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  1. Thanks again, BigMike911. Our plan for dining is similar to yours. Since we are in QG, I'm figuring that we should be able to get the best meals and the best special choices there. We plan to eat all of our dinners there. We eat a light breakfast and an even lighter lunch so that we can really enjoy ourselves at dinner. I think that QG will definitely satisfy our needs. As for the Planetarium on Embarkation Day, I never expected that there would be a show on that day. The crew is so busy with delivering luggage, cleaning rooms from previous passengers, greeting new passengers - the job is overwhelming, and I didn't expect a show then. I was just asking whether or not I should be requesting tickets then for a subsequent day. You have proven most informative, and I really appreciate that. It's good to hear about the specials in the Spa on Embarkation Day. I'm encouraged reading about so many specials during the cruise, too. I guess it really does pay to be patient and book onboard. Thanks again for your help. Shelley
  2. Thank you, BigMike911 for this treasure trove of information! The more we know, the easier it will be. Shelley
  3. I went to the section on the website for Booked Guests (or something like that). Then, I looked at the Itinerary, and the dress attire for each night is listed on the itinerary. I'm with you - waiting for experienced Cunard passengers to enlighten us newbies! Thanks for your help. Shelley
  4. Thank you, Ann, for the Concierge tip. I will look to the Concierge Lounge for tickets. Is this something that we should do on Embarkation Day, or a different day? Is there a place on the Cunard website where I can see what's going on during my cruise? We don't sail until May 5, so maybe I'm just too early, but all I've been able to find is the itinerary and the schedule for gala and smart attire evenings. If anyone has a schedule from a past cruise, I'd really appreciate if you could share it here so that I can get an idea of what typical days are like on a crossing from NY to Southampton. Thank you! Shelley
  5. My husband and I are newbies to Cunard, although we are very savvy and experienced cruisers. We are really looking forward to the QM2. We will be in QG for our crossing from NY to Southampton. Can you explain the procedure for getting Planetarium tickets? Is this something automatically reserved for QG guests, or is it necessary to secure tickets when we embark the ship? How, where and when do we do this? Is this something that our butler can arrange for us? In explaining the procedure, please also describe the schedule when the Planetarium shows are offered. Are there any other events during the crossing that we will want to secure tickets to attend? If yes, please share the "how, when and where" for each. Thanks, Shelley
  6. Thank you for the theme descriptions. I'm not sure that I will have exactly the right thing for every night, but I will be in formal attire, and I'm really looking forward to watching all of the beautiful outfits! Shelley
  7. Thank you so much for this fabulous information. This is exactly what I was hoping to find. One more question . . . I understand what to expect for a Roaring 20s theme (and I have the perfect black sequin "shimmy dress,") but I don't know what to expect for a Royal Cunard Ball. Is there something in particular that I should include in my suitcase, or is it simply the formal standard of attire? Will a description appear on my Voyage Personaliser beyond just the name of the theme? Our cruise isn't until next June, but with the need for some very dressy clothes, I want to be sure that I bring just the right things. Thanks again for all of your help! Shelley
  8. One more question . . . I've read that the QM2 has theme formal nights. Is there a way that I can determine what the themes will be? Thanks again . . . Shelley
  9. This is our first Cunard cruise, but my husband and I are very experienced cruisers, primarily on Crystal. We are taking a transatlantic crossing in Queens Grille, New York to Southampton. On Crystal's website is the PCPC, where passengers can find the exact calendar schedule for Black Tie Optional (aka formal) nights and Crystal Casual (aka informal nights). Is there a way that I can determine the calendar schedule for Gala formal nights and informal nights on Cunard's website for my cruise? I would like to know how many nights will be formal and which nights on the cruise those formal nights will be. Thank you to all of the experienced Cunard passengers! Shelley
  10. Thank you for your honesty about the Blue Lagoon. I doubt we will spend the time driving there. I agree that there are so many incredible sights in Iceland. This is our second trip to Iceland, and I felt we should see the Blue Lagoon since we didn't go there on our first trip. Sounds like it's an easy miss if we're not going in the water. Thanks, Shelley
  11. Thanks for your replies. Looks like we will target for noon.
  12. My husband and I will be in Reykjavik next summer, and we would like to see the Blue Lagoon. We are not going to get into the lagoon, but simply want to take a look. Are we still required to book tickets for entry if we are not going to "swim," and only want to see it and take a few photos? Thanks, Shelley
  13. My husband and I are taking our first voyage on the QM2. It will be a transatlantic cruise New York to Southampton. We have Queens Grill accommodations. What is the earliest hour that we are allowed to board the ship on embarkation day? Thanks! Shelley
  14. MalibuCA

    Canyon Ranch Spa Club - How Do I Book Appointments?

    Thanks, Tommy. I'll look into that. Shelley
  15. We are very experienced cruisers, but this is our first cruise on the QM2 for a Transatlantic crossing. Is it possible to book appointments in the Salon with the Canyon Ranch Spa Club online or by telephone in advance of our cruise? How far in advance can I book appointments? Any tips you can provide are much appreciated! Thanks, Shelley