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  1. Why all the paranoia:confused: you can get more information by googling than posted on here :)
  2. I think Lobster is overrated, not fond of if. I don't eat any.
  3. The main complaints seem to be the ship is creaky and noisy. Some said they couldn't sleep. One mentioned bunk beds:eek: Another frequent complaint was changing the ports of call without good reasons. Picked these up on google.
  4. Each to their own. I wouldn't sail on it. Read too much bad stuff about it.
  5. Just back from Nice. Not just Police in and out of the airport but the army inside the Terminal especially by the check in desks. Reassuring but scary too as it brings back Brussels in the mind. We travel to Nice every year at this time and flights are usually almost full. This year only about a quarter full both ways.
  6. If anyone is posting solely with the intent of getting into one of the "clubs" I would suggest they grow up and get a life;)
  7. I remember the excitement in the old days. Waiting for the new brochures to come out and looking at the cabin plans:) although it is great having so much information on the Internet nowadays.
  8. I have heard stories of people taking long cruises on cargo ships. Has anyone ever done that and do they still have them?
  9. Shame, I love steel bands on Caribbean cruises. Our last cruise had Latin American music most of the time, same tunes over and over. I put it down to having sailed from Puerto Rico.
  10. Norwegian Air flights from the UK are very reasonable and good. All their fleet flying to America are new Dreamliners. We have flown twice with them to Fort Lauderdale and Puerto Rico. Definitely worth a look.
  11. I don't find UK TAs very helpful or competitive on prices. We book through a TA in Houston and book flights direct online, likewise hotels. This site has some good deals too.
  12. We tip two or three days into the cruise if all is going well. There is a difference afterwards, otherwise wouldn't bother. I do it every few days if staying in a hotel too. What are all these strange posts, has CC been hacked?
  13. Malaga will be warmer and more relaxing:) you could always get a flight from Gatwick. A train journey through Europe would be long, tiring and probably be more expensive than flying.
  14. So much nicer than our apple pies too...deeper, fuller and spicier. Yummy:)
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