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  1. Thank you!  I should arrive at the terminal around 11:15 if I95 cooperates.  If not - at least I have a lot of time to get to the port.  I like to board fairly early and go to the Grill for a drink and a hot dog.  Only time I eat them is on a cruise.  Love to sit there and people watch and now that I’m a solo I’ll pull out my Kindle and just chill.  

  2. Also if not go to the theater in the chance that some people won’t show up.  We had tickets for and excursion and went to Destinations and told them I wouldn’t be going.  They said I had to bring the ticket in but we were meeting some people and with cocktails, etc. I forgot.  Hopefully someone used them the next day

  3. Years ago we were dining in Compass Rose and a couple with a baby came in both wearing jeans.  His were probably expensive but we could see hers were designer.  The master-d asked the husband to go change but let the woman stay,  We spoke with a crew member later who said it was not because she was wearing designer but because of the baby (younger than a toddler).

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