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  1. Today all of the Nov/Dec cruises are gone on the reservation page-Any thoughts? we are booked for Nov and haven't heard anything about canceling from RCI
  2. Just got my $300 FCC for my canceled March 2021 cruise-great- but what about my 1269 PP from my canceled March 2020 cruise- come on Princess you can do treat us better than that
  3. I missed the Sale that ended yesterday and today the cost is $100 more and the 100 obc is gone to. Does Princes usually do like a Christmas/New Year sale?
  4. I got it too- Had already did it awhile ago-filled it out just in case
  5. Glad that works for you- have only cruised about 1/2 as you-always had insurance and have used it four times-Twice for weather once for death and just recently for corona
  6. I just checked my wife's princess account and it looks like they put half in my account and half in hers not sure but that look like what it is
  7. Mine is the same-looks like the 100 percent ,applied but nothing about the 125 percent FCC
  8. I cancelled a couple of days before Princess announced the FCC- I have CFAR insurance but sine we were only a week and a half from cruising we received our FCC through the insurance and EZ air fare was credited back to our card-We did however have to pay the air;line change fee of 400.00
  9. If you purchase EZ air and have Princess cancel for any reason insurance, what happens to your air reservation if you cancel your cruise? We a two weeks from our cruise
  10. But after payment you can still change the flights BUT you still have to pay the airline change fee- just did it for a better flight schedule after our original airline changed flights- aircraft etc.
  11. Not sure if the process is any different than what you have done before. I am using EZ air for the first time for a cruise in March. I went to EZ air site, you have to change the class to business or first class. I have noticed that different airlines call it different things depending on the flight etc. Some ( like United) usually call it business and American is usually first class- If you do a search under business class and it shows nothing available change it to first class and vice versa.
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