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  1. Two French airlines went bust in the last couple of weeks and ceased operations: Aigle Azur and XL Airways.
  2. Sorry to pour cold water but.....Vancouver to Venice requires a connection in Toronto. Toronto to Venice is on Rouge. That means there is no Business Class but it does have Premium Economy. Not even close.....You might want to consider long haul, non-stop e.g. Vancouver - Frankfurt on AC or Lufthansa in Business, then take the short haul to Venice, even in economy. Have not tried Lufthansa but AC's long haul Business is very nice. With genuine lie-flat seats on an overnight trip, you should survive better.
  3. Well.....don't know if this is relevant but anyway. We came off a cruise in Bayonne last week. Line ups? Pah!! There were no officers around, we walked up to a screen which looked like a mirror by reflecting our face image. It took a photo and we walked out. 10 seconds maybe? We're not American but there was no need for passports for anybody that we could see.
  4. Or you can spend nine nights and never make it to North Star due to high winds, maintenance down time or being ashore. Good luck. You'll need it.
  5. Fairgarth

    Wind speed.

    Exactly. And Schiphol isn't, I assume. So if the Brits have decided as a matter of public policy that the Dutch can have the jobs, economic growth and tax revenue, that's their business. So be it.
  6. Fairgarth

    Wind speed.

    Reminds me of an incident at Gatwick many years ago that was almost a disaster. Gatwick has one runway. The taxiway parallel to that can be used on rare occasions as a runway. The taxiway parallel to that is a genuine taxiway only. So yes, there are three parallel strips. The runway was closed at night for repairs and an aircraft was landing. The two pilots knew that the runway was closed so they should land on the taxiway to the right. Which they did, except that they were now too far to the right on the genuine taxiway which is where they landed. Murphy's Law, alive and well.
  7. Latest news on Norwegian is dire. They are now trying to sell some of their slots at Gatwick and the banks are withholding credit card sales. I've seen that before - when an airline hits a rough patch and really needs the cash, the banks starve it to death. Won't be long.
  8. Quite right. Westbound, you get 25 hour days instead of 23 hour days for the same fare. Unlike Mark I loved the production shows but then I can't claim to have seen them again and again. BTW, may I gently point out that it's generally agreed that Southampton to New York is not a cruise, it's a 'crossing'. You will have the run of the ship and may never realize that some small part is blocked off for Queen's Grill. This is not covered in the lifeboat drill but enquiring minds want to know: what happens with that iceberg thing? Is it Queen's Grill first, women and children next and goodbye patriarchy?
  9. Fairgarth

    Wind speed.

    Quite true. The airport needs a huge increase in movements which seems to annoy some people but has already happened at Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt who are busy stealing Heathrow's lunch. KLM, for example, serves 16 British airports, a lot more than British Airways ironically. Do you think these people are going to Amsterdam? Heathrow employs 77,000 people most of whom must live within commuting distance of the airport so who is complaining about noise? People who bought their houses before 1946?
  10. Fairgarth

    Wind speed.

    Indeed, and now we have this huge, ongoing battle about building a third runway at Heathrow. Heathrow HAD three runways, for goodness sake. I've taken off on the third one many years ago on a BEA Trident.
  11. Sorry, not intercontinental, but trans-Atlantic I believe would include Aer Lingus, TAP, Turkish, Icelandair and Norwegian (who, according to rumour, may be on the brink of going bust). Could be others. Air Transat?
  12. Dear Katie, In March my husband and I booked a Cunard 108-night world cruise, which was due to depart in April 2021. The above is a copy and paste from the Telegraph article referenced by the OP. It is the original letter from "ST, Derbyshire" to the Telegraph's 'consumer champion'. At no point does the Telegraph article mention 108 nights or a departure date. I don't know if the date is accurate or not, but clearly it came from "ST, Derbyshire".
  13. Just beware, y'all. I have read the article in The Telegraph. The couple paid a deposit of GBP 4104 in March for a cruise in April 2021. The husband turned ill and they decided not to set out on a 108-day voyage. Their agency told them that the deposit was not refundable and that their contract required the balance to be paid taking them up to GBP 27,350. That's the legal contract and The Telegraph did not dispute that. Alternatively, their deposit could be transferred to another cruise of equal or greater value. Read the fine print!! Once it hit the press, Cunard relented, refunded the deposit and released them from the contract. The Telegraph says they got lucky this time. And, as The Telegraph emphasized, buy insurance. Now!! The Telegraph headline was dead accurate BTW: "Cruise doesn't sail till 2021 - but it won't refund our 4k deposit."
  14. I agree with Solent Richard. We have used UBER several times in Ft. Lauderdale, New York, London and Nice. Easy, no problem.
  15. Now I'm intrigued....the Air Canada website shows Layout 1 and Layout 2 for the Rouge A321. Right enough, Layout 1 has Business seats 2 and 2, with Economy 3 and 3. Layout 2 is all Economy. I have to assume the airline has changed equipment since you booked. Very unfortunate and most annoying. Small consolation, I know: Toronto - Quebec is a short flight.
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