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  1. Does anyone have a review or pics of this room?
  2. Arrived at the parking lot by the E terminal. It was not right in front of our terminal but just a short walk. (Paid 66 bucks for a 4 days cruise) We dropped off bags and entered terminal at 1030. There was a line for check in and we were checked in by 1115. We were giving boarding zone 11 and sent to the waiting area. At 1130 there still were no boarding numbers being called. Numbers started being called at 1140 We were on the ship by 12. Easy package you can’t pay the difference for premium drinks. They charge you full price for anything over $6. As far as drink options for
  3. Ok so most of the alcoholic drinks are the $6 and under choices?
  4. Does anyone know what shows are currently on the Divina
  5. Dang it! I was looking forward to that show but that’s for answering
  6. Does anyone know if the Michael Jackson show is still in production on the divina this January?
  7. I just saw my boarding time as 215pm. If I show up before then will they let me board like Royal Caribbean?
  8. Does anyone have a picture of the bar menu on the ocean cay island. I only have the easy package and was wondering if there were any drinks $6 and under that would be covered with my drink package.
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