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    Port Of New Orleans NCL Terminal

    we ended up doing a park & fly. cost 100 for the night and we got to keep the car there for a week. they provided the taxi to the pier and it was our responsilbity to get back ($25.00). it was either a best western or comfort inn across the river. I know that there are several that offer it (we stayed on new years eve so had a harder time finding one that had availabilty) so worth it.
  2. we used super shuttle. there were 3 of us with a lot of luggage. www. super shuttle dot com. they drop us off right at the door to the hotel. cheaper than a limo or taxi. great service they had

    Reboarding at Port of call

    on the day you arrive on the ship the first day you must be on board 2 hours earlier than when they leave the port. On the days that you are visiting a port of call. you HAVE to be there by the time they leave. That 2 hour thing is just for the first day.

    Dinner seating...

    what is really nice with sitting with new people everynight. If you have a bad tablemate you can thank them for a lovely evening and never have to sit with them again. It is very interesting meeting new table mates every night. But you go through the same ?'s ( where from, job)
  5. Husband and I went on ONE celebrity cruise and never again. The food is way better on celebrity. But the rudeness of the passangers is what bothered us. Never a nod hello. If you held an elevator for a person they looked right through you like their **** didn't stink. The entertainment, spas are the same on either cruise line. I tried NCL a few years ago and we fell in love with it. We still dress up optional formal nights. I find NCL a much more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. One thing I do miss is having the same waiters every night.
  6. [quote name='mcobra99']I recently returned from a visit to Egypt in December. I booked a tour with Emad (a guide I contacted from reviews on TripAdvisor forums). His contact info is [EMAIL="emadhadeda@hotmail.com"]emadhadeda@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]. We were a group of 13 arriving on MSC Poesia for one day in Alexandria. We arranged a 1 day private tour from Alexandria to Cairo to visit the Pyramids of Giza, and Ancient Saqqara. Our driver was excellent and waiting for us with a sign at the dock (a 5 min walk past the large tour buses, continue on a walkway that looks like a small bridge or overpass. At the end is the main gate to exit the port and he is waiting there with a sign). Our minibus was a comfortable new '08 Toyota (20+ seater). The drive was around 3 hours, we took a quick 10 min restroom break (our driver stopped at a very safe, clean location). Emad is an excellent guide and an Egyptologist as well! I would highly recommend him especially if you only have a short time to spend in Cairo. He provides complete flexibility and will take you where ever you wish to visit. We were excited to customize our own tour and avoid the cruise ship crowds and "shopping tours." If you do wish to do some shopping he will be happy to take you to the more reasonable local places. There is so much to see and do, and without Emad's expertise we would not have had nearly the same experience. We were able to see twice as much (even more) and for a far better price then other travelers on our cruise who did other tours and even those traveling on their own! Emad's professionalism, honesty, and service is first rate! You also cannot put a price on having a private local guide to negotiate and safely guide you around the "tourist traps" you will encounter along the way and show you first hand all the many splendors of Egypt![/quote] This is this person's first POST !!!!!!!! There has been a lot of problems with self promoting tour opertors who are not on the up & up. PLEASE BE ADVISED
  7. what are the outlets like on the Jade ? American or European ? Will I need to bring a convertor?

    Pregnant Cruising

    As an RN. Any fetus after 24 weeks is considered a viable birth. So if something happens on the cruise (pre-term labor) the cruise line does not want to be held liable. It is your call.

    Anyone ever slept on a...

    if you are talking about the fold out couch forget it. our 14 YO daughter hated it. and made sure that when we booked this year she has a bunk bed instead.

    cagneys french fries?

    every day our daughter would get fries. she loves them. We enjoyed the fries at Cagney's. They were very good

    Star on the Riviera for Teens

    our 14YO went last year and had a BLAST !! There is plenty to do and she was NEVER bored. Don't worry they will have a great time.
  12. Love the ideas Keep 'em coming. really not into the whale watching though.

    Newport, RI

    He pretty much summed it up in the one post. I love when the ships are in port in the summer. We live over the bridge and when the ship leave port at night the ship is lit up and it is beautiful. The cliff walk is a no $$ thing to do. It is a walking area behind mansions between the houses and the ocean. There are going to be stairs involved . Have a godd time
  14. did you try spirit air? they fly out of FLL and they usually have some good deals to Boston.