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  1. I usually wear silky looking long pants and a nice top. What we call in Florida “country club casual”.
  2. If you don’t actually have to touch the bottom I would suggest taking along an Aquajogger (goes and around your waist and suspends you in the water while you jog/walk).
  3. If you do get a chance to disembark consider going to la cite du vin and do a tour since you are very interested in wine. It is very unusual shape on the skyline and it if dock where we did with Regent you can take the tram. We ubered back from dinner (it was an overnight). Tours start at 10 a.m.
  4. Am very sorry to hear you have Covid and wish you a speedy recovery. My son tested positive here at home and I tested negative. We both wore masks in the house and I quarantined at home for 5 days so as not to transmit any disease. I never got sick. I still wear a mask when I go out - too many people just don't care if they get someone else sick.
  5. One of my favorite memories when in Monte Carlo was sitting in the lobby the The Hotel de Paris and people watching. They have a bar behind the lobby and chairs and tables on the edge of the lobby so you can order there and drink/eat while watching the people (some very rich people when I was there) go by. DH was in the casino with some other cruisers and there I sat.
  6. It has often been said that Regent monitors Cruise Critic so I think mentioning problems might be more beneficial than just telling the GM. Some of the carping is annoying but I, for one, am glad to read all the posts. I have not been able to cruise as I am now a single cruiser and the single supplements can be steep but when I can it will be with Regent no matter the hiccups.
  7. DH and I loved breakfast in Pinnacle when we sailed in a Neptune Suite. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. We had a wonderful young man on 2 of our Regent Explorer cruises called I Ketut. If you see him and he is the same young man please tell him that Linda Hall (Pinot Grigio with ice) says hello. Enjoying following along on your cruise(s) although I haven’t sealed Celebrity in years. Now that I’ll be a solo traveler I’ll give it a look.
  9. We would always get a table at the Pool Grill - you can then go through La Veranda and bring food out (or, of course sit there). I always got a hot dog and fries with a cocktail. Don’t forget the wonderful gelato out there too!
  10. Thanks Mrs Claypool: We’re there any solo travelers on board? It would be my first solo trip since widowed (late 2018) but it looks like a great cruise. Googling “best time to Egypt” it says September thru April but I guess May figures in just as well?
  11. I am considering doing this cruise solo in early 2023. Any information, comments or thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. I would let guest services know your intentions. We were on a cruise with a group of people years ago when one of the couples did not return to the ship. Much panic because they did not inform the ship. The police in the port were called etc. Thankfully they were okay but it sure worried us all.
  13. My late husband and I loved the Hotel Do Placa Reial (small boutique hotel highly rated by AMEX). It has a wonderful breakfast seated on the Placa and there is always something going on. We would sit outside and have a cocktail at night as there was usually music or just people to enjoy. It is close to La Rambla but off to the side (not best description but you actually access it from a side street). We would walk to the old part of Barcelona to make sure to go to Els Quatre Gats Cafe (used to be a meeting place for famous artists).
  14. My late husband had a problem with his feet that only allowed him to wear sneakers. He wore black ones at all times and especially when we sailed Regent and no one noticed. I think they should have turned away the woman wearing Jeans but that’s just my opinion. I did see a woman (seated in Compass Rose) approached by management and asked to go and change her jeans for dinner.
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