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  1. just off the CP Saturday. was talking to some of the crew, and was told that over 1000 contractors! would board and be given rooms and food free of charge, but that the bars would be open but they would have to purchase drinks anyone know the WHOLE story
  2. thing of taking the ship sponsored excursion next month while in St Maarten any pros or cons on this any input greatly appreciated
  3. if you purchased the drink package, is it good on Princess Cays? or do you have to pay for your drinks are they the same price as on the ship?
  4. on the ships that are converting to the medallion, is there a option of getting the "old fashion" cruise card.
  5. going on the CP and was looking at cabins C738 or C730 I was told that the Caribe has larger balconies. anyone know, and which do you prefer
  6. carlp

    med's - APOQUEL

    anyone know if you can get the drug Apoquel at any of the drug stores
  7. anyone know if you can get the drug Apoquel at any of the drug stores
  8. I'm going to want to withdraw cash using my debit card from a ATM while on the Getaway. can someone give me any info -on the ship, what's the limit you can withdraw and the fee's. also are there ATM's on Harvest Cay - again, limits and fees and I would assume you get US dollars - -how about in Cozumel?
  9. carlp


    new island for us - it there any good snorkeling there - if so any suggestions
  10. Need some help looking at 3 hotels to stay pre-cruise Pier 66 Hilton Ft Lauderdale Marina Hyatt Place 17th convention center help me pick or any better suggestions thanks
  11. so we're on the NOTS in March and I understand that a Starbucks will be added. will the package still work with them, and if not what options are available for specialty drinks
  12. thinking of staying one night before our cruise Any information about this hotel is appreciated Area? Rooms? Distance to POM? Shuttle? Thanks
  13. one of our stops will be in St Maarten. Has anyone used Captain Bob for your excursion. How was it? what did you do, and the cost?
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