what the themes will be? Thanks again . . . Shelley
  4. This is our first Cunard cruise, but my husband and I are very experienced cruisers, primarily on Crystal. We are taking a transatlantic crossing in Queens Grille, New York to Southampton. On Crystal's website is the PCPC, where passengers can find the exact calendar schedule for Black Tie Optional (aka formal) nights and Crystal Casual (aka informal nights). Is there a way that I can determine the calendar schedule for Gala formal nights and informal nights on Cunard's website for my cruise? I would like to know how many nights will be formal and which nights on the cruise those formal nights will be. Thank you to all of the experienced Cunard passengers! Shelley
  5. Thank you for your honesty about the Blue Lagoon. I doubt we will spend the time driving there. I agree that there are so many incredible sights in Iceland. This is our second trip to Iceland, and I felt we should see the Blue Lagoon since we didn't go there on our first trip. Sounds like it's an easy miss if we're not going in the water. Thanks, Shelley
  6. Thanks for your replies. Looks like we will target for noon.
  7. My husband and I will be in Reykjavik next summer, and we would like to see the Blue Lagoon. We are not going to get into the lagoon, but simply want to take a look. Are we still required to book tickets for entry if we are not going to "swim," and only want to see it and take a few photos? Thanks, Shelley
  8. My husband and I are taking our first voyage on the QM2. It will be a transatlantic cruise New York to Southampton. We have Queens Grill accommodations. What is the earliest hour that we are allowed to board the ship on embarkation day? Thanks! Shelley
  9. MalibuCA

    Canyon Ranch Spa Club - How Do I Book Appointments?

    Thanks, Tommy. I'll look into that. Shelley
  10. We are very experienced cruisers, but this is our first cruise on the QM2 for a Transatlantic crossing. Is it possible to book appointments in the Salon with the Canyon Ranch Spa Club online or by telephone in advance of our cruise? How far in advance can I book appointments? Any tips you can provide are much appreciated! Thanks, Shelley
  11. Just do it! We did it in the Royal boxes and had absolutely no regrets! It was so memorable! Just do it! We chose seats in the back as protection against the rain, and we saw everything perfectly! Just do it! You will love it!!!
  12. We will be spending time post-cruise in London, and we are interested in visiting the Cotswolds. How many days should we allow for the Cotswolds? Any specific recommendations on places to see? Recommendations for Deluxe accommodations? Thanks for the help! Shelley Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. MalibuCA

    Smoking policyoutside

    I agree with the OP. As a non-smoker and an avid walker, it always struck me as ludicrous that Crystal would designate smoking on the Promenade aft deck when that area has always been designated for walkers and exercise. I hold my breath every time I walk past the smokers. I have nothing against smokers. I just don’t want to breathe the smoke. I am very allergic to the smoke, and I don’t see why I should have to breathe it just so I can walk on deck. The smoking club next to the Avenue Saloon is designated for this purpose. Don’t get me started on the smoke that emanates into the Saloon and adjacent hallway. However, to ask health minded passengers to breathe unwanted smoke during walks on Promenade is unreasonable.
  14. Thank you, Andy! That is great news! We will get to Seville after all! Of course, I'm at a loss to understand why I was told - some time ago - that there would be only the three excursions available that were already listed and no excursions to Seville. It's a puzzle. I'm really thrilled that that is not the case! I'm sure that others will be equally pleased. Andy, I can't thank you enough for helping me to obtain correct information. I really appreciate and applaud your efforts! Thanks, Shelley
  15. MalibuCA

    Is this forum abusing poor Andy G?

    Thank you, Melaka. It was never my intention to "abuse" Andy. When someone suggested that I abused Andy, I felt horrible. The last thing I would ever want to do is "abuse" someone on CruiseCritic or anywhere else for that matter. That's not who I am. I just couldn't figure out why Crystal would advertise Seville as a primo port and then not offer a single excursion to Seville. So I thought that maybe Crystal knows of some problem in going to Seville on that day. I couldn't find one. I'm very grateful to Andy for his efforts to find out why Crystal would eliminate Seville from its excursions after stating very clearly on their website that Seville is the prime destination from Huelva. I look forward to any information that he can enlighten us with to explain the lack of an excursion to Seville.