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  1. Sounds like you're treating yourself well in retirement, Bigmike911! That's so important. We, too, are retired, and our policy has been to do all we can before we can't. So far, it's working for us. We have cruised many times, also, and if you have any questions about Crystal, I can probably give you plenty of answers. We are really looking forward to our first Cunard cruise. We chose the crossing because it easily transports us to Great Britain without the long, long, long red-eye flights from Los Angeles to London. I'm definitely over those! New York and London are two of our very favorite cities, so it makes sense to spend a week in NY, cruise the QM2 for a week, and then, complete our "favorites" with nine days in London. I'm really looking forward to cross the sea on the QM2!!! It can't come soon enough!
  2. Thank you, Bigmike911. You have provided me with really valuable information. I feel that I know what we can expect in both the spa and embarkation. You sure have this cruise line figured out! Thank you! Shelley
  3. Thanks again, Bigmike 911, for your helpful information. We are in Queens Grill, so I will head to the spa asap when we board. I must say that you impress me with your daring to get a haircut on the ship. I've had hair color (that I bring from my hairdresser at home!) applied in the spa on the Crystal ships, and they've done a fine job, but I don't think I'd have the courage for a haircut. I usually ask for my bangs to be trimmed, but the last time . . . let's just say it took about two months for them to grow back properly! I think, however, that a mani/pedi is very safe. I couldn't agree with you more on the "push" to purchase products. Totally turns me off. I'm packing everything I need in the way of products! I have another question for you regarding boarding time. We have been given an embarkation time of 12:30 pm, which is the earliest they are allowing anyone onto the ship (according to our paperwork). In your experience, does Cunard begin embarkation close to the designated paperwork time? Should we arrive earlier? Any chance of embarking earlier? Thanks so much for your help. It's very much appreciated! Shelley
  4. Thank you, Bigmike911. Not a great endorsement for Canyon Ranch, but my phone calls with them left me without a warm cozy feeling as well. I guess I've been grandly initiated to what you describe. If the passengers visit the Spa on embarkation, does that create a long line of people waiting to make appointments, or does it move quickly? The only appointments that I am trying to secure during the crossing are a manicure and pedicure. Any particular techs that you could recommend? Thanks again for your advice. Shelley
  5. My husband and I are taking a transatlantic on the QM2 in May. This is our first Cunard sailing. We are extremely experienced cruisers most of which have been with Crystal. I have made my advance spa reservations for our cruise, but I was quite surprised when Canyon Ranch informed me that the reservation/"request" is not confirmed until I embark the ship because "there may not be a technician available at the time you are requesting," and Canyon Ranch "does not want to be liable for that situation." Whenever I have booked an advanced online spa appointment on other cruise ships, the reservation is immediately confirmed and secured for me when I arrive on the ship. For those of you very savvy and experienced Cunard passengers, what is your experience with spa reservations vs. confirmations on board? Are reservations honored and confirmed accordingly on board? Or have you found that when you embark the ship you have either no confirmed reservation or a different substitute time for your reservation? Can I depend on the reservation that I made to be confirmed? Thanks, Shelley
  6. Thanks again, BigMike911. Our plan for dining is similar to yours. Since we are in QG, I'm figuring that we should be able to get the best meals and the best special choices there. We plan to eat all of our dinners there. We eat a light breakfast and an even lighter lunch so that we can really enjoy ourselves at dinner. I think that QG will definitely satisfy our needs. As for the Planetarium on Embarkation Day, I never expected that there would be a show on that day. The crew is so busy with delivering luggage, cleaning rooms from previous passengers, greeting new passengers - the job is overwhelming, and I didn't expect a show then. I was just asking whether or not I should be requesting tickets then for a subsequent day. You have proven most informative, and I really appreciate that. It's good to hear about the specials in the Spa on Embarkation Day. I'm encouraged reading about so many specials during the cruise, too. I guess it really does pay to be patient and book onboard. Thanks again for your help. Shelley
  7. Thank you, BigMike911 for this treasure trove of information! The more we know, the easier it will be. Shelley
  8. I went to the section on the website for Booked Guests (or something like that). Then, I looked at the Itinerary, and the dress attire for each night is listed on the itinerary. I'm with you - waiting for experienced Cunard passengers to enlighten us newbies! Thanks for your help. Shelley
  9. Thank you, Ann, for the Concierge tip. I will look to the Concierge Lounge for tickets. Is this something that we should do on Embarkation Day, or a different day? Is there a place on the Cunard website where I can see what's going on during my cruise? We don't sail until May 5, so maybe I'm just too early, but all I've been able to find is the itinerary and the schedule for gala and smart attire evenings. If anyone has a schedule from a past cruise, I'd really appreciate if you could share it here so that I can get an idea of what typical days are like on a crossing from NY to Southampton. Thank you! Shelley
  10. My husband and I are newbies to Cunard, although we are very savvy and experienced cruisers. We are really looking forward to the QM2. We will be in QG for our crossing from NY to Southampton. Can you explain the procedure for getting Planetarium tickets? Is this something automatically reserved for QG guests, or is it necessary to secure tickets when we embark the ship? How, where and when do we do this? Is this something that our butler can arrange for us? In explaining the procedure, please also describe the schedule when the Planetarium shows are offered. Are there any other events during the crossing that we will want to secure tickets to attend? If yes, please share the "how, when and where" for each. Thanks, Shelley
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