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  1. Kind of says it all. What time can you actually get into the pool. I have an aqua jogger (rubber thing around waist) and I do my exercise for 1/2 that way. I, of course, would not want to take up space later in the day by being stationery in one spot so would like to get in before breakfast. I’ve looked everywhere I could think of but haven’t found the answer. Will be on Mariner. Thanks in advance!
  2. I understand that they did away with the casino - is this true?
  3. Hope I have your luck in November!
  4. While reading this an ad came on for this cruise lines voyages. Glad you’re enjoying your trip so far - following along!
  5. I get trip insurance for every trip. I used to skip it but then I had a medical problem and was told I couldn’t go to SA as it would be too dangerous for me medically. We lost $20,000. Not happening again.
  6. I booked directly with my hotel. Most of them have a car service.
  7. If I you go their website - Atlasoceanvoyages.com and scroll to the very bottom of the page it will show you brochures,
  8. I received a brochure in the Sunday New York Times as I subscribe (live in FL).
  9. Much prefer Virgin Atlantic Upper Class over BA Business.
  10. As for the included excursions - we went to guest services to cancel the day before and were informed we must bring the paper from our cabin in order to cancel.
  11. Looking forward to your report! I have a friend like yours - she only takes a carry on and its a little one. She says she only packs black and blue stuff - still could never do it!
  12. I would check out the insurance. When I had cancer I went through the treatments (successfully TG) and we had a South American cruise booked. I developed a neck abcess and they said I couldn’t go to SA. It was just a few weeks before the trip and we lost $20,000+ so from then on we’ve done insurance. When Covid hit I had to cancel the insurance for that trip and they credited it for whatever trip I was taking next. JMHO!
  13. Yes it was Access Europe. They are very good. We knew them as Access Italy to begin with and, although fairly expensive, are very very good.
  14. My late husband and I hired an historian (we didn’t realize that was what he was - we used Access Europe) many years ago and it was a wonderful experience. Guides (as in Italy) go to the front of the line with their clients. To go in the Blue Mosque he informed us I needed to buy a scarf (they supply one but many people have worn them and no guarantee they have been laundered that day). It was a memorable day for us.
  15. Any recommendation for the best luggage tracker or will just any one on Amazon be okay?
  16. The bed facing the balcony is a big plus for me. On a Caribbean cruise we had a very rocky time in a Penthouse in Explorer (bed facing sideways to balcony) and the side to side rocking was very uncomfortable to both of us.
  17. You get a % off of wine not on the complimentary list. I can’t remember what the % is but we always got concierge specifically so my husband could order his preferred wine at a discount. Tip for those who order but say that they run out - my DH would always ask how many of bottles of xyz wine was on board and then lock them up ahead of time.
  18. I know it’s very pricey but the Grand Bretagne is a wonderful hotel with a great rooftop restaurant/bar. We stayed there with a group before a Regent cruise and loved it and the surrounding area.
  19. Still remember the bazaar. Apparently there is a toilet inside the bazaar but I did not know that. Paid to go in toilet at the beginning of the bazaar which was a hole in the ground that you had to straddle. Never forgot that lol!
  20. We took tea at the Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski every time we were in Istanbul. Lovely view of the Bosporus and great food. We had a private guide who was a historian the first time we visited Istanbul and it was his recommendation for a “chill out” time.
  21. I love Regent. My late DH and I were casino rats and, although its small, it’s very welcoming. We never took the excursions as we preferred to book a private guide where needed or tour with our friends if possible. I can’t tell you about the entertainment as we were always in the casino if at all possible lol!
  22. Used to be that if you were in Neptune you could have b-fast for free in Pinnancle. That was, admittedly a long time ago.
  23. The cafe is located on the ground floor. We made reservations at the restaurant on top for dinner and loved the food and the view down the river (could see the ship in the distance). We took the tram down to it and ubered back.
  24. The picture you labeled “The Bean” is the Cite due Vin museum which has a small cafe (restaurant on the top). “It is a place of exhibitions, shows, movie projections and academic seminars on the theme of wine located in Bordeaux. We enjoyed it very much.
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