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  1. Game for anything. On a crossing with Anthony Inglis and the National Symphony Orchestra, Capt. Wells took the baton. He has no future as an orchestra conductor. Better stick to steering the ship. Splendid chap!
  2. What's sauce for the goose.... My guess is that the great majority of passengers on Air Canada and Air Transat are Canadian so this does very little to protect European consumers. Lufthansa owns Swiss, Austrian and Brussels, all four of which fly into Canada. So under Europe's own rules, maybe they should pick one? Or perhaps Europe's rules don't apply to Europeans? Or maybe we need to invent Canadian rules to combat this nonsense?
  3. We have been thinking of a trans-At in the fall but it will be a while before we are prepared to commit and pay out some cash. We need to see how Covid fades away and we are comfortable with any potential risk. We could jump on something at the last minute. Or maybe not. Just checked 'Rhapsody of the Seas', Barcelona to Tampa 30th November. Balconies are sold out already. Which tells me that there is a pent up demand for cruises, trans-Atlantics will be full and there will be no bargains. Ah well, some other time.....
  4. Now this is just bleedin' ridiculous. The takeover was approved by the Canadian Government. How can Europeans block it? Did Canada stop BA taking over British Midland? Lufthansa taking over Swiss? Air France and KLM cudding up? etc etc. I fear Air Transat is finished. There is a long list of Canadian airlines that have gone bust and ceased operations. None of them suffered a pandemic, a 90% drop in travel or grounding their entire fleet for several weeks but they went bust anyway. Unlike many others, the Canadian Government has offered zero financial help to its airline industry in th
  5. I believe it is very specific. In B.C. there is a tax of 20% on real estate purchases when the title transfer is registered if the buyer is non-Canadian. As far as I know, foreigners pay the same rate as citizens for all other taxes e.g. income tax, GST, gas tax, alcohol, tobacco, city real estate, airport departure, import duties, capital gains, dividends etc. etc.......
  6. Good point. I don't know how many passengers there would be on these flights. It's also possible, I suppose, that there is a plane-load of people waiting to fly out when the aircraft turns around here.
  7. So, the airlines have cancelled all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean as requested by the Canadian government. I checked for arrivals at Vancouver airport yesterday. We have flights coming in from Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Delhi, Manila, Taiwan. Really? Am I missing something? Does any of this make sense?
  8. Indeed it is and I have greatly enjoyed it. Many thanks to all contributors. I was reacting to a post about starving bears. If there was a joke in there, I didn't get it. Sorry.
  9. Absolutely not, who perpetrates this rubbish? The polar bear population is now reckoned to be around 30,000, the highest it has been for 50 years.
  10. Let's look on the bright side - and I think there is a bright side. By taking it private, senior executives will no longer be obsessed with quarterly results, Wall Street and their own obscene bonuses in stock options. Which would mean that Sycamore intends to build it up as a going concern and then sell it off a few years from now as a successful, profitable business.
  11. If I was Sycamore, I would be losing sleep over IT support. Seems to me they have three options but I'm happy if anybody else can shed light: 1 RCL will have to host them in the short term. That could continue indefinitely with minimum disruption, on payment of monthly fees. 2 In the airline industry, you can buy what you need, hosted by companies like Sabre or Amadeus who already have the systems up and running with other customers. It would take a few months analyzing and testing to reach cutover. I don't know if such facilities exist in the cruise industry - ca
  12. Interesting. I'm the opposite. Flying eastbound, I go to bed for a couple of hours after lunch, get up late afternoon and from that point on I'm on local time, no problem. Westbound, when I get home I'm wide awake at 3 or 4 in the morning and that goes on for at least a week until I finally adjust to local time.
  13. Eh? Short of doing a round trip, there are four possible combinations: a U.S. resident sailing east or west, a British resident sailing east or west. All have to fly out or fly home. Which one, pray, avoids jetlag?
  14. Another possible advantage of westbound is that storms tend to be eastbound. So if you are unlucky enough to go through one, it is better to be going in the opposite direction and you'll be rid of it sooner rather than ride along with the storm. As you say, westbound gives you 25 hour days. I find eastbound is irritating because they change the clocks at noon. Just when you think of going for lunch at noon, all of a sudden it's one o'clock, you haven't had lunch and afternoon tea and dinner are looming. If you do sail into Southampton, there is a Cunard bus direct to
  15. Today's news from Norwegian is that their long-haul aircraft will never fly again. They are firing hundreds of employees across Europe and will try to continue as short-haul only.
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