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  1. You have two options, basically either end of Sandals. I would suggest the Antigua Village parking lot as being the easiest. That is where Ana's is too. The other access is up by Sneaky Pete's.
  2. Bear in mind that the cruise port of Civitavecchia is a long way from FCO.
  3. Short answer: no. But Beach Limerz has Fort James right next door. Free entry, come and go as you please.
  4. A couple of years ago, a captain with Celebrity wrote a blistering letter to the port authority in Antigua. He had been told the depth of water but in the event he had only two feet under the keel, much less than advertised. So yes, methinks draft is the factor here. Cruise ships are wide and shallow. QM2 goes deep.
  5. There are three airports to choose from: JFK, Newark and La Guardia. We got a Cunard bus to Newark and were there by 9:15am. I think they also offered a tour ending with airport drop-off but not enough people signed up so it was cancelled. I imagine JFK would also be served. We took the commuter train from Newark into Penn Station for the day. Your only potential problem is that there is no left luggage at Newark except for United passengers.
  6. Fairgarth

    Beach Limerz?

    Bear in mind too, if you are already at Beach Limerz then Fort James itself is right next door. If you have the time, just browse around - no entrance fee, just come and go as you please. You can soak in a bit of Antigua/Royal Navy history.
  7. Celebrity will be in St. John's. The cruise port is right in the middle of town. Falmouth has no dock so it's a tender port which is very seldom used, maybe five small ships a month in season, as opposed to four a day in St. John's.
  8. Ah, well now, Falmouth is an awful lot further than the cruise port in St. John's. Still, I wonder if the $80 is actually EC. If you go on to a website "Antigua Nice" you will find taxi fares - regulated - for various trips. The highest price I could see was $31 from one end of the island to the other.
  9. You are too kind. I had a cab driver in Montreal many years ago who loved London but said you had to go to Paris for a decent meal. I believe British standards may have improved somewhat since then. I should add to my earlier post that QM2 has 400,000 bottles of wine on board and by far the longest wine list of any ship that I have seen. And a huge selection of port. And Fever Tree tonic.
  10. Well, I think they are very different. Cunard celebrates its history, tradition and Britishness. There's a Golden Lion pub with fish'n'chips. They have English beer on tap. Breakfast in the Britannia can include Cumberland sausage, English bacon and Bury black pudding. (Good luck with that on Celebrity) Food and service in the MDR is better on Cunard. Guest speakers are way superior. Formal means formal: 95% in a tux. More than half the passengers are Brits (at least on a crossing). You never see or hear the cruise director except to introduce a guest performer. There is no loud music to spoil your cocktail. The only announcement is the captain at noon. We wanted a quiet drink in the Martini bar on Celebrity Constellation while there were very few people there. We asked the barman to turn down the loud music but he would not. We filled in a comment card and then the phone in our cabin rang. It was the cruise director. "Sorry we can't turn it down. Miami makes us do it." Dear God! Seriously? It was the same in the Italian specialty - loud music which was not even Italian. Other than that, we did like Celebrity and will certainly go back. So yes, they are different.
  11. We enjoyed the Nero d'Avola at $33.00. Better than some of the more expensive wines so we had it again.
  12. We came off the QM2 on October 25th and took the Cunard bus to Newark. We were at the airport by 9:20am. Since our flight was in the evening, we headed into town. Take the airport skytrain thing to the railway station where there are frequent trains into Penn Station - from memory it's about a 30 minute ride. We held up the queue at the ticket machine trying to figure out how to buy a train ticket. Nobody there to help you, of course. It was going fine until the machine wanted a zip code i.e. to match to the home address of your credit card. I don't live in the U.S. so I don't have a zip code. Clearly, New Jersey transit is designed to exclude immigrants and visitors. After much heartache, the solution: use a debit card. It doesn't care where you live. There is no left luggage at EWR except at United. We were flying Air Canada - Star Alliance along with United - but the agent was adamant that it was for United only. We politely (we're Canadian) but steadfastly refused to move. She finally took our bags. And didn't want a zip code.
  13. I was hoping somebody with a Marketing background would chip in. Thank you for that. I believe it comes down to expectations. If we fancy Azamara or Seabourn we pay up and cruise with them. If we choose Royal Caribbean or Cunard, we don't expect Seabourn but why wouldn't we enjoy Cunard anyway? And we do.
  14. May I suggest you verify that the charge is actually from Cunard? I got annoyed when my credit card statement showed a similar 'extra' charge. It was the bank. I used a U.S. Visa card, issued by a U.S. bank in USD for my on-board charges which were billed in USD. My U.S. bank added what turned out to be "Foreign exchange fee". What foreign exchange exactly? But it was billed from U.K. not from continental U.S. That's all the flimsy excuse they need to hit you up again.
  15. If you are off a cruise ship and have to get back, I would say it's not possible. Forget Prickly Pear. There are another 365 beaches to choose from.
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