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  1. My favorite cruise port for sailing is sailing out of New York City and going under the Verrazano B ridge. I still don't think we will get under the bridge. LOL.
  2. We've used Rome In Limo several times and I've haven't seen a better company. We've used them for our own group and a couple other times we merged with people eon our ship. Worked great either way. Some of my favorite stories connect with RIL. We still tell those stories. And people I've referred tho RIL thanked me a lot. I've been on dozens of tours from cruise ships and RIL is still the best.
  3. I go by my own theory. You don't gain weight while floating on the ocean. When you stop on to some land you gain it. I'm just kidding.
  4. We did the reverse cruise a while ago. Bad weather but had a great time. I liked the ship and I was really impressed with the entertainers. Hope some of the same ones are on this cruise. I went to the early shows and I went back to the repeat later same show. It was a very nice cruise.
  5. Almost anything you do costs money. But I did hit a BIG jackpot on my last cruise just from skill of course. I go to casinos a lot and I don't bet enough to make me not enjoy it. There are a lot of those people.
  6. Having used Rome In Limo several times I couldn't be happier with them. As far as charging your tour, if memory serves me correctly, I think you can charge your tour up to 10 days before. So you don't have to carry that much cash.
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