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  1. I am already booked on Empress. I wish they would offer me a price reduction. Ah me!
  2. Does anyone know how to contact the Hotel Director on Empress. Time was that you could contact them by phone. Does anything ever change for the better? We were on NCL to Cuba, but of course that is gone. We switched to Empress because it was the only time frame that would work for us. We sailed on her years ago. Now having difficulty booking an accessible stateroom. Ah me (sigh).
  3. This picture makes me want to cry. We sailed on her in 2001. My husband had agreed to book the owners suite just before her explosion! What a treat that would have been!
  4. Our.longest was a 14 back-to-back, totaling 28 days and it was not enough for me tho TH was ready to head home.
  5. Is anyone else booked through Genxcruises? Have you heard anything from them? I have booked through them numerous times so I have been expecting updates but so far nothing.
  6. I don't mind smaller serving sizes. I can never clean my plate because there is so much food.
  7. Oh dear! This doesn.t sound good. The only time I have sailed on NCL was in 2001on Norway. She was a beautiful ship-a real ocean liner-but the worst food I ever had on a ship! I hope the Sun will be better!
  8. Anyone have a copy of the drinks menu?
  9. I know ncl has a "drink of the day" which is priced, and top shelf drinks would also be priced, but can someone list examples of drinks included in the free category? Thanks.
  10. I know ncl has a "drink of the day" which is priced, and top shelf drinks would also be priced, but can someone list examples of drinks included in the free category? Thanks.
  11. Has anyone sailed on the old liner Norway. She had an explosion in the Tampa port and is now resting on a reef in he middle of the Atlantic. Anyone?
  12. Is the walking tour wheelchair friendly?
  13. Where can I find a list of real do's and don't's for visiting Havana? There are so many posts. I need a definitive list. I operate better with specific. Help,me please!
  14. If there are three adults in one stateroom can each get their own charges individually?
  15. Okay, Murray I have been restored to my usual optimistic self. I guess yesterday was a bad day! I am looking forward to this cruise and spending alone time with "the girls". I even had a pleasant surprise earlier. I thought my passport had expired but it is good for another two years. My husband and I cruised 66 times between 2000 and 2016. Since he is gone I don't enjoy it much. BUT...I plan to enjoy this short get-away. Power to the people, baby!
  16. I have had good luck with booking tours off the official ship list in the past. Has anyone had good lock with a tour company in Havana? I don't mind joining another small group.
  17. Well, you have all made me feel better. Sleeping on it helped, too. Also got a handicapped cabin right near Customer relations. All seems better today. Thanks for the god words.
  18. My granddaughter is flying to FL from CA in August. I thought it would be a nice idea to take her and my daughter to Cuba for a "girls trip". The only time frame that suited was Norwegian Sun out of Port Canaveral on August 24. I booked it yesterday...impulse, remember? Now I wonder if I made a mistake. The reviews I have read are horrible! I need some positive reinforcement, if anyone can give it.
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