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  1. scanner219

    Open Market Marigot

    Just wondering if the open market is still up & running? How does it compare to pre hurricane time? Is Wednesday still the best day to go?
  2. scanner219

    Maho Airplane Experience Accessibilty

    We did a Bernard Tour a few years ago. They stored my scooter in their building while on the tour. It was a great tour & it stopped at Maho for about an hour.
  3. scanner219

    Gratuities on soda package

    Dumb question. Is a virgin pina colada a mocktail? If so, are they the same size & quality as a full price one?
  4. Just starting to plan a cruise. I will be arriving a day early for a cruise out of San Juan with Carnival. Does anyone have a recommendation for a hotel for the night?
  5. scanner219

    Last Minute Pride Questions

    What is KSC?
  6. Has anyone used the train or Greyhound to get to Baltimore from Philly? Bus is more convenient leaving Philly & cost difference is about $120. Worried about safety in Baltimore at bus terminal.
  7. scanner219

    Confused about future cruise certificate

    I don't remember the details but in 2009 I booked an aft balcony ,thru CAS, to Alaska & I had to pay more than certificate. It had to do with the upgrade to the balcony.
  8. scanner219

    My NCL Getaway Review - 3/1/14 sailing

    My husband is in a wheelchair. Is there an elevator to the Vibe deck?
  9. I have a future cruise certificate from 2 years ago. I won't be able to use it.:( Are they refundable?
  10. scanner219

    Future cruise credit towards a free cruise?

    To use a FCC on a free casino cruise,I believe you can only apply it if you upgrade your cabin.
  11. scanner219

    Transportation to ny Pier from PA

    I live in Philly. When the 2 of us go to NY we take the Greyhound bus from the Mount Laurel station. It's located on RT 73 just before the turnpike. They offer free parking in a secured lot for the duration of your trip. There is plenty of storage on the bus for your luggage. The train you have to carry on your own luggage. I don't remember the cost but it was very resonable. Cab fare in NY was around $10 to the pier.
  12. scanner219

    Video poker

    Most likely 6-5-4.
  13. scanner219

    does NCL have a motorcoach service to NY?

    When I took my cruise out of New York, I used Greyhound. They have a bus terminal in Mount Laurel NJ. It's about 7 miles down RT73 over the Betsy Ross Bridge. They have a big secured lot you can park your car for free. The ride took less than 2 hours & cost around $20 each way. Once in New York, grab a cab right outside their terminal. Cost for cab was around $10.
  14. scanner219

    transfers to NY

    NCL does not offer transfers from Philly. When I went, I took the bus from the Mount Laurel,NJ station. It's about 7 miles from the Betsy Ross bridge. They have a large secured lot there. You can park your car for free for the duration of your trip. Plenty of space under bus to store your luggage. Bus trip took a little less than 2 hours. Easy to get a cab outside NY's station to pier. Bus was $18 each way & cab about $10.
  15. scanner219

    Port of NY - Bus or Train?

    I'm from Philly & took the bus to NY in Feb. Instead of downtown Philly, I caught the bus in Mount Laurel NJ. It's about 7 miles down Route 73 from the Betsy Ross Bridge. Right before the Turnpike entrance. They have free parking in their lot. Your luggage goes under the bus. No need to lug it. I paid $38 roundtrip. Cab ride to pier was very easy.