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  1. Well no, dinos were made extinct by an asteroid that hit the Yucatan. Which massively changed the climate. So who do you want to blame? Let the asteroid off the hook?
  2. I really shouldn't but I can't resist, sorry, very sorry. For some reason, this reminds me of that very old joke: First prize: one week's holiday in Glasgow Second prize: two week's holiday in Glasgow Now would y'all get back on topic......
  3. Aye, indeed. OTOH, to alleviate their disappointment they could bid on four Fred Olsen ships that are parked in the Forth.
  4. Och aye, for sure. My skirt outfit cost a muckle mair bawbees than my tux. It's a great conversation starter, especially with the ladies (but no wi' the laddies). Eat yer hert oot, jealousy......jealousy......
  5. Yes. I overheard the maitre d' being kind but firm. He said they had five jackets to lend out but they were all gone. (Britannia main dining room (with one 'n') on a crossing)
  6. My S-in-L got the e-mail but we didn't. Two possible reasons I can think of and there may be more: they have sailed with Crystal before and we haven't. It was a booking for four of us (two cabins) which they made and Crystal may not have our e-mail address.
  7. If I was Azamara I would grab it. Assuming the condition was tolerable. When they went from two ships to three, that was an overnight increase of 50% in capacity. You don't have an overnight increase of 50% in a loyal cohort of passengers. This time would be an increase of only 33% in capacity. Look at Seabourn. They went from the triplets to five new ships in the space of two or three years. From a fleet total capacity of 1200 passengers to 3174, almost three times as much. How do you staff them? Where do you find that huge increase in passengers so quickly? Too much, too soon?
  8. In that case, I think you need to stick with Cunard. Celebrity is noisy, music everywhere and you can't get away from it. Most annoying at times. We filled in a comment card and even got a call to our cabin from the cruise director. 'Very sorry, but Miami says we have to do it.' The Queens are quiet in comparison and fellow passengers are considerate, sophisticated and friendly. We would go back on Celebrity but adjust our expectations. With a much bigger fleet, they can offer so many more itineraries.
  9. Could be wrong but I doubt it. My understanding is that the agent acts simply as an agent i.e. they never took title to the goods and re-sold them. Not like a shoe store. They have no contract with a credit card bank and cannot accept payment in their own name. They have never, ever had your cash. They get paid a commission by the cruise line after VISA has billed you. (I'm guessing again, but I assume that when Azamara refunds you in full, they reclaim commission from the agent.) Your card statement should show the billing from 'Azamara'. If it actually shows 'ABC agent', then that's different. So there is no point in going after the agent. They don't have your cash and never did.
  10. Horsefeathers!! Good luck with that one. We are still waiting for our Crystal refund. Check the Crystal forum and see for yourself how many of their customers are just as mad as Azamara's.
  11. I second that. I was given it and have read it three times. What a manager and leader of men! They all got home. I'm now of the opinion that Scott was an upper class twit who was out of his depth.
  12. Further to....interesting piece in CBC News website today. It seems to be common that Canadian banks are stonewalling on chargebacks. If pushed, they will finally agree to 'open a dispute' with the airline. So you have to wait and see if and when you actually get your refund but they are not processing chargebacks. So let me speculate here. In normal times, a credit card company might pay an airline for 100 ticket sales a day and have one refund. So they deduct the value of the refund and pay the airline the balance. So what happens if the credit card has a daily total of 100 refunds and one new ticket sale? They haven't a snowflake's chance in hell of getting money back from an airline so they try to choke off their own customer. Yes?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. We contacted our credit card issuer. They tried to fob us off by suggesting we file a claim with our credit card insurance. I can't see that this is an insurable event but it would relieve them of doing any uncompensated work. In the end, they said they would 'raise a dispute' with Lufthansa. They did not say they would charge back, at least, not yet. They advised that it could take up to 90 days to resolve.
  14. We had the opposite experience. We were booked on Aegean for ATH - FRA on 14th April. Our cruise was cancelled so we cancelled our flight. It was not cancelled by Aegean. We called their 24 hour line from Canada. We got our refunds fairly quickly, minus a 75 euro charge each. Lufthansa, OTOH, is a fish of a different kettle. They cancelled their flight into Dubai and indeed, Dubai closed their airport to all flights the day before we were due to arrive. We called Lufthansa and requested a refund but are still waiting. We never got the service we paid for, if we never get a refund is that theft?
  15. You have to go in with the mindset that the ship is the destination. If you would rather be off the ship, then this won't work. We have done six trans-Atlantics on Azamara, Seabourn, Celebrity and Cunard so obviously the first one did not put us off. On these crossings, the cruise director earns his/her keep like never before. So you won't get bored. We also found on Azamara that we met lots of compatible, friendly folks and had a very social time. Small ships are much better for this. The north Atlantic can get rough but your route is so far south, you should have smooth sailing. From Florida to/from Lisbon/Barcelona/Rome we had good weather every time.
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