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  1. Is there a terminal or covered area to wait for the beginning of boarding? I will be getting to Terminal J early (if I95 cooperates hence early time to allow for traffic problems),
  2. My husband used to wear black sneakers all the time. He would say that if they were going to get on the ground to check that they’re sneakers…..anyway no one ever commented and we sailed with Regent many times.
  3. Also if not go to the theater in the chance that some people won’t show up. We had tickets for and excursion and went to Destinations and told them I wouldn’t be going. They said I had to bring the ticket in but we were meeting some people and with cocktails, etc. I forgot. Hopefully someone used them the next day
  4. Gotta say — that’s the first positive review of Destination Services I’ve seen! Glad to see!
  5. Many upscale restaurants in Florida use Open Table. It is easier for the restaurant not to have to manage the res themselves. I’ve used it many times.
  6. Be aware that in La Veranda, if you are ordering eggs, you need to give your table number as the food is delivered to your table.
  7. If you go to Regent's website and click special offers single supplement will come up. That will show you which cruises have them - 25%, 50% or 0.
  8. We were so very impressed, gobsmacked, amazed etc. etc. by Sagrada. The light shining through the windows! I would love to be able to go in there very early in the morning to see the blue windows with the light going thru! It was truly an experience. Be sure to buy your tickets ahead as you may not be able to get in!
  9. Thanks for the replies. Coconut looks good but I immensely dislike coconut so……. I’ll just chill on board!
  10. Does anyone know what is available if I don’t go ashore? Will the pool grille be open, etc. I have no desire to explore a private island so I’ll probably hang out onboard and chill if anything’s open. TIA
  11. There is a website called cruisedeckplans.com. I don’t know whether you can use it for free (I am “grandfathered in” as I joined at its inception) but you can see all the cabins for all the cruise lines
  12. Thank you so much for a great and informative read!
  13. Hi, going on Mariner in mid-November and would like to know if they are back to the old muster (groups go to different locations, etc.) or if they are still having you watch on your in-cabin TV. TIA
  14. Have enjoyed your postings very much! Going on Mariner on Nov. 15 yay!
  15. Just curious - does trivia time conflict with tea time as you said they are in different places? I used to love listening to trivia while I had my cocktail during "tea time".
  16. Years ago we were dining in Compass Rose and a couple with a baby came in both wearing jeans. His were probably expensive but we could see hers were designer. The master-d asked the husband to go change but let the woman stay, We spoke with a crew member later who said it was not because she was wearing designer but because of the baby (younger than a toddler).
  17. Londra Palace calls them terraces. Use that. 416 is a junior suite with a terrace with seating (not as large as the top floor I don’t think). We stayed there many times drinking wine and having olives and cheese! Memories!
  18. Kind of says it all. What time can you actually get into the pool. I have an aqua jogger (rubber thing around waist) and I do my exercise for 1/2 that way. I, of course, would not want to take up space later in the day by being stationery in one spot so would like to get in before breakfast. I’ve looked everywhere I could think of but haven’t found the answer. Will be on Mariner. Thanks in advance!
  19. I understand that they did away with the casino - is this true?
  20. Hope I have your luck in November!
  21. While reading this an ad came on for this cruise lines voyages. Glad you’re enjoying your trip so far - following along!
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