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  1. I canceled about 2 weeks ago and no sign of my FCC. Has anyone gotten theirs yet? Does it come in an email? I had booked through an online agent and they were the ones to cancel for me. Would that mean the FCC would go to them so I would need to book through them again?
  2. Does anybody know the daily price of a soda package when purchased on board?
  3. RCCL is offering a discounted rate if I buy ahead of the cruise. But if I wait till I’m on the cruise I get a diamond discount so trying to figure out which would be better to do if anyone can tell me the normal daily price of Internet.
  4. Not sure it would come out the same as the machine makes it.
  5. Thank you so much for letting me know about this. I will be on the navigator so I will definitely find this bar. It is my absolute favorite too and I will be drinking lots of it!
  6. On the Norwegian ship we were on last year they had a frozen rose machine at the pool bar. It was such a refreshing way to drink wine on a cruise. Does anyone know if Royal Caribbean has these machines at any of their bars to offer this drink?
  7. I remember seeing this at some point does anyone have it that they could post? Is the snack shack in the water park or can anyone go there?
  8. If I remember correctly it’s one free 24 hour period? Or is there a percentage off if you wanted to get Internet for your whole cruise?
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