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  1. The CDC would lock everyone in their home for the foreseeable future if they had their way.
  2. At this point all I want to do is actually sail on one of my booked cruises.... is that too much to ask?
  3. Cruising has changed and in so many ways is less expensive than it was. I like the option of spending my money as I choose. I like the entertainment RCI provides and use my extra money to buy dining packages to switch things up. I like not eating all of my meals in either the buffet or main dining room but that’s me.
  4. Count me in on the $20. It’s exactly what I do. Just be aware, if you buy online in advance, they don’t add an 18% tip but they will add it if you buy onboard.
  5. I think you will definitely see a big push towards the larger ships going forward. They bring in a premium cruise fare and can sail at a much lower capacity and still make money. That will be key to getting back to profitable.
  6. Jr. Suites tend to be mid ship. I wouldn’t worry about a bad location too much.
  7. Can you lift and shift a December cruise to a holiday cruise 2021?
  8. I’m curious why people say UDP is too much food. I tend to order similar to what I would in the main dining room in the past. Appetizer, entree and dessert. Do people really feel the need to order multiple apps, Salad, soup, etc?
  9. I feel pretty confident that amping won’t happen but I’ve been wrong before. I’m okay with it although I know the kids will miss the slides. I’m just happy my Diamond lounge should stay in its prime location.
  10. I purchased the unlimited dining package for my next cruise. What did you like best about having it? Did anyone have any issues with using it?
  11. Leave the number at one. Increasing the number actually is booking multiple cabanas. You only book for one person.
  12. Book Harmony. The kids will love it. You won’t be disappointed
  13. I used to swell on every cruise as well until I started buying the drink package and switched to bottled water. They use a desalination process to filter the water. Believe me or not, but I noticed a huge difference when I switched.
  14. It depends on how things are selling on a particular ship. Oasis class ships tend to pay a premium though.
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